Reasons to Use Expanded Metal Mesh in Industry

Today, in the industrial sector, it is necessary to respond to three main problems: safety systems for employees (including the safety equipment of the employees themselves), the protection of machines, and the division of work areas. Fils is incredibly careful about accident prevention and is therefore committed to manufacturing expanded metal products that strictly comply with current safety regulations for all its customers. Let’s see how their expanded metal mesh helps the industrial sector:



The most suitable product as a safety system for the staff that Fils produces, are gratings in expanded metal. These are suitable to move safely and without slipping, even in critical damp or slippery environments. In addition, they are laboratory tested and certified according to rule DIN 51130, which qualifies the non-slip behavior of a walkway.

They are suitable to be used:

  • In supermarkets, because the shopping cart moves easily but with an adequate grip on the floor
  • In industrial environments and in building sites, because the characteristics of the gratings ensure a grip with non-slip effect at the highest level
  • In climatic conditions because the gratings guarantee maximum safety.

Fils produces a wide range of certified gratings, from which its customers can choose according to their needs.

The Protection of Industrial Plants

The legislation imposes strict safety standards in the industry, so machines and equipment in motion must be protected. To answer this problem, Fils manufactures protective gratings for plants. These are using to protect systems from unauthorized access or materials that could damage their functionality.

They have certified according to CEI EN 60529, which concerns the definition of degrees of protection of the enclosures of electrical equipment and meet three functions:

  • the protection of people against dangerous parts within plants
  • the protection of the installation from the inside against foreign bodies
  • the protection of machinery against humidity.

Fils allows you to choose the type of grid that best suits the type of protection required.

The Dividers

With the expanded metal mesh, Fils creates modular partition walls for the extension and formation of perimeters.

The robust system is ideal for the division of workspaces, to delimit and protect the work and storage islands in industrial areas, for production departments and warehouses.

The shielding of the metal mesh allows a perfect view, a very important property for operational efficiency and environmental safety.

These modular partition walls can use both inside and outside a building, they can be fixed or movable according to needs.

The characteristics that make Fils so competitive for its finished products in the expanded mesh are:

  • The transparency of the expanded metal mesh, because each customer can choose the opening of the net to meet different needs
  • The strength of the expanded metal mesh, as they can be used both as protective barriers for machinery, both as dividers for staff
  • The grating has the maximum non-slip coefficient to allow safe walking in any environment
  • The certifications that ensure their products according to the law.
  • Respect for the environment: in their production processes they do not use pollutants materials but  only the recyclable ones
  • The innovative vision: Fils think of new expanded mesh products to meet the most complex needs.
  • The versatility of use, because it can be easily combined with other materials.

Fils collaborates with professionals to recommend the best design solution. Starting with the choice of expanded mesh, installation systems, color, and protective finishes. They can create customized products from finishes to shapes and they provide tips for fixing modes and substructures. 

The wide range of types available allows an effective response to all design needs.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Companies turn to Fils for different and original solutions. Their tailor-made solutions include optimizing expanded metal mesh and reducing waste of materials, costs, and time.

 They can create customize products from finishes to shapes. The flexibility of production is a great pride for Fils because it guarantees the freedom to create “ad hoc” products.

Their product design takes into account specifications related to use and construction constraints, ensuring compliance with regulations for safe products both small and large.

Their projects are all over the world. If you browse their site, their publications for architecture, industry, metalwork fabrication, and the portal ArchiExplorer you can find hundreds of projects, each with its own original feature.

Thanks to its long experience in the production of expanded and grilled grids, Fils presents a very wide range of products, services, and solutions recognized for the industrial sector

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