8 DIY Home Repairs You Should Know How to Do by Yourself

When things go wrong at home, calling a repairman is probably the first thing on your mind. However, repair services can be incredibly expensive and you may have to wait a number of weeks before someone is available to come and take a look.

Until then, you’ll have to put up with whatever problem is making your home a less comfortable place to be in.

To save both time and money, you might want to think about learning some new skills and having a go at some basic repairs yourself. While it’s best to leave major leaks and electrical issues to the professionals, here’s a list of common DIY Home repairs that are easy to fix. 

Securing a Scraping Door




Source: bobvila.com

If your door is dragging as you open it, it might need rehanging. This will make it easier to open and also save your floors from scratches. When it comes to how to adjust uPVC doors, it’s quick and simple to do yourself. Bear in mind, you might need an extra pair of hands to help with the weight of the door. Why not invite over a friend or family member and reward their efforts with a cup of tea?

Stopping Draughts


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When the weather turns, you’ll be thinking about how to save energy and heat your home. Blocking draughts is a simple way to do this. Go around your doors and windows and feel for air.

Where you find an issue, block the gaps either with tape or expanding foam – if in the frame – or a draught stopper – if below the door. Bear in mind that if the drought continues through your window, you may need to upgrade your glass to double-glazing.

This isn’t something you’ll be able to do yourself, so it’s best to get a quote from a professional.

Fixing a Clogged Drain 


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Clogged drains are a common problem and are super easy to resolve without a repairman. In the first instance, try a plunger to force out any debris. If this doesn’t work, you can purchase an unblocking solution from most supermarkets or hardware stores.

And if the problem still occurs, simply head under the sink and loosen the P-trap – have a bucket handy for excess water – and clear the blockage manually.

To try and prevent blockages of the drain in the future, do everything you can to stop hair and bits of food from escaping down the drain.

Stopping a Leaky Sink


Source: homeserve.com

Similarly to unblocking your sink, stopping a leak requires you to go underneath and play with the P-trap. Make sure the fitting is as tight as possible. If the leak continues, you can try to replace the slip nut for a tighter fit. 

Repairing a Running Toilet


Source: ezflowplumbingaz.com

Not only is the noise of a running toilet annoying, it could also be running up your water bill. In the first instance, turn the water off by the cistern. Then, use a readily available DIY kit to repair the flush system. If you’re confused by the mechanism, there are plenty of videos on YouTube.

Patching a Hole


Source: redd.it

Whether it’s from an accident or from hanging a picture, it’s easy to patch up small holes and dents in walls without needing to fully resurface them. Simply invest in a tub of filler and use a flat spatula to smooth the solution over the hole. Let dry and then sand until smooth. Finally, cover the patch with paint. 

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Regrouting Tiles


Source: karousell.com

If you’re looking to refresh your home, regrouting tiles is a quick and simple way to personalize your kitchen or bathroom to appear sparkling clean. You can use a tub of grout and go over the cracks, wait until it’s dried, and then clean off the excess. Alternatively, you can use a grouting pen to go over the gaps between tiles.

Fixing a Sticking Window


Source: homefixated.com

Securing your windows doesn’t have to be a hassle. The culprit behind any sticking or jamming is usually a quick fix. Open the window wide and check for any debris that might be stopping it from closing, you can use a brush or hoover to remove any excess.

If the window won’t open and the paint is the cause, use a chisel and hammer to carefully crack the paint. You can then sand and repaint the surface.

DIY doesn’t come easily to everyone but, with a bit of work, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable performing easy home repairs around your home. Hopefully, this will make you feel empowered, independent, and more capable than ever before.