DIY Home Cleaning Methods

Like most normal people, you’re likely to feel a little overwhelmed by all the cleaning work a house needs to make it look nice, healthy, sanitary, and acceptable.

Well, it’s a relief that some cleaning jobs can take longer, for example cleaning interior or exterior windows, cleaning carpets or upholstery, cleaning ovens and others.

Clean Regularly

According to, most cleaning tasks should be done on a regular schedule so that your home is always kept nice and clean and not just before waiting for guests. This includes sweeping, vacuuming, and washing floors and surfaces around the home, dusting, surface cleaning, washing, tidying closets, drawers, and closets, and other essential cleaning tasks.

DIY Home Cleaning Methods Clean Regularly

Don’t neglect the dirtiest places

There are some places and items that are largely neglected in terms of cleanliness. You should also make sure they are clean. Here is a list of the places we often forget to clean in our homes:

Top of refrigerators and behind and next to the refrigerator, oven, washing machine or other devices. To clean those places where so many crumbs, grease, food, dust and other dirt accumulates, you need to remove the equipment from the wall in order to clean the floor, walls and surrounding surfaces behind, under and next to them and You can wash. Use a ladder to clean the top of your refrigerator. You will likely find a shocking layer of dirt there if you have never cleaned it before. Even keeping the cooling coils clean on the back can improve energy efficiency. When cleaning your stove, be sure to also clean the bottom drawer. Since this type of cleaning requires a lot of exercise, climbing and scrubbing, of course, you can do it every few months, not weekly.

Electric fans in the bathroom, on the ceiling or in others. Cleaning the dust from the fan blades in your home can improve the air quality in your home. Once a year, you should remove and wash them thoroughly to make sure that not all dust and dirt particles blow into the air in the home. Getting enough fresh air in your bathroom also reduces the risk of mold and mildew.

All remote controls, door handles, handles, electronic devices, other entertainment systems, as well as light switches and everything else that everyone touches, should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to limit the spread of germs. Also clean the devices you use every day, e.g. B. toaster, coffee maker, juicer and more.


Would you like to spend the whole weekend doing laundry? We do not believe that. The following are the most common mistakes you should avoid to have more free time in the future.

The first thing to avoid is the “top-down” rule. Essentially, most people don’t like vacuuming. In the end, they have to clear it first, then clean their ceiling fans or dust off their top shelves. This approach is not recommended because there are likely to be dirty and similar particles in your newly vacuumed carpet and you will be forced to vacuum your carpets again.

While vacuuming, you should never forget to turn off the rotary brush on your upright vacuum when vacuuming bare floors. This is because when the rotary brush is turned on, dirt, dust and deposits are removed instead of vacuuming as expected.

We would also recommend pre-sorting clothes to save time. For example, you can sort clothes by color or even by the person whose clothes you want to make first. Also, never forget to separate the lint collectors from the lint collectors. For example, avoid mixing lace and terry knitwear, as mixing the two usually takes a long time and fuzzy fabrics are removed from the lint.

Also, avoid cleaning windows when the weather is nice and sunny outside. Yes, cleaning on a nice cool summer day seems intuitive, but generally, the sun’s heat dries the cleaning material before you can use it to clean your windows. As a result, your windows will develop scratches and you will only need to wash them again, which mainly avoids the purpose of cleaning.

This tip is interesting. Many people often wash their dishes manually before putting them in the dishwasher. This also raises the question of why you should buy a dishwasher if you only want to wash it yourself. Still, people do it all the time, hoping it will make them much cleaner, but study after study has shown that this is not the case. Still, it’s okay to remove food scraps from dishes and throw them away, but prewash makes no difference.

The last tip is to let tile cleaners and spray trays rest for a few minutes before starting work. In this way, the product can dissolve foam and stains and reduce the amount of elbow grease needed to remove it. You can also use the 5-10 minute wait for other household chores.

tips of DIY Home Cleaning Methods

Home cleaning as fun

If you are not a fan of cleanliness, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who really don’t like it. If you do fun things and want to walk around an entire house, the following can help you gain traction. The following tips will help ensure that fun is paramount, even if the end result is a clean home.

Throw a party

If you want to do fun things for you and your family, make cleaning part of a party. Some people suggest putting together a simple theme so you can get dressed and get the job done. If you just dress up and make good music, you won’t feel like cleaning, but have fun cleaning.

Set a timer and run against the clock

Get an egg timer or another timer and see how much you can do in a short period of time. For example, work at 15-minute intervals and see if you can beat the clock. Try 15 minutes and try 20 minutes forward. You will find that cleaning larger projects over time is much easier if you can make this a game.

Share things in the family

The next thing you need to work on is simply dividing up the tasks and trying to get your family more involved. In this way, you can make cleaning a lot easier and maybe even a little fun. Divide family members into pairs and you will surely see great things in your next cleaning project.

Share things in the family DIY Home Cleaning Methods

Floor cleaning

Cleaning floors can be easy by pretending to have ice skates. You can use paper towels on the soles of the feet or sponges, but be careful. You can skate and clean dirt, chafing and more. If you make floor cleaning a game, you can get over tedious floor cleaning.

Wear a pedometer

Do you want to make sure you clean and exercise? Wear a pedometer. Seriously wear a pedometer and see how much you can move. A simple tool like an “adjustment bit” can let you know you are doing something good for your body when you cleanse. This may surprise you and motivate you to keep going.

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