Four Practical Considerations For Exterior Home Development Projects

Repairing or improving the exterior of your home can be a daunting task. The height of many homes makes it difficult for regular homeowners to access safely without special tools, so many may end up hiring out their exterior home improvement jobs. However, with the right tools, you can do most of any job yourself.

Depending on the job and the height of the area you are working on, there are a few options to help you get your job done safely.


ladder for Exterior Home Development Projects

Most of us already have a ladder in the garage. They are great for getting you onto the roof of your home, or for smaller jobs that don’t require two hands. Several different types of ladders are available, from an A-frame ladder for stability or an extension ladder to reach higher.

A ladder might not be the best tool for every job, so be sure that if you are using a ladder that you follow these safety rules.

Scissor lift

scissor Lift For Exterior Home Development Projects

A scissor lift is a work platform that can be raised hydraulically. These heavy-duty machines can help you reach areas of your home which are inaccessible by ladder, and provide you a sturdy platform to hold you and your tools and supplies while you are working. These are especially useful in jobs that require heavy supplies or tools, such as window replacement or siding repair. You probably don’t have one of these in your garage, but for this type of job, scissor lift hire is available.


Scaffolding for Exterior Home Development Projects

There are several types of scaffolding, and it can be used to get nearly as high as you need to. Scaffolding also gives you a sturdy platform to work on, freeing up your hands. If the outside of your home is on a slope, all-terrain scaffolding is also a great choice for these areas, giving you a level of work area even when the ground is uneven. Scaffolding can be rented or purchased, but it must be put together before use so be sure to include this time when calculating how long your project will take. It is very important to put scaffolding together properly to ensure safety, so make sure you have followed all safety protocols before using it.

Portable Access Platform

These platforms are easy to use, as they are already put together and you simply unfold them and get to work. They provide a sturdy base and quick access for jobs that require some height. Typical platforms are from about 18 inches to four feet high. While the height isn’t typically adjustable, if you only need a few feet of height and a work area to hold your tools these can be a great choice. Developing and updating your home yourself gives you the opportunity to save money and make sure you are getting exactly the look you want without having to worry about overpaying contractors. Updating the exterior of your home doesn’t have to be difficult or cause a safety issue. When you have the right tools for the job these types of repairs can be an easy way to add value and style to your home, making it a beautiful place to enjoy for years to come.

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