Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Brighten Your Kitchen

Selecting colors is a bit of time-consuming and frustrating. There are so many options to select from still can’t find the perfect for the Kitchen Cabinet Colors. The kitchen cabinet paint color should be the one that brightens the area of the kitchen. Before starting the painting process lets take a look at colors that suits and brightens the Kitchen Cabinets. There are some colors that will definitely add brightness to your Kitchen and that Includes White and Grey.

White and Dark Grey’s Partnership


Before deciding color the natural light covering your kitchen’s space should be taken into consideration. White on Upper cabinets and Dark grey on Lower cabinets will compliment your Kitchen very well. This combination is truly an adorable one. The white color will add brightness while grey will soften it. After your kitchen is ready you will see the charisma that it adds to it. 

Combination of White and Blue


Blue color should be chosen when you want to add a bold touch to it. This combination will give a statement and a royal look to your kitchen. Blue because it is going to add warmth in the kitchen.

Crisp White


Crisp white is an eye soothing color. The crisp white color will not only highlight the other parts of the kitchen but it will add a homely feeling to it as well. Crisp white compliments the design of the kitchen and adds a focal point to various things such as kitchen appliances, dining table, etc.

Off White White


Off White White is a neutral color and has a natural hue in it. It gives a bright and airy look to your kitchen. Give a satin finishing on the edges and trims and matte finish on the cabinets. Plus this color goes better even with Carrara or Calcutta Marbles. This is one of the Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colours that you must go for.



Greige is a mixture of Grey and Beige color. This color is more perfect than Beige as it is too light for the kitchen. Mixing it with grey gives it a perfect shade for the kitchen. It will even help in toning down the effect if your kitchen as too much brightness because of your appliance or furniture.

These were the ideal color schemes for the kitchen cabinet paint colors. You can also check out the Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2019 to spruce up your kitchen look. Make sure there is no color blocking in the kitchen otherwise it will look bad. Go with the combinations of lighter and darker shades even if you want to try new shades. Other Colors that are suitable for the kitchen are Green, Yellow, and Wooden Brown. For more such ideas related to architecture visit Architecturesideas.

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