Fabric Softener Balls a Game-changer for Your Clothes

Clothing is the basic necessity of our life and needs to be cared for so that you don’t have to revamp your wardrobe or home linen collection after short intervals. This is not a budget-friendly call; these items take away a handsome amount of cash from your pockets. With little effort and investment, one can surely increase the life of different types of fabrics and make them look as new for quite long.

fabric softener balls

Tips to Prolong Your Clothes Life

Nobody wants to throw away the clothes they love, feel comfortable in, or have invested heftily. By following a few simple tips you can surely keep yourself safe from discarding clothes at a fast-pace.

Avoid frequent washing

If you are a finicky person and put your clothes to wash after one use then you definitely need to control yourself. It is advisable to hand your clothes in an airy space where you let them breathe and get disinfected. Few hours of clothing won’t harm your attire until unless you have sweat a lot or dropped something on it. So, save water, energy, and clothes in one shot.

Use mild detergents

Now, what do you understand by mild detergent? Basically, the detergent is alkaline in nature with minimum chemicals to keep your clothes protected. It would be great if you check on ingredients before your purchase. A number of companies are working on providing users with eco-friendly and hypoallergenic options.

fabric softener balls

Take care of the water temperature

Warm or hot water is the main culprit that ruins the fabric. Make sure you wash your clothes in cold water since it keeps the thread intact and strong for a longer period whereas hot water weakens the fibers and snatches the color quality of the fabric.

Use softeners and drying items

A lot of you out there love your clothes to be fragrant after laundry. But at the same time, many are allergic to strong smells and chemicals that are put in the softeners. According to the experts’ opinion, people must avoid extra chemicals and fragrances to prevent allergies. For this purpose, wool dryer balls have proven to be very successful. These tennis balls sized fellows are thrown in the dryer along with the clothes to keep them soft and accelerate the drying process. Invest in them once and reuse them with every drying session. You save on your pocket and go green by not investing in those plastic bottled softeners and disposable drying and softening pads

Skip bleaching agent

Bleach is a big ‘NO’ if you want your clothes to last longer. Completely eradicate it from the laundry unit.

fabric softener balls

Let your clothes breath

It is ideal to alternate the drying session of your laundry batch with the natural drying process especially when the sun is in your favor to kill the bacterias.

fabric softener balls

Separate the whites from color

Try your best to wash your white items in complete privacy to keep the brightness of white clothes in place. White must look white forever!!!

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