Step by Step Guide to Putting Together a Prefab Metal Storage Shed

Metal storage sheds have become popular thanks to their durability. So, if you have been needing a storage shed for convenient storage or want a man cave, consider putting together a prefab metal storage shed. With a lot of free time in your hands, you are looking for an activity to keep you busy.

Putting up your metal storage shed is an excellent idea to spend your weekend on and clear your home of clutter.

In addition, it can be a great family project to undertake. Here are the steps required to put up your metal storage shed.

1. Gather Supplies


The first important step before undertaking any projecting is gathering all the supplies.

This includes tools like measuring tape, power drill, nail gun, levers, the kit with all its materials, and protective gear like goggles and thick gloves. 

It’s advisable to lay out all the parts to ensure nothing is missing before installing the shed.

2. Check for Permit Requirements


Depending on your location, regulations may require a permit before the erection of the metal storage shed. If your town or homeowner’s association requires a permit, ensure to acquire it before starting the physical work. 

However, most states require permits when installing prefab metal storage sheds over 120 square feet.

The town’s zoning and building inspector provides the necessary information and can instruct you on acquiring a permit.

3. Level the Ground


It is important that your metal storage shed is installed on a level and square ground that’s easily accessible. Avoid installing it on top of underground utility lines or pipes. You would be forced to move your shed if the lines ever need repair. 

Take necessary measures to level the ground. This could be digging the uphill areas or filling the valley areas so the ground becomes level. You will need wooden stakes, a tamper, a string level, and a garden rake.

Stake off the area and use the string level to determine the high point. The high point is your starting point to build the rest of the ground to that level. Also, remove grass using a shovel, add topsoil and spread it evenly using a rake, use your measuring tape to identify the areas that need more soil, and finally, use a tamper to compact the soil.

4. Check the Room You Have


Once you establish where you want to place your metal storage shed, check the available room to determine the size of your shed and how much capacity of storage it can hold. If you require more workspace, your space may change significantly. 

However, since your metal storage shed is in a specific size, ensure to create a room that’s big enough to fit the shed and allow easy access when you need to do maintenance in the future. 

Remove all low-hanging branches and avoid areas where you will run into landscaping, trees, or shrubs. Also, read through the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are fully prepared to install the storage shed.

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5. Install the Floor


Prefab metal storage sheds are not hard to build. Reading the manual helps you to get down to business. Start by installing the floor where applicable and use foundation stakes and blocks to secure the floor to the ground. 

Then place the metal storage shed over the flooring. Place one corner panel in one corner of the floor frame and place the widest part of each panel on the sides of the building.

Place all panels, fasten them at the top and bottom using screws, and fasten the middle of every panel to the wall. Then install the roof and door afterward. Installing the metal storage shed is a simple job you can do alone on the weekend. 

However, family or friends can help you work faster. With prefab metal storage sheds, you do not need to hire a professional or wait for weeks to have your storage shed ready. The time it takes to assemble the storage shed will depend on its size and the weather you choose to install it. 

Therefore, installing the shed on a clear and calm day is best. Also, have one person readily available to help.


Establishing a metal storage shed is not hard. This means you can construct and assemble it even without prior carpentry skills. All the materials required to erect the shed are already provided to help you install a strong metal storage shed. 

Putting up a metal storage shed saves time and is a cost-effective option for storing your items. In addition, knowing that the shed will serve your needs for many years makes putting the effort worthwhile.