Coffee Makers to Flaunt Your Living Room

A cup of coffee is a great start to the day. To make the drink aromatic, and at least spend the time and energy for its preparation, you need a good coffee machine. What devices will cope with the task? Consider the features of the main types.

A group of coffee makers sitting on top of a table


Coffee machines of this type (however, like any built-in devices) have obvious advantages: they save space, fit well into space: their volume is not read out visually: only the facade remains in sight. Thus, the “building” can be recognized as an ideal option for the kitchen-living room. The coffee machine, together with the oven, a double boiler and other appliances from the same program, form a beautiful whole line, bringing a note of industrial chic. Almost all built-in models belong to the “machines”. It is carried out from grinding the grains to self-cleaning, minimizing the number of manipulations performed by a person to a minimum: a drink is prepared by pressing a single button. Devices vary the temperature and strength of the drink, the number of servings, the degree of grinding, and remember personal settings. Espresso’s “assortment” is not limited. Americano, Cappuccino, Ristretto. 


A free-standing dual coffee maker is in full view. This is their plus and minus: they take up more space than the built-in ones, but with a skillful approach they can become an interesting accent in the interior. Designers are trying to give the “soloists” a bright appearance – sometimes literally giving them color. Nevertheless, silver aluminum and chrome-plated steel prevail – these materials emphasize the technogenic nature of the devices. Free-standing units, for obvious reasons, work louder than built-in ones. Therefore, noise reduction is the focus of developers. Another important vector – energy-saving – reflects the demands of the times: in many models, there is an “eco mode”.


Industry leaders produce even automatic coffee machines in this format. However, the main mass is formed by carob, drop, and capsule models. The latter are confidently gaining popularity, attracting with their small size and simplicity of the process: just insert the capsule into the compartment and press the button – it is punctured and steam comes under pressure. The technology has gone so far that the smart device reads the barcode on the capsule and determines the cooking parameters itself (time, temperature, amount of water) – such development was proposed by Bosch. In addition to simplicity, consumers like capsule models to experiment with taste: manufacturers offer a wide range of capsules and periodically release new ones.

Important Selection Options

The ability to Prepare different types of drink

Before deciding which coffee machine is best for your home, decide which coffee you prefer to drink. There are many options for coffee drinks, and not all of them are prepared using the same devices. For example, BEKO produces the BKK 2300 and BKK 2113 models designed for making coffee in Turkish. The system automatically controls the formation of foam and when it reaches a certain size, it turns off the heating. There are devices that make cold coffee. This is a special way of preparing it when the infusion is infused for 12-24 hours in the water without heating. There are not many devices for making such a drink. For example, KitchenAid’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker.


For users, model performance may be important. For home, choose devices for cooking Americano with a flask for 3-5 cups, for the office you can choose with a flask for 10-15 cups.


And, of course, pay attention to the design – is it easy to service the device, clean, wash, does the flask leak, is the pan suitable for collecting spilled drops.

The presence of a cappuccino machine

In carob devices, the cappuccino foam has to be whipped manually, and in automatic coffee machines, the technician will do everything on his own.

Heating method

What is better in a coffee maker: boiler or fuser? For small volumes (1-2 cups), a thermoblock is better, in its water boils almost instantly.

A coffee maker on top of a wooden table

The presence of a container for ground coffee

Check if there is a container for ground coffee. Sometimes it is necessary to make a drink from already ground grains, in this situation this option is necessary.

Useful Tips for Selection and Operation

Follow the instructions on the display

The latest generation devices are equipped with special sensors to make life easier for every user. At a time when the level of scale approaches a critical level, special signals light upon the gadget. However, many are pulled to the last, ignoring the warnings. As a result, the device may fail. 

Choose the best model for yourself

One of the rules for choosing which coffee machine is best for the home is to choose the one that suits you best. If you don’t have time to wash and clean it daily, choose the easiest to use options. Consider how much time he has each day to make coffee. For example, if you leave the shower, you want to press one button and get excellent coffee in a minute – then the capsule model will suit you. The main principle here is that any technique should work and bring pleasure to its owner.

Clean the device regularly

In carob types, there is often no warning about cleaning time, so you will have to take care of it completely on your own. It is necessary to clean the coffee horn after each preparation and use special means for cleaning coffee fats approximately once a week.

If you have an automatic or capsule technique, you need to clean it regularly too. Rinse the water tanks, do not let it stagnate for a long time – then you will always have the most delicious, fresh, and aromatic coffee.


From sleek built-ins to colorful compacts, find your coffee-brewing soulmate. Whether you crave barista-worthy lattes or simple, perfect cups, explore features like drink variety, noise level, and cleaning ease. Choose a machine that reflects your style and fuels your day, because the perfect cup starts with the perfect match.

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