Architecture: The Right Building Starts With the Right Foundation

After a long search, you found the perfect lot of land to build on. Now it’s time to start the construction process.

Building a sturdy structure starts with a sturdy foundation. Studies show that Americans make about 98% of foundations out of masonry, concrete, or brick, which make super sturdy foundations.

But how important is a well-engineered foundation? Is it worth the hassle of making sure you build the foundation the right way?

We put together a quick guide to explain the importance of architecture and a great foundation when constructing a building that will last for years. Keep reading to learn all about building strong foundations.

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How Architecture Affects Your Building Construction

Yes, keeping your construction budget as low as possible should be your goal. But, you also want to spend money in the areas that matter the most. One of those things that you should spend money on is the building design.

There are a million and one things that can go wrong in building design, that’s why architects go to school for so long!

A great architect can not only help you design a sturdy building, but they can plan for certain situations or design the building for energy efficiency. One area that architects spend a good deal of time when they design a building is planning out the foundation on which the building will stand.

If you haven’t studied architectural design, it’s best to trust the experts and spend a little more money for a well-engineered structure.

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Why Are Strong Foundations Important?

You can’t build castles in the sky! You need to build a good foundation or your building won’t last long.

Foundations have a couple of purposes in construction projects. The most obvious purpose is to hold the building up and prevent it from sinking into the earth. Another thing foundations do is reduce the amount of moisture that can seep up into the building’s walls.

For bigger building projects that take more than one batch of concrete, you’ll also want to test the concrete or cement to make sure the new batch has the same properties and consistency. To do this the team will use testing supplies (like the ones available at Certified MTP) to test the cement right after it cures (about 7 to 90 days after laying it down).

Also keep in mind that the foundation will need to support the weight of the building, the people, and all the stuff inside. If your foundation fails, the building will crack and crumble!

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Art + Engineering = Architectural Design

When you go to design a new building, it’s important to plan out the design well before you ever break ground.

But a building doesn’t need to be a basic boring rectangle! Architectural design marries form and function to make a beautiful building.

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