Does Architecture Affect the Value of Your Home?

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home

When you want to sell your house fast at a premium rate, good design command a higher value. According to The Modern House, the price of a house increase by 12% following great architectural design.

What Entails Architecture?

From correct arrangements of rooms, privacy from adjacent houses, placement access to external areas, to appropriately sized hallways, all contribute to ideal architecture. There should be a great interrelation between the internal and external parts of a house, correctly zoning different rooms to a perfect position and should balance between sun and breeze. According to the modern house, fixtures and furnishings also apply to architecture and influence the price of a home.

Ideally, a well-designed house is spacious, open, and feels light.

Here is how house design influences the pricing of a house.

Fixed Floors

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home

The floor you always stomp on should be clean and made up of quality materials. You can have rugs and carpets that bring together all the elements of a house, but if you have hardwood or tiled floor, ensure it is presentable. A correctly fixed tier raises the price of a home as it is a significant investment to build and maintain.

Reinvented Rooms

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home

Instead of expanding your house, whereby you build a new room towards the yard, consider reinventing a space. If, for example, you have a cellar that has remained unuseful in the past years, you can turn it into a games room or a bedroom. Expanding your house will undoubtedly cost you, yet it will be impossible to recover that money, especially if you want to sell your house fast. Instead, use your creativity to make some tweaks in your existing home and come with a new design.

Do you know you can reinvent your attic into a bedroom?

When you reinvent a house and turn the rooms that seem unuseful to useful, you increase your square house footage, which translates to more money per sq. Ft.

Painting Your House

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home

The walls of a house play a significant role in influencing the price of a house. If your house has molds showing on the walls of your home, they reduce the house price even after fixing the problem that brought moldings—painting the wall with white paint and neutral colors on the outside increases their tidiness, which translates to house value. If you paint different colours on various walls, it becomes difficult to look, and buyers will have to turn it down, or you have to sell at a lower price than other houses in the neighbourhood.

Furnished House

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home

Furnishing your house with the right furniture increases a house value. Buyers would instead buy a home that has furniture than one without as it is expensive to purchase and transport. Moreover, a furnished apartment eliminates stress for the buyer as theirs remain to settle down. 

To that end, the furniture should coordinate with the design of the house – so if a sitting area takes a specific model, let the furniture carry the same. But, don’t overdo it as you might spend more on furnishing a house, yet the house sale won’t cover the price.

Renovating Rooms

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home

Rooms, especially kitchen and bathrooms, should be renovated before selling a house if you want to increase home value. If you have a traditional house in an area where new houses have a modern kitchen with an island, consider renovating to increase the house value.

A kitchen and a bathroom are the two major parts in a house that should remain at their peak in regards to design. As modern families continue to buy houses, they look for a house that fits their needs. A house seller should, therefore, ensure a home has all the essentials buyers want. For the kitchen, new countertops, decent appliances, and sinks apply. The bathroom should have a non-slippery floor, a tub if space allows, mirrors, and cabinets for storing toiletries.

Architectural Beauty

The pleasure of looking at a beautiful building is undeniable. What’s more, the appeal doesn’t deteriorate as more people get to enjoy the view. Distinctive internal and external architecture increases a house value as it stands out among the rest, making it have more buyers who want it.

Does Architecture Affect The Value Of Home


Building a house is a considerable investment. So when it comes to selling the home, you want to get the value of the house and profit. Therefore, several factors apply, as so do architecture. Good architecture equals perfect design, a healthy home, and an apartment that complies with state building regulations. If a house fulfils all the above, a buyer is willing to spend a premium price to get a quality house.

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