How To Make A Pool Table Into Dining Table

Many people don’t see the need for buying dining tables when they have a pool table in their house. More so, the two would take a significantly large space in the house inhibiting freedom of walking in the house. This also saves on the cost of buying a dining table. The cash saved from buying a dining table can be used for other things. More so, you will be left with enough space in your house.

A pool table can easily be converted into a dining table using four simple steps. Here are the table design ideas and steps on how to make a pool table a dining top. You can also use it as a Ping Pong Table or table tennis table.

Step 1

pool table into dinning table

The first thing to do is taking the measurements of your pool table. This will help you design a fitting dining table top. To design the best pool tables you can contact TriBilliards. Usually, a standard pool table measures 8 feet and 4 feet. However, this is not the case throughout all pool tables. Take measurements to be exact with your figures. These measurements should be of the entire pool table top and not just the playing field.

Step 2

pool table into dinning table

The next step is making your dining top. If you have the technical skills to do this, you can make the dining top yourself. However, you should take the pool table top measurements to a billiard for better results. It will be upon you to choose the kind of dining top material you want. There are several types which include; hard plastic covers, leather covers, heavy-duty covers, and multi-fold vinyl covers.

However, you can order for a dining top online if you have the dimensions. Some billiard stores have ready-made covers which you can also buy from locally.

Step 3

pool table into dinning table

Once you have your dining top, place it on the pool table to make sure it fits. If you had the right measurements, it will automatically fit. However, if you assumed that all pool tables measure 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, the dining top might not fit.

Once the dining top fits, cover it with a tablecloth. This will completely hide the pool table and one will think it is entirely a dining table.

Step 4

pool table into dinning table

The final step is to place chairs around your newly converted dining table. At this point, you have a dining table ready for food and drinks. However, if your dining top is perforated, avoid pouring sour and drinks on it as this will drop on the pool table top destroying it.

It is important that the dining top should be kept in a safer place when not in use. People who convert their pool tables into dining tops have realized various benefits. Here are the top benefits of turning your pool table into a dining top:

  1.  Saves on money
pool table

You don’t need to buy a dining table when you have a pool table in your house. Use this money in buying a dining top and use it on the pool table when the need arises. The rest of the money can be used to buy other things around the house.

  1. Save space in the house
pool table into dinning table

Having a dining table and a pool table in the same room consumes a lot of space. You can save on space by only having a pool table which can be turned into a dining table during meal times. You can even use this space for other things like refrigerators, TV stands, and even water dispensers.

  1. Have less furniture in the house
pool table into dinning table

Due to the fact that people are always moving from one place to another, having less furniture in your house will save you a lot of money and time when moving out. You will only have a pool table and a dining top to move out with.

In conclusion, there are three main steps of converting a pool table into a dining top. These steps include; taking measurements of the pool table top, making the dining top, fitting the dining top on your pool table to make sure it fits and lastly is to arrange chairs around your pool table to make it a dining table.

Also, turning a pool table into a dining table had some benefits. They include; saving on cash, space and making it easier when moving out of a house.

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