How Double Glazing Can Used to Save Electricity?

You may need a lot of energy to keep your home warm or cool during the various seasons. If your windows aren’t efficient thermal regulators, you’ll spend a lot on electricity costs. Fortunately, double glazing can conserve your electricity by reducing heat loss in your home.

How Heat Is Lost from Your Home

You lose heat in your home via conduction through the floor, walls, doors, roofs, and windows. A heat photograph of your property can show the most significant red spots are the windows and roof. These are the areas where most people lose considerable heat in their homes.

Convection, cold air from outside entering your property, can also contribute to heat loss. The cold air circulates in your home, and the heat inside warms it. Unless you insulate your home, it will keep getting cold. Essex glaziers can help with this problem.

How to Reduce Heat Loss

How to Reduce Heat Loss

You can reduce the heat loss in your home in various ways:

  1. Turn up your central heating. This move can increase your utility expenses.
  2. Wear 3-5 jumpers. This approach isn’t exactly practical.

The best move can be examining how heat leaves your home and managing it. Heavy window curtains and fitting carpets can help with this aim. Loft insulation and a good cavity wall may also help. However, installing quality double glazing is among the effective ways of reducing heat loss and keeping your electricity costs down.

How Double Glazing Works?

Double glazing can reduce your electricity usage by using modern glass technology. The outer window pane allows the sun’s heat to penetrate through and into your house, while the inner pane is designed to reduce the heat lost through the window.

Manufacturers coat the glass to make it selective of the heat wavelengths it lets into your home and the ones to reflect. This feature keeps more heat inside your house. As the window retains more heat, the window’s outer pane isn’t heated as much by energy leaving your home, and the inner layer keeps more heat inside your home and becomes warmer. This feature prevents heat loss and preserves warmth in the colder months.

Double glazing also traps air between the two glass layers, creating an insulating barrier. Manufacturers replace the air between the two panes with Argon gas before sealing them together. Argon offers a superior, longer-term thermal insulation than dry air found in some double glazed windows. Using Argon also makes condensation less likely.

While using Argon is about 5% more expensive than dry air, it is around 30% more effective. Professional Essex glaziers also install airtight seals around the window panes well to minimize heat loss. Getting less professional work can cost you in the long run.


While the amount of money you can save on heating costs depends on many other factors, double glazing can save you and pound 100 – 500 pounds per year. Double glazed windows can help you reduce your electricity costs. It will be easier to heat your home, and little to no heat will be lost through your double-glazed windows.

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