3 Interior Design Tips For 2023

Interior design trends are not just a reflection of the creative thinking of the times. Interior design is just as much about practicalities as it is about creativity. Designing a home that looks beautiful but barely functions as a living space isn’t very helpful to anyone. Similarly, a home that is purely functional with little in the way of decorations or other adornments won’t be an enjoyable environment to be in.

The interior design tips we have outlined below represent the most prominent trends of 2020 that we expect to persist into next year. However, we have to acknowledge the fact that nobody can accurately predict what will become a very hot trend and what will not. With this in mind, take these 3 design tips with a little grain of salt and keep your eyes open for what will be hot. 

Combine Different Materials

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Using one material throughout the entirety of your interior design project will leave your interiors looking incredibly outdated. If you want to create an even remotely modern design, you need to incorporate a mix of different materials. The range of materials available to interior designers today enables them to achieve things that designers of the past could not even have dreamed of. Take full advantage of this in your interior designs by mixing different materials together throughout your home.

For example, tiled floors combine especially well with wooden furniture and fittings. If you want to create a warmer atmosphere, then you could even throw in some PVC or steel amongst wooden pieces.

Look for ways to combine materials but make sure that you do not overdo it. There is always the possibility that you will add too much. This is because once you start combining materials, it is very easy to get carried away. 

Placing Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is integral to interior design throughout many parts of the United States. However, simply whacking an air conditioning unit onto the side of a building, unless you live in an urban environment where it’s absolutely necessary, looks antiquated today. Some homeowners are deterred from hiding their conditioning units because they are worried about access should they need repairing. 

If you want to strike the best balance between providing access to your air conditioning units and placing them discreetly in your home, it is best to work with a business like this HVAC Columbus, GA, company. They can help you with the initial installation of your system, as well as providing long-term maintenance on request.

We should also add the fact that air conditioning does not just have to be a very ugly unit that does not look good in your interior design scheme. People are naturally used to the white huge fans that are practically the AC unit of the past. In modern times, you might not even be aware of the fact that there is an AC installed. This is how beautiful these units can be. 

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Storage Space

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With many of us accumulating more stuff than ever before, well-organized home is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to achieve. The number of electronic devices and cables that inevitably end up strewn about the place makes it virtually impossible to maintain any sense of order. However, with a couple of ingenious design tricks, you can create additional storage space throughout your home.

For example, using inset areas to create additional space is a very elegant and modern solution to an age-old problem. From bathrooms to entrance ways, recessed space works in a variety of contexts throughout any home.

It is very easy to find some extra storage space in practically any part of your home. This is something that we rarely consider because of how we are used to doing things and to regular room layouts. As a simple example, you can often create some extra storage space under your stairs. This is a part of the house that is rarely even considered for storage purposes. 

With these design tips in mind, you should have no trouble designing a home that is both practical and aesthetically on point. Remember, your home is your own personal space. It is a blank canvas on which to project your own personality. Whatever approach you take to home design, never be afraid to put your own unique spin on existing design ideas. This approach is how most people will find their preferred style. At the end of the day, you are the one that lives inside the home so it is very important to make it your own.