5 Tips to Make Your Building More Attractive for Tenants

Full occupancy is what every landlord wants. Open space costs you money whether it’s shops, offices, or warehouses. Getting good tenants need not mean lowering your rental prices – unless they’re far above the going rate, but it may mean sprucing things up so that your building attracts high-quality tenants. Use these tips to keep your existing tenants happy and to attract new ones. 

1. Get a Pavement Appeal

Get a Pavement Appeal

Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, everyone likes having an address that looks great from the outside. Check out commercial lawn care in Edmonton. That’s the kind of service you need to keep your grounds looking loved and lovable without breaking a sweat. 

Look at your building with a critical eye. Does it look well-maintained? Little things like a lick of paint here and there, neat, even paving, and shady parking bays can help you get the look that keeps prospective tenants – and existing ones – feeling upbeat about your building. 

2. Good-Looking Interiors

 Good-Looking Interiors

While tenants will have their own interior preferences, the public areas of your building are all yours to beautify and maintain. Once they’re through the grounds, the entrance hall is the next important impression. What you do here will depend on the purpose of the building and its price point, but at the very least, it should look clean and well-kept. 

Certain little touches don’t cost much but will create the impression of a landlord that goes the extra mile. For example, well-maintained potted plants work wonders to uplift otherwise dull entrance areas. 

If you’re going upscale, the sky’s the limit. Statuary, water features, and artworks are all among the additions that give your entranceway a classy look. Don’t miss the opportunity to carry the styling through corridors and those hallways in front of elevators. 

3. Good Lighting

Good Lighting

No matter how neat and well-maintained your building’s public areas are, poor lighting will wreck the impression, leaving people feeling that your building is dull and dingy. If necessary, consult an electrician about your building’s lighting design. A well-lit building needn’t be heavy on electricity use. It’s all a matter of choosing the right type of energy-efficient lighting for your space. 

Remember that details matter, and the higher the rentals you command, the more attention you need to pay them. Small things like the color of lighting and your choice of fittings can make a big difference. 

4. Don’t Forget the Stairs and Utility Areas

Don’t Forget the Stairs and Utility Areas

All your hard work to create a positive impression can be wrecked by unloved stairways. Even when your tenants and, when applicable, their clients may use the elevators most of the time, some still prefer to take the stairs. The same rules you applied to your other public spaces apply here: clean, well-maintained, and well-lit are the absolute basics. 

Smart tenants might well ask to look at utility areas too. Overflowing bins, litter, unpleasant odors, and, in extreme cases, vermin are all signs that your building is not well-run. Don’t get caught out by an embarrassing utility area. You may even find that prospective tenants want to take a look at it since it’s the number one place where building owners sometimes let things slide.

5. An Awesome Cleaning Company Plus Pest Control

An Awesome Cleaning Company Plus Pest Control

While it should be almost unnecessary to mention, cleanliness is key. Apart from contracting a reliable cleaning company to give your building a daily once-over, preferably after business hours, you need your feet on the ground to keep an eye out for spills, litter, scuffs, and smears. It’s a no-compromise situation, and everything should always be sparkling clean, looking and smelling fresh. 

And, lest we forget, where there are people, pests will follow. A good pest control company is needed to keep your building free of things that scuttle, scurry, and go bump in the night. Since you’ll need them at least four times a year, and possibly even once a month, it makes sense to enter into a contract so that pest control becomes a matter of routine. 

Offer Quality to Get Quality

As with so many things in life, you get results matching the effort you put in. When you prioritize quality, you show that you’re a good landlord and are more likely to attract good-quality tenants. On the bright side, those awesome tenants are just the kind of people you want to attract and keep, so it’s worth going the extra mile to make your building more attractive for tenants.


Invest in curb appeal, pristine interiors, and effective lighting to attract quality tenants. Maintain well-lit stairways and utility areas, as they reflect your property’s standards. Regular cleaning and pest control further ensure a superior environment. Prioritize these aspects to not only draw in top-tier tenants but also position your property as a sought-after choice in the competitive market.

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