How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bathroom in 2024

The bathroom is a basic necessity and modern designs aim at trend-setting patterns that also add value to the entire home. But how much does it cost to add a bathroom?

What’s the point of owning a large villa when you don’t have the comfort of a great bathroom? The cost to add a bathroom is worth it with the privacy that’s offered and the additional retreating zone that’s created in your home. Large, spacious, and an extra bathroom can prove to be the ultimate selling feature of your house.walk-in shower

Let’s look into how much does it cost to build a bathroom?

Bathroom Addition Cost: What Is All to Be Considered?

Bathroom Addition Cost

The range to incorporate a bathroom varies from $5,000 to $50,000. These prices depend upon the theme, amenities, and essence you’re trying to create. A simple bathroom will keep the bill to a minimum, whereas, a luxury bathroom can raise the bill in order to offer spa-like facilities.

The answer to how much it cost to add a bathroom is dependent on several factors:

1. Location of Bathroom

One of the main factors in deciding how much to add a bathroom is the location where you’re planning to install it. Is it away from the existing plumbing lines or will these lines need to be extended till the new location of the bathroom?

2. Size of the Space

The area of the bathroom also plays a major role in predicting the cost to add a bathroom. A smaller area means saving high bills, whereas, a grand bathroom will cost you more.

3. The Scale of the Amenity

Is it going to be another functional room in the home or are you aiming at luxury features within the bathroom? As you keep scaling the luxe factor, the total cost of the bathroom will keep raising to accommodate all those additions.

4. Property’s Age

Are you living in a fresh property or is your house considerably old? The age of the property is vital to determine the need for replacement for the electrical and plumbing lines.

5. Miscellaneous Costs

In order to build bathroom cost, the price always needs to be considered for extras as well. There could be unwanted leakage or unexpected damage that might come up while building the bathroom. Thus, always leave room for these miscellaneous costs while considering the budget of your bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bathroom to an Existing Space?

A bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub

Consider yourself lucky if you already have a space dedicated to a bathroom to be built. Adding a bathroom to existing space will cost about $125 to $250 per square foot which is comparatively cheaper than scooping out space for a new purpose. 

Another smart trick that will lead to savings is building it in an area that has the provision of plumbing lines. For example, you could transform the laundry room into a bathroom as it will be well-equipped with plumbing and draining lines. Or you could consider the option of placing your new bathroom either above or below an existing one. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bathroom Upstairs or Downstairs?

how much does it cost to add a bathroom

While considering the addition of a new bath, taking a call on whether to install it upstairs or downstairs might be tough. While placing the bathroom upstairs can offer much-needed privacy, the downstairs bathroom is more accessible and easy to use. 

Bathrooms on the upper floor can prove to be hefty on your pockets if the plumbing lines don’t run through that floor. Apart from the design cost, you’ll need to spend on taking the supply and drain lines to the upper floor which adds to the overall cost.

In case of budget constraints, building a bathroom downstairs can prove to be beneficial as you save money on the plumbing lines. If the plan is to opt for a powder room for guests, consider building a half bath with a toilet and wash basin. This is a space-saver solution that fulfills the demand and at the same time, keeps your pockets happy. 

A Bathroom in the Garage

how much does it cost to add a bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your house is definitely a smart idea but is placing it in the garage a smart solution? A garage is one of the least expected spaces for a bathroom. Although there’s no harm in placing it in a garage, the only concern is the limited space that will be offered to your vehicles.

Another cost concern while considering the idea of bringing a bathroom to your garage is the heat source. You’ll need to be extra cautious and adopt strategic solutions in order to keep your pipes from freezing during the extreme winters. This factor along with the laying of plumbing lines will lead to added cost.

Bathroom Addition Cost: Half to Full Bath

how much does it cost to build a bathroom

A half bathroom can be transformed into a lavish, full bath with a few tweaks in the design. This conversion from half to full can start at a price of $5000 and can extend to $25000. The cost for this idea is based on the difficulty that comes up during installations and the material palette that’s adopted for the design scheme.


In order to save total costs, opt for converting to a three-quarter bathroom design rather than a full one. This design demands basics like a sink, toilet, and shower. The money-saver solution will cut down the cost of adding a bathtub. 

The Bathroom Break-up of Costs

The Tub or New Shower

how much does it cost to build a bathroom

While remodeling or designing a new bathroom, you need to take a call on whether you want to add a bathtub or opt for a shower. The bathtub will be accompanied by the charges of installation and faucet cost whereas the shower will have the bill of installation and additional cost to add a shower curtain or a door. You can even go over the top by opting for the provision of both in your bathroom.

Tiling the Room

how much does it cost to build a bathroom

Are you planning to add tiles as a backsplash or just on the floors? Will these tiles be extended to the ceiling or stopped at a certain level? These are the factors that will lead to your answer about how much it cost to add a bathroom. This bill will further be influenced by the choice of base material and type of tile you’re selecting.

Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation

Whether you’re planning to build a half bath or full bathroom, one of the basics of the design is a toilet. A standard toilet installation ranges between $122 to $229. Opt for smarter solutions by picking unit designs that consume less water and prove to be beneficial for your pockets by saving money on water bills.

Adding the Basin

Adding the Basin

The cost of installing a wash basin depends upon the type of sink you’re picking. It comes with the cost of the unit and installation charges to put plumbing lines and faucets. The typical costs vary between $230 to $450. There are a plethora of options in the sink design to choose from that range from simple vessel sinks to designer pedestal sink designs. Pick the one that fits your budget and complements the design theme. 

Vanity Cost

Vanity Cost

What’s a bathroom without a grand vanity? Seems pointless, right? Vanity is the major eye-catchy and utilitarian feature of a bathroom. The installation of these starts at a price of $45 per hour for labor costs. Additional charges on these can be considered if a sink or plumbing lines need to be added. The total cost of vanity will depend on its design. For a simple drawer design, the charges might be less than the case of a complicated design. 

Flooring Bill

Flooring Bill

There are several items that lead to the overall cost of a design. One such item added to the list is flooring. The cost of flooring depends not only upon the area but the material as well. While natural stone might cost more, tiles can prove to be under budget. On average, bathroom tile flooring costs are within the range of $300 to $600 for a small bathroom.

While looking for options in flooring solutions, make sure that you pick the one that’s waterproof and easy to maintain. You wouldn’t want to invest dollars and end up in a space that needs constant maintenance in order to retain its charm.

5 Money-Saver Tips While Adding a Bathroom

Money-Saver Tips While Adding a Bathroom

Now that we know what all lead to the overall cost of adding a bathroom, let’s look into the ways in which we can save money.

1. Position it Well!

Strategic planning can help you save money while adding a new bathroom. Make sure that the chosen location of the bathroom isn’t too far from the running plumbing and drain lines. Build it closer to the existing pipings in order to save money. 

2. Secondhand Shopping

Rather than investing in new bathroom accessories, look for secondhand items in well-working conditions. You can even consider the option of buying it at discounted prices from local vendors. While there’s no negotiation with the electrical and plumbing installations in the bathroom, you can definitely save on the fixtures.

3. Affordable Flooring

Rather than going overboard with the flooring options, keep it simple and cost-effective. Your flooring solution must be moisture-friendly along with being an aesthetic choice to match the design language of the bathroom.

4. Walk-in Showers

While bathtubs will always cost more, keep the bathroom basic with a simple walk-in shower.

5. Build Within an Existing Facility

When opting for a location to add the bathroom, always consider adding it in space with existing plumbing lines. It could be a pantry or laundry room. This will save bucks on redoing or extending these basic service lines to a new location.

Add Bathroom for Jazzed Up Comfort!

Add Bathroom for Jazzed Up Comfort

Your new bathroom could be the ultimate statement-making design in your entire home. Apart from ease and functionality, it also helps in adding value to the home. The cost of building a fresh bathroom is totally dependent on the approach you’re taking and the scale of grandeur you explore in the design.

A large bathroom with a large tub and two sinks
A bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink and bathtub
A bath room with a tub a toilet and a chandelier
A white bath tub sitting next to a window in a bathroom
A white bath tub sitting next to a white sink
A bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower
A bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower stall
A bathroom with blue cabinets and a large mirror
A bathroom with a tub and a sink
A bath room with a bath tub a sink and a mirror
A bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower


1. How Much Does It Cost to Add a Half Bathroom in a House?

Adding a half bath in an existing space of the house can cost you between $5000 to $15000.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bathroom?

The cost of constructing a brand new bathroom in space will be around $22000 on average. 

3. Is Adding a Bathroom Downstairs More Beneficial?

If you have to choose between installing a bathroom upstairs and downstairs, adding it on the lower floor will save you some money as you don’t have to extend the plumbing lines in this case. 

4. How Much Does a Wall-Mounted Sink Installation Cost?

The installation of a wall-mounted sink in a bathroom starts from $42 and can go on till $1560.

5. Which Factors Decide the Cost to Add a Bathroom?

The total cost to add a bathroom to your house is mainly dependent on the size and scale of the amenities. 

6. How Much Does Natural Stone Cost for Bathroom Flooring?

For a small bathroom with an area of about 40 sq.ft., the cost of adding natural stone flooring is about $540.

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