Interior Design Singapore – How to calculate the cost of it?

There is a common misconception that if you get your home decorated or set up with the help of an interior designer, it might be expensive. However, is it the case? Will hiring the services of a contractor for carrying out your interior decoration work feasible as compared to what an interior designer will charge? In this article, let us find out more about the same under the following sub-topics: – 

  • Know what your design fee includes.
  • How will the interior designing firm charge their fees?
  • How much can you expect to get out of the amount you pay?

Let us take each sub-topic one by one. 

Know What Your Design Fee Includes
Interior Design Singapore


Aside from helping you to plan out the design and style, the costs will mainly depend on how much time and effort goes for the project. Ideally, the fees you shell out must encompass the following: –

  • Right from the time you start discussing the layout, this is the planning phase
  • Converting the theoretical layout into visual presentations. This can be through drawings and sketches.
  • Most of the interior designing professionals work with designing software. As such, they will do your work using 3D rendering.
  • The type of material for the renovation as well as facelift that you are planning to give to the house.
  • Coordinating with third parties (the vendors that will provide you with the raw materials)
  • Supervision as well as taking the project to completion.

However, in most cases, you will find that the services above will not be broken down. Instead, the designer will call it service or professional fee. 

How will the Interior Designing Firm Charge Their Fees?
Interior Design Singapore


Having said about the areas that the fee would include, few factors will determine the final amount that you have to shell out a payment. These factors are as follows: –

  • The area that the work is expected to cover. For instance, if you want just one part of your existing home to be renovated or re-designed, the cost will differ from getting the entire house renovated. 
  • The type of property that you intend to renovate, whether it is a condo or the location is in HDB. 
  • The cost of labor and materials.
  • The type of design determines the expense. Greater the intricacies in designing, higher will be the charges. So, if you are aware of the factors, it will be easier for you to plan your finances. You can know well in advance how much you have to pay the interior design Singapore Company. 

Even if you seek the assistance of an interior designer, but entrust the work to a contractor instead, the expense will be less. However, you have to shell out the fee for the services you avail from the interior designer. 

How much can You Expect to Get Out of The Amount You Pay?
Interior Design Singapore


Against the fee you pay, aside from the expertise and skills of the interior designing professionals, you will be able to get sketches that can help you to visualize better as to how the work will progress. Also, due to 3D rendering, you will be able to know how your house will look after the project.

Just make sure that you do justice to the hard-earned money that you pay. And for this, you must choose a service provider that will live up to your expectations. Regardless of whether you are hiring for your home or your office, the work must be of good quality and finish. 

Hiring a Reliable Interior Design Company in Singapore
Interior Design Singapore


Once you are aware of the nuances of interior designing work and how your project will progress, another crucial task that you have to undertake is to shop around for a company that you can trust with the designing work. As such, look for the following traits when you settle for the company. These are as follows-

  • Check the testimonials of the company.
  • Find out how long the company is operating in the market.
  • Check expertise and niche area. For instance, a company is skilled in residential projects but has not worked in commercial projects. That company may not be suitable for your work if you have a commercial renovation to carry out. 
  • Shop around for quotes and compare fees. These days, you will find many companies will offer discounts and freebies to attract new customers. 
  • Find out the terms and conditions that will govern the project work. 

Last but not least, supervise the work on your own as much as you can address any hiccups that come up. Do not leave the entire responsibility of the company. If you are involved and monitoring the progress, it will always keep them on their toes. 

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