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Dock houses are the perfect solution for anyone who loves the water. Besides serving as a secure garage for your cherished boat, they also serve as outdoor entertainment spaces or vacation homes. Whether you want full house plans or simply a vacation spot where you can relax, the design possibilities are limitless. This article will help you learn more about dock house design, how it can transform your property, and the crucial steps you should take before building one.

Use It as a Residential Property

Most waterfront lovers cherish the idea of being within the proximity of a boat and the waterfront and at the same time being in the comfort of their home. If that’s the case, you can transform your dock house’s upper level into a full- or part-time residential living space.

Work with an architect design to make sure the project meets all the prerequisites for a primary dwelling.

And since we are in the digital age, it’s now easy to offset the cost of maintaining the dock house by renting it out. Sites like Airbnb help guests pretty quickly as long as you have an outstanding property. Ideally, you can entice prospective visitors by including some extra water recreation amenities in your modern house design.

Adding Value to Your Waterfront Property

A dock with a house on top of it

If you intend to sell your property and seek innovative ways to stand out from the pack, Nashville architects can design your dock house to attract potential buyers. A dock house will add value to most waterfront properties as it boosts curb appeal. But you need to design it with materials and colors that complement other structures and themes on the property.

Most high-value buyers are attracted to the convenience and privacy of a great dock house design plan. In 2018, the average sale price premium of waterfront homes was about 35%; while the value of waterfront homes was estimated to be $134 billion. Notably, property with unobstructed waterfront views can increase in value by as much as 80%; while a partially obstructed view will only boost the sale price by about 30%.

You can take your dock house design ideas a notch higher by building a multi-level deck. The additional decks will give you enough space for outdoor entertainment and facilitate different views. To implement such a design for your dock house, you can utilize all the space by installing two decks connected by a spiraling staircase. The spiral staircase ensures you have a minimal footprint, maximizing the available space.

Tips and What to Consider Before Building

Building a dock house is an important decision that requires significant investment and often takes considerable time to complete. For the best results, you ought to consider the following when planning your small house design:

  • Account for the sun’s position: the chances are that you will be adding a residential level. Ensure to orient the home to absorb maximum sunlight and heat since you need to manage indoor temperatures and ambient light. For instance, windows and entertainment spaces should face south to maximize warmth absorption in winter.
  • Focus on the waterfront view: the design of your dock house should have the view in mind. This is important, especially if you are planning a vacation residence, rental, or event venue. Ensure there’s a comfortable indoor and outdoor recreational area that takes full advantage of the waterfront.
  • Connect the dock house to land: Consider the different options for connecting your dock house to adjacent land.  Part of the house can be directly attached to land through stairs and sidewalks or connected to the shore through gangways.
  • Add more attractive features: Where necessary, design your own house with amenities and features that entice guests or create your personal sanctuary on the waterfront.

Furnish the Dock house

A dock with boats and palm trees in the background

Once the construction phase is finished, it is time to focus on interior house design and personalize your dock house with various things.

  •  Accommodations: If you intend to use the dock house as a personal residence or vacation house, ensure to plan and budget for a kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms. This should also include air conditioning, water heating, and plumbing. If the space allows, include built-in storage closets and shelves to optimize available space.
  • Decorations:  To add more appeal, paint both the inside and outside of the house to complement the theme on other parts of the waterfront property. Add personalized fixtures to all cabinets and doors and include rugs or curtains that add warmth to the dwelling space.
  • Add Utilities: The new house design needs to be equipped with utilities, like water, electricity, and HVAC installation. Optional utilities may include internet lines and security systems.


Whether you’re building a new dock house or restoring an old dock house, there are various options to choose from residential architects in Nashville, TN.

If you’re a boating enthusiast or you just love being close to the lake view; a dock house is the perfect investment that adds significant value to your waterfront property. Besides offering the desired convenience, it can protect your boat.

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