Doors : Not Only An Entrance To A Home

It is a method statement that sets the stage and expectations for what lies within. Yes, the door is a mirrored image of a home. You see a trendy exterior door, and you can’t wait to step in and see the remainder of the house. Main door design is just like the cowl of a book. But, the byword does not hold sensible for a home. You will be able to choose the fashion and interiors of a home by its entranceway wherever the simplest is usually on show.I spent an honest a part of my growing up years at my grandparents’ in two southern cities of Tamil Nadu: Madurai and Kumbakonam. The design of the traditional homes in Tanjore district has left an enduring impression on me.


Several hot summer afternoons spent taking part in hiding and ask for within the thinnais (the front porch), mitham (the courtyard) round the wide thoons (pillars) and maadi (open terrace) and behind those large little teak wood doors leaves a small amount of yearning, you see.To this day, once I think about main door designs for home, the primary image that involves mind is that the significant main door at my grandma’s that is over one hundred forty years from now. Therefore, today I am going to share some beautiful main door designs for your home. For definitely the pictures given down below will win over your heart.