Home Safety Hazards: Know the Risks of What You Can’t See

Home safety is an important topic that many of us don’t think about until we are faced with the reality of a potential home injury. Wherever you are reading this from, there are some things to consider when it comes to your home and how it can be a dangerous risk. We all know that our homes have hazards such as electrical outlets and stairs, but what about those dangers you cannot see? This blog post will discuss some hidden risks in your home or we can say home safety hazards that could cause accidents.

What is Home Safety?

Home safety is the condition or degree of being safe inside your home. As a homeowner, it is important to know and understand how different items in your home can be hazardous so that you can keep yourself as well as those who enter your house safe from injury. Home injuries are prevalent, and they range anywhere from burns, falls, cuts/bruising, and more.

What are the dangers inside house?

There are many potential hazards that you might not see when it comes to the safety of those who enter your home.

1. Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets Home Safety Hazards

Electrical outlets can find in many places throughout your home, and even though they are a common safety hazard, you might not realize how serious it is.

Neglecting to cover up an electrical outlet with furniture or other items can present a real danger for anyone who could trip on the cord leading to the wall plug. This presents a risk of electrical shock that could lead to a serious injury.

What you should do: All cords from an outlet must be covered up with furniture or other items so that they are not in plain sight and pose a threat.

2. Be Mindful When in the Kitchen

Be Mindful When in the Kitchen with Home Safety Hazards
  • Keep knives out of reach from children and pets
  • Don’t use the stove while you’re on the phone or texting!
  • When cooking, always have an adult supervise the children in your home
  • Don’t use a stove or oven when on the phone or texting because it could result in severe injury and burns
  • If you are boiling water, make sure that you aren’t distracted by anything else.

This is important for preventing kitchen fires!

What you should do: The kitchen can be very dangerous, so please pay attention while cooking and keep a clear line of sight so that you can see what is happening with your food.

3. Check for Loose Rugs, Cords, and Furniture Before You Walk Over Them to Prevent Falls

Check for Loose Rugs, Cords, and Furniture Before You Walk Over Them to Prevent Falls

Loose rugs, cords, and furniture can be a risk for falls in your home if you don’t check where they are.

Especially when children have access to these items! Be sure that there is no loose rug or cord before walking over it so that you do not trip on them.

What you should do: Check for loose rugs, cords, and furniture before you walk over them to avoid a potential fall or injury.

What Are Some Other Items/Rooms in the Home with Potential Dangers?

All stairs should have a handrail on one side for safe passage up and down.

This will allow you to maintain your balance going up and down the stairs. All items that have cords should be checked frequently for wear, tear, or loose plugs in order to keep yourself safe from electrical shock.

If there is any sign of wear then you should get rid of it immediately!

Pools Must Be Fenced Off to Prevent Any Accidental Falls or Drowning Accidents

Pools are the most common way for kids to become injured, so it is important that you make sure that they stay fenced off.

What you should do: If you own a pool, then please make sure that there are safety measures taken such as fencing and signing of the pool because this can keep children safe from drowning accidents.

Storage Rooms Should Be Well-Lit and Free of Any Clutter

What you should do: If an item in your home is presenting a potential safety hazard, make sure that you address it. Fix the issue with the item or remove it so that there’s no chance that someone could get hurt if they come into contact with it.

Know Where Your Outlets/Switches Are Located in Your Home

It is very important to know where all of your outlets, switches, and circuit breakers are located because you might be able to avoid a fire if there was an incident involving electricity.

What you should do: Make sure that you know what room every outlet or switch is in so that you can easily turn off the power in case of a fire.

Hire experts to help you detect hazards

Homes can have hazards that are not easily seen by the naked eye. Hiring experts can help you make sure you can prevent hazards that you can’t see, such as mold, foundation and structure issues, or plumbing leaks. You can also detect issues in your home’s electrical system using infrared thermography services in order to prevent short circuits and house fires.

Wrap Up:

As we wrap up this blog post, it’s important to remember that safety is the number one priority in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homeowner or an experienced renter; these 3 tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe around the house. The next time you walk into your home after being away for a while, take a few minutes to go through each room with fresh eyes and see which of our three tips are missing from the space. We want all of us to have happy homes!

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