Ways to Bring Your Room to Life with a Gas Heater

The very essence of home is the idea of safety, security, and comfort. The most visceral physical representation of these three attributes is a ubiquitous image: one of a side table laden with a book and a steaming mug next to a plush chair, all of which place in front of a blazing fireplace. But, at the heart of it, the one thing that really captures your attention and draws you into the picture is the fireplace itself. The idea of a gas heater as a focal point for comfort has always been so powerful that the complete definition of the ideal homestead is ‘hearth and home’.

This saying reinforces the idea that your fireplace plays a more fundamental role in the overall ambiance of your home than perhaps even you anticipated.

Moreover, it accurately implies that a fireplace can serve as more than just a source of heat. Judicious selection can also make it a valuable addition to the overall decor of the home.

With changing times come evolving technologies. While wood-burning fireplaces remain quite popular, the advent of gas and electric heaters has precipitated a shift in preferences. However, despite both newer technologies’ benefits, gas heaters continue to edge to the top of the pile as the most favored fireplace type.

So, if you have been weighing your options before you decide which type of heater to install in your home, read on to discover the advantages of a gas heater and why it is the best choice.



One of the primary reasons why wood-burning fireplaces are so beloved is their appearance. Just the sight of a fire burning heartily or the look of a mantle standing in all its stately glory in the center of a room can have a very pleasing effect. Now, with new designs created every day, gas heaters can closely match the overall mien of a conventional fireplace with equally satisfactory results.


Natural gas is already a common source of energy for many homes in Australia. In many cases, using gas to heat the house is the cheapest option available. Additionally, modern gas heaters are more efficient than older models. Therefore, you spend even less on energy bills in the long run. Even if you spend a considerable amount of money on buying a gas heater, you can still obtain more savings since you don’t need to use electricity for its operations. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

As to efficiency, gas is not just worthwhile when it pumps into the home. Its advantage begins at production, where natural gas does not need as much energy to produce as electricity. For a clearer picture, consider that of all the electricity produced in a given cycle, only 30% reaches your home. The other 70% is lost. Gas production, in comparison, records a net loss of only 10%.

The benefits of gas efficiency do not end there. It is also cleaner to burn than wood or coal, even though natural gas is also a fossil fuel.

That said, using a gas heater can be an excellent way to make your home more energy efficient. Hence, when looking at new appliances, always consider whether natural gas would be better than electricity. Natural gas appliances are more energy efficient. And you can get a low rate for natural gas when you shop using a natural gas comparison site. Anyone in a deregulated energy market, like Ohio or Georgia, can shop for the lowest price for this commodity.  


Natural gas is less susceptible to outages and diminished stock concerns than both electricity and wood. This advantage is because gas supply lines are installing underground, meaning that weather and other adverse surface occurrences rarely affect them. In addition, the insulation ensures that your heater will always be operational when you need it most, as long as you connect to the main supply.

Additionally, gas heaters tend to be quite durable. If you are diligent in maintaining your furnace, it can have up to 20 years of service life. Comparatively, electric heaters are often rated at a maximum lifetime of eight years.

Because of this, a gas heater can be a great investment for your home because you can get the most of this home appliance for a long period of time.

Effect on Health

Effect on Health

When you burn gas in the home, there are fewer harmful by-product emissions than similar emissions produced by wood or coal. However, with other fuels, you run the risk of allowing hazardous substances like sulfur dioxide and dissolved solids to be released into your home. As a result, you and your family’s health may suffer from prolonged exposure.

On the other hand, if you maintain your gas heater properly; you can expect it to produce only negligible amounts of carbon monoxide while operating. So, if you use a gas heater, you can protect yourself and your family against the adverse health effects of excessive exposure to hazardous substances and other chemicals. 

Increased Home Value

All the above advantages of a gas fireplace will make installation a boost to the value of your home. This trend is spreading fast enough that home marketplace professionals have also expressed a preference for houses with gas heaters. It is also because more and more home buyers are looking for residential properties with functional gas heaters. 

Finally, as you prepare to make your house more of a home with the addition of a gas heater. Remember that while the installation may be costly, do not fret. The lower long-term operating costs will be worth it in the end. 

Moreover, it is best to seek the advice of a technician on the best way to go about the process. There are many trustworthy professionals out there who can help you install the gas heater in your home. They have the experience, skills, and expertise that make the installation process much safer and more seamless. All you need to do is look for the right one to ensure you get the job done right. 

Once everything is in place; you will get to enjoy a space that is cozy and warm in a room brightened by a valuable and effective gas heater.

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