How to Check the Build Quality of a New Home

Buying a home is a very important financial decision. You will need to make research and think twice before making a final decision. There are many important factors such as location, price, and size. But, remember that the most important thing is quality. When you buy a new home, you need to gain every possible information regarding the build quality. Low quality will impose big costs on your side in the future, and you certainly don’t want that. Read on and find out how to check the build quality of the new home!

Build Quality of a New Home

Check the Fixtures

Low-quality fixtures can be a red flag. When they look cheap or look like they aren’t properly installed, you should think twice. You might not expect the highest quality out there, but be sure that you need solid fixtures that won’t let you down. If the house is of good quality, then the builder won’t let bad finishes to decrease the value of the property. 

Check the Fixtures for Build Quality of a New Home

Flood History

This is a problem that not many will tell you about. But, be sure that you should know whether the home is built in a flood-prone area. Do research to find it out. Ask for people around for their experience, or ask the insurance company. This is a very important thing when they issue home insurance, so they are already informed about any potential downsides. 

Loadbearing walls

Check if all of the loadbearing walls are still there. If there is one missing, you might experience a problem in the future. These walls are sometimes removed during home renovations, in order to create an open space. This should be done properly and according to the standards. A loadbearing wall should be replaced with a beam. Consult with a professional to know that the job was done right. 

If you are having trouble choosing the right contractor that will do the job, visit House Method. They have detailed reviews and compare different contractors with their pros and cons. 

Loadbearing walls in Build Quality of a New Home

The Reputation of the Builder

If the building was made by a reputable and trusted company that is for long in the business, then you don’t have to worry. Make sure that you find out about the builder and do research for their reputation. 

Inspect the Foundations

The foundations are the most important part of the structure. They hold the weight of the home and need to be in perfect condition. Look for any signs of a sinking foundation. Check both interior and exterior walls. If there are any cracks or ruptures, this might indicate damage to the foundations. Keep in mind that any repairs can be very costly. 

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection in Build Quality of a New Home


Another important thing despite the foundation is the roof. If the roof is in a bad condition, keep in mind that replacing it can cost you a lot. A faulty roof can lead to other problems. Leaks can cause mold, but also damage the roof construction. And you don’t want to face unexpected costs soon.  

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