Determining the Garage Door Sizes To Park the Dream Vehicle

Are you planning to own a new garage at your place? Or remodel it? You should, but the confusion comes in with selecting the size of the garage. There are different garage sizes for different types of vehicles. You might need the standard one for the usual cars, but if you have an SUV, RV, or any almighty big vehicles, consider having a customized or a bigger one.

Do you know? The existence of a separate garage beside or near the house dates back to 1896 when Henry Ford built his first “horseless carriage.”

So here in this article, we will talk about the different garage door sizes, how to determine them, and types of the garage door.

What are the Standard Garage Door Sizes?

This is the most asked question in the history of making garage doors. The standard sizes of the door have varied from time to time. There was a period when 6 x 6 feet of the door was the standard one.

Let’s talk about the present scenario, the standard size of the garage door is 9 X 7 feet. As we said, it’s a usual one, and you can always customize it.

If you are an owner of a simple and single four-wheeler, then this size will you go for you. But if you are blessed with two or more cars, then you have to customize it. But how will you do that?

This brings us to the next section,

garage door sizes

How to Determine the Door Size?

Don’t ever fall for ‘bigger the better’! The garage door dimension should be according to the total area of it. When you are determining the door size, take into consideration the possible outcomes of having a single door or double door garage ideas (about which we will talk in a later section).

If you have an RV to park, you will need a bigger opening area to park it. You should consider having 10 feet wider door, and for height, 8 feet is also fine. So, where is the problem? The larger stretching doors are heavy in weight, plus it also will require hardware and automatic door opener. In addition to that, it will also hinder the styling of the door.

To help you with the answer, we are mentioning here a few points that you will have to consider while determining the size of the door:

– Determine the opening of the garage door with measure tape (both height and width). The size of the door will be somewhere around this only.

– Next, measure the side room (the space on the left and right side of the door opening.

– Then its time to measure the headroom (space between the head of the door opening to the ceiling).

– Now, the last is measuring the depth of the garage. The length between the back wall and the front wall. 

Take all this measurement to the professional and let him suggest the best type of door for your garage.

Single Garage Door 

garage door sizes

The name itself suggests that it promotes the single door for the opening. The single door is a good choice for a smaller garage area. The standard door size you looked above is for the single door garage. 

It can vary from 8 X 9 feet to 9 x 7 feet. If you want to go for a single door and want to park a recreational vehicle, then you can customize its height up to 12 feet.

Double Garage Door

garage door sizes

If the door opening of your garage is 16 feet or wider, then the double garage door is the perfect option. The standard size of a double garage door is 16 x 7 feet. It can break down the expansive look of your garage door opening.

What’s the major difference between both?

From the price point of view, the cost of two single doors is equal to having one double door. However, you will have to pay extra for maintenance and two automatic door openers.

No matter whether you have an attached or detached garage to the home, if it is facing the street and lots of people are going to see it, the outlook and styling will matter. No doubt, even if that’s not the case you won’t want to come to a garage door opening, which isn’t appealing to your eyes. Hence the double door will do the wonders.

Still, the selection is solely based on the size of the garage door opening. If you are building a new garage , then determine the door size simultaneously to the garage size. 

Even though you are remodeling it, you will already be having the measurements and everything else in your hand. The final step is to finalize the type of door you want to get installed.

This is the last section of the article,

Types of Garage Door

There are six different types of garage door that are the most installed ones in the US, and people around the world loves them. They are the automatic door openers. Let neighbors go ‘WOW’ with this type of doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

garage door sizes

Roll-up Garage Doors

garage door sizes

Side-hinged Garage Doors

garage door sizes

Slide to the Side Garage Doors

garage door sizes

Tilt-Up/Up and Over Retractable Garage Doors

garage door sizes

Tilt-Up/Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors

garage door sizes

Get the Perfect Garage Door to Park Your Dream Car

garage door sizes

Now you can select the perfect garage door size along with what type of door you want to get installed. With the different types of automatic garage doors, you must check out the material used like wood, metal, etc. Get the door made of durable material for the long-lasting garage door. 

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