The Ultimate Guide to Jack Up a House to Fix the Foundation

Jacking up a house for fixing the problems that are there in the foundation has become very essential. However, the type of fixing depends on various things and you may complete the fixing with cribs, girders, timbers, or anything essential for lifting the house off the ground. When a house is constructed you require a lot of things such as lumber, nails, screws, wire, masonry, metal, etc.

All these types of building materials are also required while fixing the foundation. While jacking up a house there are various cost factors and such as labor, condition of the house or the age of the foundation, plumbing, and electrical cost, excavation or grading cost. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to Jack UP a house to fix the foundation so that you can get a better idea about the fixing of the foundation and can make the right decision.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Foundation?

What Are the Signs of a Bad Foundation

Problems in house foundation may be caused due to several reasons and the main reasons are building the house in earthquake-prone areas or the foundation itself may be defective or it may be due to some poor structural engineering strategies. Various signs indicate that your foundation is not good and you need to go for repair. Some of those signs that you be aware of are:

Exterior cracks: Small crack in the exterior wall of your foundation is one great indication of a bad foundation although it is nothing to worry about. But if there are large cracks in the exterior wall or have a zig-zag pattern then you must understand that there is something wrong with the foundation.

Interior sheetrock cracks: If the interior sheetrock cracks are zig-zag and they are nearly at the height of the wall then the homeowner must suspect that the foundation has some problems. In case you find that the wallpaper is pulling away from the wall and if you found that there are cracks at the junction of wall or ceiling then you must understand that it is time to repair.

Rotten wood: If you see that the piers and beams have got rotten then you must understand that your house foundation has some problems and you need to repair them. Generally, it happens when there has been a flood or the wood is attacked by termites or carpenter ants.

Tiles cracks: Many things may cause cracks in the tiles. A simple crack is not a matter to worry about but if there are too many basement foundation cracks then it may be an indication of getting into trouble.

Walls pulling away: If you observe that the walls are pulling away from the house then it is another indication of a bad foundation and you will need repair as soon as possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in a House and Repair the Foundation?

How Much Does It Cost to Live in a House and Repair the Foundation

The foundation that is not built in a proper way or which is not maintained properly may suffer from serious damage. It may require immediate repair. The cost that is required for fixing the foundation depends on the type of damage. For example, if you have to repair a crack in the foundation then it may cost you between $250 to $800. Again if it is a leakage repairing then it will cost between $2000 to $7000, house settling and sinking foundation will cost you $1000 to $3000 per unit, bowing wall repair will cost you around $350 to $1000.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Foundation?

Replacement of a foundation of your complete house certainly requires some time depending on the amount of work needed to do. It takes a minimum of 1-3 days for repairing a foundation although it may vary because of various reasons. Replacing a foundation involves various things that include plumbing, electricals, excavation, etc. Thus, the time that is required to replace the foundation depends on the number of things that you have done while doing the replacement.

How Do You Jack Up a House to Fix the Foundation?

Jacking up a house involves various things and piering is one of the most common things that are used for fixing the problem of foundation. Piering can be various types and some of the common types of piering are drilled piers, steel piers, and concrete piers. Drilled piers are one of the most effective methods for stabilizing the foundation. In this process, holes are dripped below the foundation and the concrete is used which is reinforced with rebar for filling them.

The steel piers are also driven by Hydraulic Jacks to the bedrock and it consists of pipe sections. All those types of sections are secured with the help of cables and it is then driven deep which are beneath the foundation. Concrete piers are formed with liquid concrete that is poured into the ground. After that, the column is pressed into the ground on top of the other till enough support is reached. In this process, cabling is used for stabilizing the columns.

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It

Repairing of the foundation requires a huge expense and the cost of repair may range between $2000 and $6500. Many people go for house insurance but unfortunately repairing the foundation is not covered in the insurance and thus it is very difficult to say whether the foundation is worth it or not.


However, if you are going to stay in the foundation for the next five to six years then it worth the cost. If you are planning for selling the foundation of your home then it becomes easier for you to sell the foundation if you go for repair. The cost of repairing will be worth money since you can get a good price for your foundation while the condition of your house remains good. That is the reason why you should go for repair or fixing your foundation if you have a plan to sell your house after repairing.

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