30+ Best Exterior House Color Schemes for an Inviting Appeal

The exterior of the house is the first impression of you and your style. It ought to be a memorable one. The easiest way of creating a stylish and memorable impression is by choosing the right exterior house color schemes.

There is a myriad array of colors available out there, so many that it can get overwhelming at times. Bold blues, striking reds, or basic neutrals, all of them work differently for different architectural styles.

Choosing which one would be the right exterior house color scheme for your house may seem like a daunting task. Thus, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of all the colors that go well together and that can create the desired curb appeal for your house.

30+ Spectacular Exterior House Color Schemes for an Inviting Appeal

1. Navy + White + Turquoise

Navy + White + Turquoise exterior house color schemes

Make every element of exterior elevation stand out!  A dark color scheme creates a sense of depth and sophisticated appeal in the exterior design. The different types of shingles are united by the dark navy color and framed by the white trim of the facade.

The pop of turquoise-colored doors brightens this high-contrasting exterior house color scheme. The change of color of the window frames creates a focal point in the design.

2. Grey + White + Red

Grey + White + Red exterior house color schemes

One can never go wrong with a subtle muted palette! The one here uses grey as a primary overall color. White accentuates the lines and edges of the house. 

This exterior house color scheme renders the house with a classic timeless aesthetic. The bright red door adds a much-needed pop of color against the muted tones of the house.  

3. Muted Green + White + Grey

Muted Green + White + Grey exterior house color schemes

A subtle exterior house color scheme that blurs the edge of the built and the unbuilt includes muted tones of green, stone-like grey, and staple white. Muted green set the tone for the exterior as the base color. White defines and brings the elements into focus. 

Grey roof blends with the primary base color while accentuating the form of the house. Brown color blends with the surrounding, directing and inviting people into the house. This exterior color scheme gives an enticing appeal to the house. 

4. Brown + Beige + White

Brown + Beige + White exterior house color schemes

Another great exterior house color scheme to make your house seem at par with the landscape is a brown and beige combination. The earthy tones of browns and beiges help camouflage the house with the natural landscape.

Go for darker tones of brown as the primary color. Use lighter accent colors like beige or white to highlight the elements of the facade. You can even opt for hues of brown as the color scheme to create a neutral monochromatic color scheme.

5. Bright Yellow + Cherry Yellow + Blue

Bright Yellow + Cherry Yellow + Blue exterior house color schemes

A cottage-inspired exterior house color scheme entails the use of a combination of subtle and bright yellows. The warm and inviting appeal of a yellow facade gives the house a quaint look.

Creating a slight contrast against the warm-toned yellows is the blue roof. It is the perfect crown for a solid facade. The minimalist details on the facade add to the charm created by house exterior paints.

6. Aqua Blue + White + Black

Aqua Blue + White + Black exterior house color schemes

The color scheme for creating a charming exterior must include subtle colors like aqua blue and white. One of the best exterior house color schemes for vacation homes and country homes, these colors adorn the house in spectacular glory.

The black door frame brings attention to the entrance of the house which welcomes guests within. White color highlights the features of the house while blending with the dominant supple aqua color. 

7. Hunter Green + Beige + Off-White

 Hunter Green + Beige + Off-White exterior house color schemes

A stylish nature-inspired house color scheme includes warm tones of green and is balanced by white and beige. The sage green sidings and garage door set the theme for the exterior. 

This is accentuated by hunter-green shingles that being a deeper tone of green, add a sense of depth and sophistication. Beige and off-white colored stone cladding frames the facade.  

8. White + Brown + Black

White + Brown + Black best exterior house color schemes

Black and white exemplify high contrast. In-home exteriors, these colors make an edgy exterior. The house here uses white as a base color and black as an accent. This exterior house color scheme makes the house seem edgy and sophisticated.

The terracotta on the base gives the house an elevated appearance. It is also complemented by the surrounding landscape that adds to the elegance of the house. 

9. Pale Pink + Azure

best Pale Pink + Azure exterior house color schemes

A dainty and quaint home with simplistic architectural elements must use a soft pastel exterior house color scheme. The one here uses a pale pink color as the base that is complemented by the light terracotta roof tiles.

Pink gives an elegant and soft-looking appearance to the home. Brown gives a natural warm earthy touch to the house. The combination of both creates a graceful house exterior that has the nautical flair brought by the awning. 

10. Grey Monochrome

Grey Monochrome exterior house color schemes

Neutral house exterior colors look simply spectacular. While most houses use a combination of three colors for the exterior, the colors don’t need to be vividly different. One can go for simple hues of grey to create a sophisticated elegant looking house exterior. 

Generally, the lighter color is used for the walls, the middle tone is the trim color and the darker hue is the crowning roof color. This gives the house a timeless appeal. The perfectly pruned surrounding landscape adds to the charm of the exterior. 

11. All-White 

All-White exterior house color schemes

Want to make a minimalist statement with your exterior house color scheme? Go for all whites! This simple house exterior uses white walls that unify the dual-textured shingles and sidings on the facade. The same color running along the trim and window frames superimposes the subtle qualities of the minimalist palette.

The house thus appears like a white monolith and is characterized by its classic charm. This color scheme is one of the top exterior house color trends that never go out of style. 

12. Bold Black 

Bold Black exterior house color schemes

An unconventional and bold exterior house color scheme that you can opt for to create a statement with your house exterior is an all-black color scheme. The dark matte black color makes a remarkably bold house exterior.

Its sophisticated appeal is simply unmatched. To break the monotony of the heavy mass, large glazings are used as an integral part of the facade. 

13. Black + White + Ruby Red

Black + White + Ruby Red color schemes

A contrasting color scheme is bound to make a statement. The classic black-and-white color scheme looks spectacular on its own. Yet, if one has to add an artistic pop to it, one can add a dash of red to create an edgy look. 

The cozy cottage here does precisely that. White textured walls set a calming tone for the house, while black adds room and structural members add drama to the exterior. A red entrance door adds a splash of color creating this artistically stylized home exterior. 

14. White + Clay + Mossy Green

 White + Clay + Mossy Green house color schemes

The best exterior house color schemes for houses that blend within the natural landscape includes greens and browns. The lush mossy green color sits well against the surrounding, making the house merge with the landscape.

Highlighting the features of the house is the white trim that brings a focus on the elements. Earthy tones of brown crown the monolithic volume and invite visitors to come into the house. 

15. Yellow + White + Brown

Yellow + White + Brown house color schemes

A warm-toned, sun-inspired exterior house color scheme curates charming exterior designs. The chic home here uses sunshine yellow as the base color. These warm tones are continued on the roof, as chocolate brown elevates its appearance.

White color is used to define the edges and curves of the exterior. The sparing use of black contrasts with and thus brings the entrance into focus.

16. Gray + White + Dove

Gray + White + Dove house color schemes

An exterior house color scheme color that suits both modern and traditional architectural color schemes alike is often composed of grey and white as base colors. This simple yet chic house exterior exemplifies how beautiful this color house color combination looks on the exterior.

The striking combination is further accentuated by the accent color dove. It adds character to the design while keeping it simple and charming. Terracotta paving is warm contrast that directs the eye toward the dainty porch. 

17. White + Green  

White + Green house color schemes

This house oozes elegance and charming grace with its simplistic house exterior colours. The classic house features white as the base color along with soothing green as the accent color. Its simplistic approach highlights the refined architectural style while creating an alluring aesthetic.

Complementing the enticing look of the facade is the subtle grey roof that crowns the house. The well-structured landscape curates the country delight experience of the exterior space. 

18. Taupe + Beige + Brown + Red

Taupe + Beige + Brown + Red house color schemes

Does your house exterior seem overwhelming and you cannot seem to figure out the apt house outside colour scheme? Neutral is the answer! Going for neutral tones helps in creating an assorted look of the exterior. Tones of brown work perfectly well in defining the architecture and also making it look like a part of the landscape.

Here, middle tones of beiges and browns are used as the base color while taupe is used for the trim. Lighter tones are great color options for defining the trim and frames. Whereas, darker tones look when used as accents making the facade look great. 

19. Red + White + Brown

Red + White + Brown house exterior paints

If neutral colors don’t excite you, this vibrant color scheme for houses is the one for your house. Vivacious cherry red can become a base color for your house exterior. It will certainly make a cold statement that leaves everyone in awe.

The wild-spirited house exterior is defined by its warm energetic color scheme and cottage-like architectural style. The white trim against vivid red shingles and brown roof and porch assembles this holiday home. 

20. Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White

Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White house exterior paints

An example of house color combinations for the exterior that are both warm and cool-toned uses a diverse unconventional palette. Cool muted sage green being the base color sets an appealing tone for the house. Dark-toned blue further accentuates the appealing tone and adds a sophisticated edge to the exterior. 

This is contrasted by the pale yellow frames and white trim on the house. The resulting assorted look of the house oozes a refined sense of drama and charm. 

21. Gray + Pale Aqua

Gray + Pale Aqua house exterior paints

A slightly modern grey house exterior color schemes create a blend of pale aqua and white colors for a sophisticated curb appeal. The cool-toned exterior colors curate a startling appeal for this eclectic home decor.

Uniquely stylized architectural elements of the home that ooze grace are further accentuated by the superior color palette. The structure stands as an attention-grabbing monolith that seems to belong on the set landscape. 

22. Pale Blue + Natural Wood

Pale Blue + Natural Wood house exterior paints

It’s often difficult to choose from the plethora of house color ideas that would blend with natural materials like wood. While white is the safest option to use against warm-toned wood, it may not be enough if you’re looking to create an edgy exterior design. Pale blue is a great alternative in that case.

This cool-toned color contrasts and complements the warm-toned wooden browns. It may seem like an unconventional color scheme for houses, yet it goes well with both traditional and modern styles of homes

23. Light Chocolate + Dark Gray

Light Chocolate + Dark Gray house exterior paints

Want to go for neutral but don’t want to stick to monochromes? Mix and match tones of brown, grey, and white to create a striking exterior design that is edgy without the jargon of bright colors. 

This exterior house color scheme curates simply sophisticated exteriors for homes. A neutral beige base with contrasting white trim and frames define the facades of the house.  The dark grey color gives a sophisticated edge to the lavish country-style mansion. 

24. Yellow + White + Red 

Yellow + White + Red  house exterior paints

Move away from the basics, go for vibrant exterior house color schemes. The one here uses bright yellow as the base color which sets a warm and inviting tone for the house. The white trim subtly defines the architectural features of the house.

The black color on the roof adds drama and depth to the exterior, making it visually interesting. A pop of red, used for the main entrance is the cherry on the cake of this stylish home. The elements together create a spectacular visual aesthetic for the grand mansion-like home. 

25. River Blue + Light Mocha + Dark Grey

River Blue + Light Mocha + Dark Grey house exterior paints

A surprising color scheme for houses such as this creates an enthralling exterior design. The deep river blue color as the base alongside black makes a sophisticated exterior. 

Contrasting the former wing of the house, the adjacent garage uses subtle pale aqua and white color scheme. The black-colored roof and its members are the binding elements of the two striking and contrasting parts of the house. 

26. Agate Green + Brown + White

Agate Green + Brown + White house exterior paints

A subtle nature-centric exterior house color scheme uses muted tones of green and brown as the primary color scheme. Sage green coving the shingles of this striking home camouflage the house within its landscape.

The remarkable architectural form of the house seems like it belongs to the place because of the wondrous color scheme. Subdued brown tones used on the roof add to this natural aesthetic of the home. The white trim draws the silhouette of the home making it a head-turner. 

27. Tuscan Pink + White 

Tuscan Pink + White  house exterior paints

Want to make a stylish statement with your beach home? Try the Tuscan pink and white color combination for the exteriors. This color scheme makes a graceful one-of-a-kind statement with its supple palette.

This is an effective way to spice up a minimal cottage-like or vacation beach home. It creates a soft alluring aesthetic for the home. The pink color gives a stylish edge to the rather plain facades, whereas the white highlights the architectural features of the exterior. 

28. Powder Blue + White + Brown

Powder Blue + White + Brown house exterior paints

Taking the trail of context-specific homes ahead, a lake home ought to mirror its spectacular location. The best exterior house color schemes for a lake home would comprise shades of blue and white.

The one here uses pale blue as the base color and brown as the secondary color. Blue is soothing and refreshing, whereas the muted brown is earthy and in sync with the surrounding. As usual, white breaks the monotony of blue and characterizes the facade elements.

29. Teal+ Navy + Rustic Brown

Teal+ Navy + Rustic Brown house exterior paints

If you’re fond of the coastal aesthetic, this exterior house color scheme is for you. It uses a combination of shades of dark-toned blues with a surprising pop of rustic brown color.

Dark teal color adorns the shingles of this home. The roof is made of navy-colored tiles that give it an edge. The teal against navy makes a bold statement for this simple house. The steps leading to the porch are effectively stylized with a dash of vibrant brown color. 

30. Ivory + White + Aqua

Ivory + White + Aqua house exterior paints

Traditional homes often look striking in lighter-toned colors. As their graceful form is justified and not overpowered by contrasting colors. Neutral base colors like ivory and white look phenomenal on this home. 

The shingles in ivory are framed by white-colored elements, defining the facade of this mansion. Its symmetrical form and perfectly balanced scale of the house need little in terms of color scheme. A surprising pop of color is the front door which is adorned is vibrant turquoise color becoming the center of attention. 

31. Apricot + White + Smoky Gray 

 Apricot + White + Smoky Gray  house exterior paints

A vintage house exterior color scheme entails the use of bright yellows and white. This quaint cottage is defined by its explicit architectural style and its stunning color scheme. Yellow being the base color makes the house look welcoming. White accentuated the architectural features, highlighting the repeating and symmetrical elements of design. 

The green roof is a surprising touch to the effectively stylish home. This punctuates the look of the house giving it an eclectic edge. The assorted look of the house is simply charming and graceful.

Top Exterior House Color Trends

A row of houses with trees in the background

Top Exterior House Color Trends

A small blue house with a red door
A gray house with two garages and two windows
A gray house with red trim and a porch

house exterior colors

A white house with palm trees in front of it
A porch with a chair and a door
 house exterior colors

house exterior colors

Choose an Exterior House Color Scheme That Resonates with Your Style…

A green house with a blue front door

There is a plethora of different exterior house color schemes that go well with different architectural styles. Make an authentic statement of your style with your house exteriors by choosing the best-suited color scheme for your home.


1. What Are the Top Trends for Exterior House Colors?

Pastel colors are trending exterior house colors. Apart from that, neutrals and whites never go out of style and are always in trend. 

2. What Paint Colors Help Sell Homes?

Basic and timeless colors like whites, beiges, and neutral tones help sell homes. 

3. What Exterior Colors Make Your House Look Bigger?

Lighter colors generally make a house look bigger, as they reflect light creating an illusion. Off-white, beige, and faint hues of blue, and yellow can also make a house look bigger. 

4. Which Colors Look Good on Country-Style Homes?

White is a staple exterior color of country-style homes. However, one can also use blues, greens, and yellows to go along with white as accents or base colors. 

5. What Exterior Colors Work Well with Wood?

The exterior house color schemes that work well with wood include white, yellow, and some shades of muted blues and greens.

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