Architectural photography focuses on the rendering of the building. Its stairways and walls, while interior architecture and photography focuses on the interior of that structure. Such as furniture, walls, and decors etc. So when you take interior design shots it also depicts the architecture of the building. Both Interior and Architecture fields are different yet can be consider same as they compliment each other.

Architects and Interiors are no common people but have become celebrities and their work needs to be publish for the public. So that they can know. For making everything of the above possible interior architecture photography. Simply architectural photography come in handy.

The employment in architectural and interior photography is increasing at a rapid rate. Because people with a good hand on camera and knowledge about the business. It can take good shots of the structure and interior without missing out any details or angles.

At Architecture Ideas, you will find some basic photographs of the house structure. Interior that will help you assess your own photography.