Multiple Beneficial Impacts On Removal Of Popcorn Ceiling

The modern interiors are tracing on some refreshing decorative styles. Break the adages such as ‘ a single coat of paint can keep your interiors new.’ Focus on modernity to revamp interiors in a different style. Is it not best to protect the home with advanced furnishings? Nowadays in terms of the introduction of home decoratives, human health is taken as its priority. So, people prefer to stay safe and leave behind the intoxicating smells. Surprisingly, the decor experts suggest the styled ceiling texture as a substitute for popcorn ceiling.

New Form Of Decor

New Form Of Decor

After a recent shift to a new apartment or giving colors to remodel residential spaces, try the exciting ceiling texture method. Often the architectural designs bring the inclusion for the fundamental ceiling designs. Based on the suitability of the home and personal wants, there can be a change in decor.

Though it is hard to find, it is better to select the right type. The new addition to the vault of a room is to complement the beautiful textures of the popcorn ceiling.

The perceived idea goes that it is easy to decorate the indoor spaces. No longer a resident forgoes to decorate the uppermost part of the home. Taking the initiative for extraordinary looking will make it difficult to get off the eyes. The popcorn ceiling is a simple decorative work that will blow people’s minds.


There is nothing beautiful and dates a space like the specified ceiling type. Unbelievably in the post 50’s era, it gained immense popularity. Designers fell in love to bring the right texture. With this architectural pattern, everyone could save expenses. Next, there is no requirement to add paints to the designed surface. The impressive decoration is the ultimate solution to cut down costs.

Next, there is a possibility to make living peacefully because of the addition of the same absorbs sound. The hard work pays because it is possible to cover up flaws and hide imperfections.

With time, the particular concept lost its appeal. People find that ceiling texture is responsible for the increased network of cobwebs and capturing of dust. It is difficult to repair, hard to clean. So, many welcome the notion of how to remove the popcorn ceiling?

Knowhow On Popcorn Ceiling

Let’s build an idea of what is a popcorn ceiling? In other words, it is also known as the ‘acoustic ceiling.’ It is such because the surface attains similarity with the structure of popcorns. For making the same, firstly, people have to clean the roof and coat the surface with a stain-blocking primer. Professionals can do it with the attainment of faster methods. Now is the time to know how to remove the popcorn ceiling.

It is admitted that popcorn ceiling removal is a messy chore but pursuing a DIY project should keep the mess to a minimum level.

It is crucial to follow a few steps is utterly crucial to know how to remove the popcorn ceiling.

Confirm About Comprise Of Asbestos

Without wasting time, it is better to contact a local store and get a sample tested with asbestos. Nonetheless, people find popcorn ceilings comprising asbestos. Here, the question comes to remove the popcorn ceiling. Next what one can do is to cover the popcorn with new drywall. Here, individuals can pay rent for hiring an asbestos abatement contractor.

Next, they can do the same with the application of a test kit. It is better not to try to remove it yourself. It needs a proficient hand to remove the particles because it is better not to leave any space to breathe in the carcinogens. It is better if the ceiling remains untouched.

How To Remove?

A person using a paint roller to paint a wall

Now, every homeowner exhibits interest in knowing about popcorn cleaning removal tool. The choice of tool depends on multiple factors. Next, the condition and age of the substrate ceilings are taken into consideration. Scraping is one such effective method to continue with the project. For continuing the same, people can use a 4-inch utility knife. The experts can make use of a drywall knife to chip away at the texture and create a smooth surface.

The popcorn ceiling repair is another thing to consider. Everyone is free to remodel ceiling structures. Again people are thinking to redo the ceiling type. For the same objective, any individual can try the three major methods. Besides scraping, covering with a new layer of drywall and skim coat with plaster can go a long way. Though it is difficult, people are thinking to restructure the same.

Find The Best Way To Do So

Individuals can make gains out of the notion of removing the popcorn ceiling. So, seeking the best way is of utter importance. If the existing ceiling design contains lead paint or asbestos, people have to cite the method of covering up with drywall. Individuals need to screw into the framing. Next, they have to show their proficiency at mudding and taping. For the same, individuals need to make large cuts into the existing substrate.

For a DIY project, it becomes impossible to maneuver the boards single-handedly. Those who are doing the same with crown molding need to remove and replace the same. For obtaining better results, people have to rent a drywall lift. That is to say, it can procure meaningful results for a DIY move. Next, it helps individuals to be safe and continue the project with a secured tie.

Estimate Budget

Estimate Budget

Many want to focus on the cost to remove popcorn ceilings. Thus there are several factors to consider. The factors that affect popcorn ceilings are multiple.

Asbestos removal is one such determining factor. If someone finds asbestos in the ceiling, then it will cost more for the removal of the same. Asbestos removal from the popcorn ceiling costs about $2000. The latest updated price ranges from $1500 to $2500.

The ceiling size is another factor. Depending on the size of the ceiling, the charges can go haywire.

Furniture removal is an intrinsic part of the package. For continuing the project, everyone has to move furniture. Next, for furniture removal, it adds extra cost.

Gauge The Exact Price

Featuring the exact cost of the same is difficult. Though home designers can give an idea of the same. The national average cost falls in the range of $1707. It is a labor-intensive process. So the advice is to leave it with a licensed professional. Next, it ensures safe removal. Before beginning the task of removal of the ceiling, people should take an estimate of the price. They should get certainty about the asbestos. Consultation with the pro can give a better idea.

Bottom Line

Now is the time to replace old structures in a home. So quit the plan with the decoration with popcorn ceiling. Next, every individual should step ahead to look for an alternative. In some way or the other, the fresh paints are an evergreen concept. From a health perspective, individuals should avoid sufficing to live within asbestos decor.

Next, they can hire professionals to remove the same and kickstart a fresh living. Moreover, they can avoid dust and building cobwebs. The simply designed ceiling is slowly fading in its way. Catch up with the new idea to decor a ceiling. For reviving the home interiors, everyone can remove the asbestos and feel a secure way of living.

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