Top 20 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas You Can Easily Recreate

You can restyle your kitchen easily and affordably by changing up your kitchen hardware without getting too involved in major changes. This is the type of detail that can completely transform your place, giving it a distinctive appearance. Kitchen hardware comes in many different types for cabinets and drawers. Choosing the right hardware requires consideration of both its appearance and functionality.

Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Textured Hardware: The combination of aesthetics and contemporary style can be achieved by adding textured knobs to your kitchen cabinet.

Recessed Pulls: Keeping your kitchen minimalistic with recessed pulls gives it the perfect blend of rustic and modern.

Vintage Bar Pulls: These pulls are ideal for classic kitchens and shaker cabinets as they add a touch of vintage charm.

Minimalist Oversized Pulls: This type of drawer pull is perfect for vertical cabinets or drawers. It is easy to integrate them seamlessly into any kitchen design, whether it is modern or classic.

Matte Black Finish: This contemporary finish gives endless versatility to your kitchen hardware.

Here is a collection of 20 hardware ideas that can transform the look of your kitchen cabinet.

1. Curved Brass Pulls

Curved Brass Pulls

A kitchen cabinet decorated with brass adds a touch of elegance. Brass pulls look best when attached to neutral colours such as white, black, or charcoal. The colour adds just the right amount of warmth to your space.

2. Embellished Metal Handles

Embellished Metal Handles

Embellished metal handles are a great option if you want your kitchen hardware to look more elegant. This handle combines the utility of a traditional handle with the luxury of an elegant design for an elegant appearance. Placing them in decorative drawers will add depth to your kitchen’s design. 

3. Brass Knobs

Brass Knobs

The shiny, rusty-gold metal is a popular choice for budget-friendly kitchen knobs. It is the ideal type of hardware for sleek, contemporary kitchens. Moreover, it is very easy to use and maintain, so it can be used for a long time.

4. Brushed Copper Pulls

Brushed Copper Pulls

The warm, earthy texture of copper can be used to enhance a rustic kitchen space. Embrace the modern design aesthetics with copper hardware for your kitchen cabinet. There is also a good aesthetic match between copper pulls and white furniture.

5. Brushed Nickel Knobs

Brushed Nickel Knobs

Kitchen with natural materials like wood and concrete look great with brushed nickel knobs. It is ideal for designing an industrial-style kitchen. With its modern look and durable design, it can be used to modernise any kitchen.

6. Brushed Nickel Handles

Brushed Nickel Handles

Nickel’s durability makes it a highly useful metal. An elegant look can be created with rectangular brushed nickel handles. Modern styles emphasise clean, geometrical lines with shiny surfaces which can be achieved through it.

7. Black Bin Pulls

Black Bin Pulls

An addition of bin pulls to your drawers makes a lasting impression with their simple, traditional appearance. It is one of the best kitchen hardware ideas that can easily add the vintage appearance you want. With its ergonomic design, it provides an easy grip as well as utility. 

8. Leather Pulls

 Leather Pulls

You can design industrial-style kitchen storage with leather pulls. Using repurposed leather will avoid waste and ensure the look you’re aiming for remains consistent with your style. Attach leather pulls to drawers and cabinets made of unpolished wood to bring out their bold and rustic nature. It gives your kitchen a unique look. 

9. Recessed Pulls

 Recessed Pulls

Use recessed drawer pulls to achieve sleek kitchen drawers and avoid drawer handles that come out. You can create a minimalistic kitchen with recessed pulls by blending rustic and modern trends.

10. Full-Length Silver Pulls

 Full-Length Silver Pulls

Sleek aesthetics define modernity. It is ideal for long cabinets and drawers to use pulls that are full-length. Put your full-length pulls at the top of the cabinet. The pulls also give your kitchen a dramatic presence, making it appear more spacious. 

11. Chrome Knobs

Chrome Knobs

The modern kitchen looks great with this shiny metal. Despite the variety of shapes available when it comes to chrome knobs, a sleek geometrical design fits a more modern kitchen better than a more opulent design. 

12. Short Tab Hardware

Short Tab Hardware

With short tabs, your drawers and cabinets will look clean and contemporary with minimal and subtle hardware. Make sure that drawers are noticeable and can be easily found with silver or black tabs. 

13. Full-Length Tab Hardware

Full-Length Tab Hardware

Full-length tab hardware makes drawer access easier. Extend them to the full length of your kitchen cabinet to maximise its use. You can easily open lower drawers by tucking your foot under the tab.

14. Textured Knobs

 Textured Knobs

Adding textured knobs to your kitchen hardware can give it the perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, and contemporary style. Put these subtly ornate pieces in your kitchen for a modern touch. Furthermore, the textured edges make it easier to open heavier drawers and cabinets.

15. Sharp Arch Pulls

 Sharp Arch Pulls

The sharp arch pulls are the perfect way to introduce a touch of subtle abstract design into your kitchen hardware. Its sleek and curved design is both stylish and functional for any contemporary kitchen. 

16. Glass Knobs

Glass Knobs

Give your kitchen a little zest with some glass. If your kitchen cabinets are white or light-coloured, adding glass knobs will illuminate and brighten them. You can take advantage of the sun’s rays this way. 

17. Wooden Knobs

Wooden Knobs

Wooden knobs add a rustic touch to your kitchen cabinet hardwares, making you feel relaxed and at home every time you enter. Pick whatever makes your space feel at ease, whether it’s a colour or type of wood!

18. Leather Tabs

Leather Tabs

In lightweight drawers, leather tabs work best as an alternative to knobs. The best way to place these is in kitchen cabinets with flat fronts (or slabs), which are popular in contemporary kitchens. Choose a colour that compliments the earthy look of the leather tabs.

19. Flower Knobs

Flower Knobs

If you have crafty nature, you’ve probably wanted to add some decorative pieces. Your kitchen cabinet will be alive with flower knobs that will enhance its beauty while expressing your personality.

20. Antique-Style Pulls

 Antique-Style Pulls

A vintage kitchen requires creativity. Changing drawer knobs for antique flush-mount pulls can make a big difference. Vintage kitchens have this ability to evoke a sense of a bygone era, adding to their atmosphere in a way that makes your space feel like a time capsule.

How Do Knobs and Pulls Compare?

How Do Knobs and Pulls Compare

It is imperative to select the right hardware for your kitchen cabinet when redesigning it. The number of options available can sometimes make it difficult to decide where to begin.

Knobs: Cabinet knobs are popular cabinet hardware. Traditionally, cabinet knobs are round, smaller, and mounted using only one hole. Various materials are used for making knobs, including ceramics, glass, and metals.

Pulls: Pulls, also known as handles, are rods or bars mounted on cabinetry at two points. Featuring pulls, users can open and close cabinets with ease by gripping the hardware with their fingers. 

While the handles are suitable for a wide range of decor styles, they are best suited to modern kitchens.

Whichever knobs or handles you choose for your kitchen space, make sure they complement the overall design. There is a kitchen cabinet hardware idea to complement every kitchen style, regardless of the style of the kitchen.

Get Your Kitchen Redesigned

Get Your Kitchen Redesigned

One of the most exciting aspects of a kitchen remodel is that it gives you the opportunity to design your space with aesthetics as well as functionality. Pulls and knobs come in many combinations and it comes down to your design theme in the end. Decide which style of hardware and cabinets you want to be aligned with when researching kitchen cabinet hardware ideas.

Your kitchen cabinets can be made with these inexpensive fixtures. They’re a great way to express your creativity!

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1. Which Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Is Most Popular?

Stainless steel bar pulls are a popular choice for kitchen cabinet hardware. They have a sleek and timeless appearance, fit nearly any interior design style, and are easy to clean. It is also expected that matte black finishes, latches, and mixed hardware (knobs and pulls) will be popular trends in this year.

2. On Kitchen Cabinets, Should I Use Knobs or Pulls?

A decision as to whether to use knobs or pulls for your kitchen cabinets depends upon your personal preferences. As you open a cabinet door, your hand rotates naturally as you turn the knob. Using pulls for drawers is good because your hand doesn’t have to rotate, and you can use more force. Ensure that both options are tried prior to installing.

3. On Cabinets, Can Pulls and Knobs Be Mixed?

Definitely! Pick matching finishes and use the same style of hardware on drawers and cabinets for a uniform look. Pulls for drawers and knobs for doors can be mixed and matched in your kitchen. It creates a beautiful appearance, and it makes opening your cabinets more convenient.

4. Do Kitchen Cabinets Need Hardware?

Installing hardware on your kitchen cabinets will make them easier to open and close, and drawers and doors will stay cleaner. The absence of hardware can be advantageous when designing a minimal space since it makes it appear uncluttered.

5. What Is the Best Way to Match Kitchen Cabinet Hardware with Decor?

Consider your appliances and fixtures before making a decision. It is important to match the cabinet hardware to the faucet, or similar fixture if you intend to use one.

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