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Unlike municipal water, when you choose to use well water, you are directly responsible for it and its treatment. Many homeowners who rely on well water come across the term ‘water hardness’ when they run into certain plumbing issues in their homes.

With water, hardness can be a major problem that can cost a lot of money when not addressed as fast as possible. If you are unaware of what water hardness is or why you need a water softener for your well water, this article is for you.

What is Water Hardness?

Hard water is defined as water containing certain minerals and dissolved particles in a rather high concentration. While the criteria for defining or measuring water hardness may differ from region to region, based on the elements, or the type of test conducted, it remains true in all cases that hard water has a higher concentration of dissolved minerals.

Having understood what hard water is, you also need to understand the effects of hard water and why you need to seek out the best water softener for well water.

Due to the variety of the dissolved minerals contained in hard water, including magnesium, calcium, aluminum, manganese, and iron, plumbing fixtures like the showerhead can be affected. Hard water is known to cause the buildup of limescale in pipes, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. Over time, this buildup can lead to clogs capable of affecting water pressure.

Why Use Water Softeners?

Water Softener

Having understood what hard water is and the effects on plumbing fixtures, you need to understand the importance of choosing water softeners for your home. Below are some of the key benefits that you stand to gain from choosing water softeners.

Extended Lifespan for Plumbing System

When your plumbing system is subjected to hard water, limescale builds within the pipes, faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures. Over time, this buildup is capable of clogging your entire plumbing system and then comes the problem. Addressing such a problem like this can be hard and that is why it is essential that you invest in a water softener. Water softeners help you to get rid of these heavy chemicals while also saving you from the extra cost of plumbing repairs.

Lowered Energy Bills

Appliances are built to function at optimal performance levels when they are fed the right components or inputs. Most appliances are designed to be compatible with soft water and this means that introduction of hard water will also lead to clogs within those appliances thus causing them to require more energy to function optimally. The higher energy requirement will be evident in your monthly energy consumption and this translates to higher energy bills.

Reduced Soap Usage, Better Skin Health

The dissolved minerals contained in hard water make it harder for soap to lather and this means you will waste more resources to achieve that aim. On the other hand, hard water has a negative effect on the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin. Using a water softener prevents all of these.

The Best Water Softeners For Well Water

Choosing a water softener for your home should come after extensive research has been done. Seeing as there are hundreds of products in the market, the time taken to carry out extensive research may be longer than you care for.

The water treatment experts at Waterfilterspot recently conducted an extensive research on using water softeners to treat well water. Some of the best options are as follow:

Pentair Pelican Advantage Whole House Water Softener

Water Softener

This brand is known for producing some of the best water softeners in the industry. This particular product comes with a 7-year warranty on the control head which is user-friendly. This saltwater softener wastes less water when compared to some other brands in the market.

Perfect Water – Home master Water Softener

Water Softener

This brand offers one of the best home water purification parts and products. If you are looking for a well water softener that is ideal for your home in the city, this is one of the best options to explore.

Rest assured that it has an awesome design, one that is user-friendly.

Crystal Quest Whole Home Water Softener With Pre/Post Filtration

Water Softener

This product offers a comprehensive water filtration process that guarantees you the very best product. It offers a 3-stage filtration process which includes the sedimentation cartridge, ion exchange, and carbon cartridge.  This salt-based whole house water softener may be the answer.

Aquisana Whole House Rhino Salt-Free Conditioner

Water Softener

One of the biggest advantages of this water softener is that it is a salt-free water conditioner. The filter cartridge has also been designed to eliminate harmful materials like pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, industrial solvents, and others.