7 Reasons Why Hardwood Floors Are Perfect for Your Home

The way you design your home speaks volumes about who you are. And while you should focus equally on every single component of your home, there’s one aspect you absolutely can’t ignore! We’re talking about flooring.  Beautiful floors lend a lively look to your entire house and make it all the more inviting. But with plenty of flooring options flooding the market, which one should you choose? If you want a durable, versatile, and gorgeous floor, go for hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring has been one of the most popular options for centuries. And its whopping market size of $872.9 million in 2017 alone is a testament to its popularity. Hardwood’s immense aesthetic appeal, elegant finish, and long-lasting nature make it perfect for almost every home. But if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, here are some top reasons why you should opt for hardwood floors for your sweet home.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

1. Clean and Safe

Clean and Safe Hardwood Floors

Most alternatives to hardwood flooring demand carpeting. But carpets aren’t good for your health. They tend to trap more dust, allergens, and pollen. But that’s never the case with wooden floors.

Pollutants and germs cannot get trapped in hardwood floors. And even if you spill something on them, it’s pretty easy to clean them up. So with hardwood floors, you can expect a clean and safe home for your loved ones.

2. Stylish, Timeless, and Authentic

Wooden flooring adapts to every decor theme effortlessly. That’s why hardwood floors are considered incredibly versatile. They give your home a rich look without disrupting its aesthetic.

Plus, there is a range of shades and finishes of hardwood floors that can easily complement your house. High-quality hardwood floors leave a lasting impression on people’s minds. They also look luxurious and timeless.

3. Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective 

Hardwood Floors A Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective 

Hardwood floors are highly durable and stand the test of time. They can last for decades without needing any renovation. They are expensive when you first buy them, but their long life certainly makes up for the cost.

Since hardwood floors are also effortless to clean, you also end up saving the money you’d otherwise spend on cleaning supplies. Also, hardwood flooring doesn’t look old or washed up even after a long time. So you won’t need to change them even for aesthetic reasons.

4. Comfortable

Hardwood is compatible with underfloor radiant heating systems. This means that your entire house can stay comfortably warm even on those slightly cold days. Plus, they are plush and smooth too.

5. Low-Maintenance

Hardwood Floors Low-Maintenance

As mentioned before, hardwood does not accumulate dust easily. And it also does not stain quickly. So even if you spill drinks or oil on the floor, you need not panic. You can sweep, steam, clean, and vacuum the floors to keep them fresh. With hardwood flooring, your home is also free from dust mites.

6. Strength and Durability

The strength of hardwood is one of the main reasons people opt for it. Hardwood flooring is harvested from trees that grow much slower; it ends up being far more dense and durable than its softwood counterparts. It does not crack or break easily and can suffer impact.

Even when these floors get old, they’ll retain their strength. So the next time you have to move your furniture around, you won’t have to worry about your hardwood floor scratching or cracking.

7. Variety 

Variety  in Hardwood Floors

Want your home to have a customized aesthetic? Hardwood floors can give you just that and more! It all comes down to your preferences. You can go for warm or pale tones in an oak finish. Hickory has a lot of color variations, from light tones to dark tones. For a darker brown, select walnut, or opt for maple or birch for a light finish.

Wood planks can also be arranged in formations for a patterned look. It doesn’t matter how diverse and unique your choices are; you would find a kind of hardwood floor that suits your style.

Wrapping Up

Hardwood flooring is an asset to your home. Its varieties, longevity, sturdiness, and easy cleaning make it a perfect choice for everyone. It adds just the perfect amount of warmth to give your house an extra glow. So hire an expert from Zothex Flooring today to get the right hardwood floor for your sweet home and give it the high-quality makeover it needs!

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