Having garden is all about passion towards nature but the as in present days most on us have small apartments so having a large space for garden is next to impossible. Passion can be ignored due to space problem and apart from that having a garden or being around nature also serves with many health benefits so here are some small garden designs that you can also apply to make your own garden without caring about the size of your house or apartment. Try raised beds: if you lack on space for garden then this garden set up would be perfect for so basically you would literally need a wooden bed like object where you can you can fill mud and grow your favorite plants and the best parts in that under the bed or on sides of the bed you can hang or keep other gardening equipments.

These Products will complete your Small Garden

This looks absolutely charming and space saving but spending some time near it would definitely give peace. Turn the outdoor living space into garden: nothing can be better than hanging out with guests while being around nature and this garden décor would give you this opportunity. To make this you would need few pots on which you would be planting all on your favorite plants and keep all the pots all around the balcony and keep one on the table as well. These were few small garden ideas which you can follow to make your own garden.