DIY Easter Deco... Do It YourselfMore Home

Easter is about to take place. It is the time you invite friends as well as guests into your home to have an Easter treat. It is very important to get your house Easter ready as well. Because if you are celebrating any festival then your home should also look like a part of the celebration. Moreover, people would judge your home at first followed by your food. If you want to avoid criticism and have compliments instead then you need to make your home Easter ready. For that, you can actually DIY Easter decorations. If you wonder how then here are some of the awesome DIY Easter ideas for home.

The decorative candy jar seems to be very cute and can be made in minutes with a little effort. For making one of them you would need some sponge, some opaque paint, ribbons, a marker, a cardboard cut of different shapes, a marker, and of course an empty jar.

Now you need to attach the cardboard cut into the jar and paint the rest of the jar with the help of the sponge. Then take out the cardboard cutting and then let it dry. After it completely dries out you can tie a decorative ribbon on the jar. You can even write some cute messages or words on the cap of the jar and fill them with lots of candies that’s it.

Bunny garland perfect for Easteris super easy to make and even your kids would enjoy making this DIY Easter decoration. To make this you would need some colorful papers, glue, ribbon, some mushy pompoms as well as cardboard.DIY Easter decoration

Now you can paste the decorative paper on the cardboard and then cut out bunny shapes. Then attach a mushy pompom to the tail portion of the bunny. Lastly, you would have to attach bunnies one after another in a line on the ribbon and hang them on the wall.

Easter egg wreath seems to be perfect for the occasion of Easter and wreaths seem to be the best way to make any house festive ready and here also you can make this on your own in few minutes.

Here you would need some grape wine wreath, some artificial decorative small flowers, a huge decorative ribbon, some artificial Easter eggs and glue of course. Now you would have to paste the Easter eggs as well as decorative flowers all over the wreath and then tie a decorative ribbon in the middle of the wreath and you can hang this wreath outside the main door of your house.

Easter board decorations seems to be one of the easiest Easter decorations that you can get in your home rather you can make this by your own and for this you would need some colorful chalks ribbons and the main thing here is a black board.

The board needs to be of small size and here in the board you have to write a small message such as happy Easter to all or something like this and made small designs on the borders and also decorate the board by hanging some decorative ribbons around the blackboard.

These were few of the easy DIY Easter decorations that you need to check out as well as try them out and you can also find some at Architectures ideas.