How to Decide If Your HVAC Unit Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Keeping the inside of a home at a comfortable temperature is difficult without a functional HVAC unit. Most homeowners fail to realize just how important this system is until they are without it. Being without a functional HVAC unit during the warmer months of the year can result in some very uncomfortable indoor temperatures.

As a homeowner, your main goal should remove outdating equipment from your residence. When faced with an HVAC unit that is not working, you have a decision to make regarding whether you should get rid of the existing unit or have it repaired. Here are some things you can do to make this decision easier.

How Old Is the Unit?

old HVAC Unit

When trying to decide whether to repair or replace your existing HVAC unit, you need to gather some important information. One of the main things you need to figure out when trying to make this important decision is how old your existing unit is. Units that are 10 years old or older will be extremely inefficient which means replacing them is a good idea.

The last thing you want is to keep an older unit in place due to the long-term aggravation and cost it will cause. While buying a new unit will be expensive at first, you will actually save money in the long run. Consulting with experienced HVAC professionals is crucial when trying to figure out which new HVAC unit is the right fit for your residence. These professionals will help to ensure the unit chosen for your home is the right size.

The Amount of Damage Your Current Unit Has

Homeowners in the United States spend millions of dollars annually on repairs and maintenance. As a homeowner, you will have to deal with things breaking down on a regular basis. If your HVAC unit is currently out of service, then you need to figure out how extensive the damage is. The only way to do this is by hiring an HVAC service technician to troubleshoot the problems your unit has.

Once this diagnostic will complete, you can get a feel for just how bad the damage is. The technician should be able to give you an estimate regarding how much the problems will cost to fix. With this estimate, you can decide whether the existing unit is worth the money it will take to repair it. If you feel like the unit is outdating and costing you too much money, then investing in a new HVAC unit is in your best interest.

Assess Monthly Energy Costs

Assess Monthly Energy Costs in HVAC Unit

The average homeowner lives on a very tight budget. Keeping the price of your monthly utility bills in check is crucial when trying to stay on budget. If you are starting to receive energy bills that are through the roof, figuring out what is causing this increase is vital. One of the first things you need to check when trying to diagnose this problem is the condition of your existing HVAC unit.

If you have an older HVAC unit that is rarely maintained in place; it will probably use a lot of energy. This problem will only get worse as time goes by, which is why you need to make a move immediately. Modern HVAC units are designed to be extremely energy-efficient. With the addition of a new HVAC unit, you will be able to save money on your monthly energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

Are Your Home Comfort Needs Being Met?

Dealing with the sweltering temperatures of summer can be difficult. If you are trying to figure out whether to replace or repair your existing HVAC unit; you need to get a feel for how well the current unit is performing. Older units tend to have a hard time keeping up with the needs of a household. If your home is rarely at a comfortable temperature, then you need to make the decision to replace your  existing HVAC unit.

Overworking an old HVAC unit in an attempt to reach comfortable indoor temperatures is a horrible idea. Not only will this put a strain on the unit and lead to it breaking down. But it will also cause increased energy usage. Instead of paying more money to make the inside of your home comfortable, you need to realize the benefits provided by a modern HVAC unit.

It’s Time to Make a Decision

If you feel like your current HVAC unit just can’t keep up; then it is time to make a plan to replace it. With the help of experienced HVAC professionals, getting a new unit installed will be easy. 

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