How to Increase the Value of My Property

With few investments and attention to some important points, it is possible to increase the property value and speed up the sale.

When a property is offering for sale or made available for rental, many points are considered in the real estate appraisal. In addition to the location and infrastructure available in the surroundings, the state of conservation of the property is essential to define the sale or lease value. 

Generally, owners decide to sell or exchange their property long before they actually put this idea into practice, and what happens in the meantime is the property’s depreciation. Because, generally during this period, residents do not carry out the necessary maintenance.

To prevent this from happening, Aleko home improvement products have some exclusive tips that, in addition to increasing the value of your property, can also speed up the sale or lease. 

Invest in Simple Renovations

If you are willing to invest a little in the property to have a greater financial return, making small renovations is the first thing to do. Items that are simple and quick to be executed, such as painting the walls of the property and changing the floor, already completely change the appearance and increase the sale price.

An important tip, if you choose to do small renovations: choose neutral colors, both for the floor and for the walls. Light, neutral colors tend to please more people, and considerably increase the chances of a sale. 

Perform Minor Maintenance 

Perform Minor Maintenance 

Sometimes, owners do not want to make any investment to renovate the property, or it is not necessary. In these cases, it is worth looking carefully at some items that may need minor maintenance, such as: 

Bathroom mirrors that are oxidized;

Wooden doors and decks that need varnishing;

Gardens with grass that need to be mowed;

Burnt lamps or with different shades;

Bathroom ceilings that may have damp stains;

Doors, windows, and blinds that are not closing properly;

Furniture handles that are broken; 

Walls that have holes and damage due to decorative elements and need to be corrected with spackle. 

The less the buyer needs to invest and the faster they can move, the better to increase the property’s value. Of course, we are talking about ready-to-use properties, mostly used.

Remove Old Furniture

In cases where the furniture in the house or apartment is very damaged or very old. It is recommended to remove the furniture before making the property available and advertising it for sale; even if it has not been reused.

Most likely, the new resident would not keep the furniture anyway, and this will save them time and money, as well as leaving the property looking better and more attractive. With this, the property value can automatically increase. 

If possible, leave the property and make your move before listing it for sale. In addition to facilitating the scheduling of visits, interested buyers will not find personal objects and decorations such as photos, paintings, and pillows.

This makes them able to imagine their furniture and decoration in the space and already visualize themselves living in this new place more easily. If making the change is not possible, the recommendation is to hide the decorations and private photos during the sale process.

If you are preparing for your move, be sure to check out our tips on how to save time and avoid setbacks. 

Building Renovation and Common Areas

Building Renovation and Common Areas

If the property is an apartment, it is also important to observe the state of conservation of the building’s facade, entrance hall, outdoor areas, and other common spaces (such as a ballroom and gym). If any of these spaces is badly damaged, it is worth taking the agenda of small renovations to condominium meetings to enhance the property, as this will benefit all unit owners. 

If your building is under renovation or with the façade painting scheduled, and you can wait, it may be worth waiting a while to sell the property at a higher price after the work is completed. 

Infrastructure Public Works 

Try to find out about possible public works and improvements in the surroundings, such as: paving roads, revitalizing squares and sidewalks, changing public lighting, bridges, viaducts, among others. Depending on the deadline scheduled for the public authorities to carry out these works and investments, it is worth waiting for a while for the property value to appreciate. 

The same happens with properties that are located close to future installations of shopping centers, large factories, and supermarkets. If your intention is to buy a property for resale; this is a very important point to consider.

Documentation Up to Date

Documentation Up to Date

For the sale of the property to be quick and easy, ensure that the property has the occupancy permit, has the property tax paid, and is up to date with the Real Estate Registry.

Important: if you have the deed of the property, don’t forget to take it to the registry so that the operation can be registered in the property’s registration. Only after this step will it be possible to sell and transfer ownership of the property publicly.

Basic Rental Furniture

If your intention is to rent the property, it is worth investing in a basic furniture tailor for wet areas; bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry areas. In addition to increasing the price, it will also greatly increase the number of interested parties and speed up leasing. 

Although you need a small initial investment, you will not have the property closed for long and will start receiving the monthly rent more quickly.

Nice Atmosphere

When someone schedules a visit to the property, it means that there is great interest. To improve the impression of people under the property and make the atmosphere more pleasant during the visit, keep the windows clean, cover drains that may eventually cause a bad smell, leave an air freshener in the space and open the windows weekly to ventilate the property.

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