How Do I Benefit Myself By Owning A Leaf Blower? Is It Worth?

A leaf blower is a reliable power tool when it comes to leaf cleaning of your yard or garden. If not, you would need a rake to do it, and that’s where things get complicated. While a rake beats a leaf blower when referring to some calorie-burning rounds or going environmentally friendly, but then there are certain benefits that leaf blowers deliver which make it worth paying the price for.

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Typical Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

Replacing your leaf raking job with a leaf blower makes it quite easy-going in terms of efficiency and physical comfort. Let us look at a few distinct advantages of using this amazing power tool.

Get Things Done ASAP

The first and foremost benefit of using a leaf blower is time-saving. Instead of hours of raking, you get your job done in just under a few minutes.

Comfort While Using

When compared to the hardship you have to go through raking, a leaf blower, on the other hand, gets the work done with way more convenience, thus, serving a distinct advantage over the counterpart tools available for the same.

Freedom from the Ergonomic Constraints

Your efficiency of work on the yard or field while clearing the leaves and other similar jobs depends on the ergonomic compatibility of the tool you use. This fact needs to be considered well when using a rake. The length of rake, its overall width, weight, etc., are few such factors. But when talking about leaf blowers, you don’t have to worry about all those ergonomic constraints. No matter the variant of leaf blower you buy, they are all easy to use.

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Your Benefits Depend On the Type of Machine You Use

The weightage of pros that leaf blowers have overraked when it comes to utility way surpasses that of the latter when compared. However, the main point to consider here is that the actual benefit that you would make from using this powerful machine also depends on certain other factors such as the type of leaf blower you buy, its fueling/powering options, the size of your lawn or garden, besides noise & emission.

There are three different types of leaf blowers available in the market, namely the hand-held, backpack, and the walk-behind blowers. How you benefit for a leaf blower pretty much depends on the type of the tool you use.

Hand-held leaf blowers are compact sized, and of course, low in terms of power compared to other counterparts but are quite convenient and easy to carry. The electric-corded leaf blowers might offer the portability limitations, but that’s not the case with battery-powered versions as well as the hand-held gas leaf blowers. The walk-behind model goes as the name says and comes with the easiest of the handling systems. However, the benefit that the walk-behind models deliver also comes with a price, which can often be more than you would expect.

The Size of Your Yard or Garden Area

When talking of their best usage, the light-powered hand-held version of leaf blowers is suitable for cleaning patios, home sideways. In contrast, the heavy-duty ones can be used to clean up driveways, lawns, gardens, and yards that fall under a quarter acre in carpet size.

If your yard size is more than a quarter acre, its best to use backpack models, the backpack gas leaf blowers work exceptionally well in handling the job effectively and also are sound & convenient in terms of its size and weight. While the electric backpack leaf blowers are lightweight, the corded versions suffer from mobility deficiency. And the battery-powered ones are equally heavy and also come with limited run-time specifications on the other end.

However, the corded electric leaf blowers are not always on the downside when talking about portability. Their cord can be easily extended to up to 150 to 250 feet in length, which makes it cover quite a large area, especially if your yard size falls within this range of length and breadth. For a larger space, consider going for a reliable gas leaf blower.

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Make the Starting –Up Process Easy

 While this particular factor doesn’t concern the electric-powered models (as all you need is a cord connection or a charged-up battery) but the gas-powered ones, these tools usually come with a pull start mechanism and need some extra labor before you can use the tool. To make it convenient, manufacturers offer separate starters that make it happen on a click of a button. This particular step would take your hassle away from starting the machine each time you use it, especially if you are planning to buy a gas-powered leaf blower.

The Perpetual Dilemma – Is It Worth?

While most of the pros of these exceptional pieces of power equipment have been considered, there’s also a little downside that can make you question your choice. First, these devices make noise, and in some, it has been loud enough to make some communities impose a ban on the use of such machines. You better check for any relevant information from your neighborhood about the noise levels in your locality and cross-check it with the specifications on your tool of choice before making the purchase.

The powering options are also an issue. For instance, the portability issue with the electric corded leaf blowers and on the other hand, the fueling storage problem and demand for regular maintenance that comes with the gas-powered leaf blowers.

But then compared to all the already mentioned benefits that this power tool has to offer, it goes without a doubt that purchasing a leaf blower is always worth it. And that’s not just for the leaf blowing job. Still, it comes in handy in a variety of other applications as well such as car-drying, clearing off debris and dirt from driveways and walkways, remove light snow from near around your house, or vacuum mulch the existing dry-leaves out of the equation to deliver more clean garden and lawn, etc.

This tool has a variety of purpose to serve, all you need to make sure is you understand your requirements and how you are going to manage the added hassle that comes with the machine, plus the features that you need in your leaf blower, and you are good to go for handling the chores of leaf cleaning as well as a variety of other tasks with this fantastic and robust equipment for lawn-caring.

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