French Country Dining Room Ideas

French Country Dining Room is perfect for the ones who want a charming yet significant look with the touch of traditional effect and casual feel. To create a French style dining room all you need to take care is that there is the use of natural material, muted colors, proper lightings, linen or canvas clothing, the touch of gold, an most importantly “rustic effect”. No matter whatever is the size of your dining room, whether it is attached with a kitchen or a living room or is a separated room french country styling goes with everything.

The dining room is a place where the whole family spends the highest time together. French country style dining room will make it a more welcoming and cozy place to spend time. Mostly french country dining tables are in rectangular shape but round or oval shape can also be arranged. The thing that makes it feel french style is its rustic effect in any element.

Classic old time chairs, sofas or benches, these are the options for the seating area. Going for a rectangular dining table, the combination of classic chairs and benches is a good option.

To give a more French look paint your dining room with pastel colors. Add vintage elements like a wall hanging or a vintage style clock or vase at a window and add tapestries in the room.

A rounded rectangle dining table of 4-6 person with gold touch up chairs and your French Country Dining Room is ready.

Give the dining room a cozy and conversational space by placing a white painted wood round dining table and chairs with soft cushions. Off White Curtains on Windows gives it a true old time effect.

Setup a semi-finished wood rectangular dining table for 4 people at the window side with the background of classic vintage elements such as wall painting.

An oval-shaped dining table with long tapered legs for six persons having chairs of old time design and the rustic element to its color. A vintage vase at the center of tables with complementing colored flowers.

A vintage look rectangle dining table for 8 persons having two armchairs, everything in a beige color with hanging vintage lights on the ceiling gives your dining room a perfect vintage and french country style look.

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