Modern Mansion: A List of 20+ Houses That Redefine Luxury

A house built in 12,000 square feet with all the possible facilities and amenities such as a large living room, an outside pool, a movie theater, an in-house gym, an enormous garage for parking several cars and other things anyone can imagine. 

This sounds so dreamy and fantastic, right?  

We have seen these types of luxury homes, and we all dream of living in this type of modern mansion! After all, these types of luxury homes are the ultimate symbol of status and wealth.     

Today, many expensive and luxurious homes are owned by billionaires, Hollywood actors, and pop star singers. The lifestyle of these people has always been a topic of discussion!  

Are you a billionaire and planning to design a luxurious home? Perhaps not, but just like to enjoy looking at the grand and lavishing mansions (like everyone else does!)  

Today, in this blog, we’ve made a list of some of the most expensive modern mansions in the world. These luxury modern mansions have many bizarre things, from an underground sound system to a huge garage with more than 50 parking spots. Not only is their cost a total flabbergast, but there are plenty of other things which can be shockingly surprising for you about the biggest house in the world. 

So, be ready to know some staggering facts about big modern houses.

Let’s start (the list is not in particular order). 

1. 1201 Laurel Way

1201 Laurel Way

Architect: Michael Palumbo &Marc Whipple

Location: Beverly Hills

Year: 2013

Cost: $36 million

Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive locations in the United States. This place has quite a few mansions owned by popular Hollywood celebrities and millionaires. 

Here you’ll find a modern mansion worth around 36 million! It is situated on a hill, and the entire home is surrounded by water; hence, the residents get the best neighborhood views.  

1201 Laurel Way aerial view

This house features a three-level cascading garden, an infinity pool, and a couple of outdoor lounge areas. Not only are its exteriors remarkable, but also the interiors are breathtaking! 

2. Sackett Hill House 

Sackett Hill HouseĀ 

Architect: Deborah Berke

Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona 

Year: 2007

Look at this beautiful desert oasis! Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, this modern mansion is designed by Deborah Berke and David Netto. The exteriors have glass and blackened wood contrasts along with old stone details on the walls. 

However, the fascinating thing about this private residence is it glows at night!

Sackett Hill House interior

This modern mansion floor plan has four bedrooms, a large open living area in an L-shape, a library, a home office, a kitchen, and a screen porch. To add warmth and texture to the interiors, the designer has added pale wood paneling lines on the walls. 

3. Black Villa

Black Villa

Architect: Reza Mohtashami

Location: Harriman State Park, New York State, United States

Year: 2020

Ever thought of living in a completely black home? If not, take a good look at this one of the best modern mansions in New York, and your mind will surely change! 

Designed by the famous architect Reza Mohtashami, this spectacular home is a perfect example of a modern mansion. This Black Villa New York place has stunning architectural designs. 

Black Villa interior

From a big skylight in the living area to the luxurious black bedrooms with contrasting wood, there are so many things about this modern mansion design that attract visitors from all around the globe. 

4. Jellyfish House 

Jellyfish HouseĀ 

Architect: Wiel Arets Architects

Location: Marbella, Spain

Just like its name, the Jellyfish House is unique and distinct from the rest of the mansions around the neighborhood. Situated in Marbella, Spain, this modern mansion has an amazing cantilevered rooftop swimming pool. It has a glass bottom that lets light filter through, creating interesting patterns on the ground. 

Arkansas House

The Wiel Arets Architects are known to be hermetic and hedonistic architects. They easily create drama with simple elements like concrete, glass, and wood. In the above modern mansion house, architects beautifully create a seducing lighting effect at many parts of the house, including the exteriors and interiors.      

5. Arkansas House

Arkansas House

Architect: Marlon Blackwell

Location:  Arkansas

Year: 2004

We have heard stories about living in the middle of the forest ā€“ some are great, and some are a bit scary! Everyone should at least have this experience of living alone in the woods. 

An aerial view of a building surrounded by trees

Here is a great example of a modern mansion built in the deep forest of Arkansas. Designed by architect Marlon Blackwell, this L-shaped residence is wrapped around by lush vegetation. The entire house has many spectacular details like large open windows, a wood interior, outdoor lounge areas with extraordinary views, and an outdoor pool. 

The key highlight of the Arkansas House is the copper rooftop which can be noticed from afar!

Architects designed the entire structure so that the habitants feel close to nature.   

6. The One ā€“ Bel-Air

One ā€“ Bel-Air

Architect: Paul McClean

Location: California

Cost: $500 Million

The house you’re looking at belongs to Nile Niami, a film producer who dreamed of living in the largest houses in the United States! 

As a real estate developer, he knows exactly how to fulfil his dream. He himself designed the entire project and named it “The One ā€“ Bel-Air.” This modern mansion cost about 500 million dollars. Yes, he spent 500 million dollars on this single project (when you have money, why not spend it on your dream project!).

modern mansions

Even though it is not the biggest house in the world, it still has so many extravagant things. This property covers 5,000 sq ft featuring luxurious master bedrooms, four large swimming pools, parking spots for 30 cars and an 8,500 sq ft nightclub!! Isn’t too much for a house? Surely for normal people but not for the owner! 

7. Shou Sugi Ban House

Shou Sugi Ban House

Architect: Blaze Makoid

“You’re inside-outside the entire time.” ā€“ Blaze Makoid.

At first glance, this mid century modern mansion appears like a series of elevated boxes. However, this unusual appearance makes this dwelling so unique and distinct. This is a two-story house in which the first-floor exteriors have charred wood cladding, and the second floor has glass walls and concrete details.  

modern mansions

To add some color, the designer specifically added bright green, pink, and orange lounge chairs. The entire team, including the interior designer Joe Nahem and landscape architect Edmund Hollander, worked really hard on this project to fulfil all the wishes of the homeowner to have one of the modern mansions!  

8. Antila


Architect: Perkins and Will

Location: Mumbai, India 

Year: 2010

Cost: $1 billion

Say hello to the world’s costliest and biggest house in the world ā€“ Antila! 

The owner of this ultimate modern mansion “Mukesh Ambaniā€, who is an Indian business tycoon, spent $1 billion on his house. Known as Antila, this building has 27 floors. It features some of the most bizarre things, such as 3 helipads, terrace gardens, a spa, a temple, and an 80-seat theater!!

biggest house in the world

This happens when the architect gets paid right! 

It has 3 helipads, terrace gardens, a spa, a temple, and an 80-seat theater!! Isn’t this quite an enormous home for a family? Yes, but when you’re a top businessman, everything is fine! This skyscraper mansion is spread over a 400,000 square feet area, and currently, the cost is around $1 billion, making it the world’s costliest and biggest house.

9. CWN House  

CWN HouseĀ Ā 

Architect: Bernardes Arquitetura

Location: Santana de ParnaĆ­ba, Brazil 

Year: 2018

Cost: $1.2 Millions

Covered almost 18836 sq ft, the CWN House is another one of the top expensive homes in the world. This home has three floors, a central living area with a double-height ceiling, a deluxe master suite, and social areas. 

biggest house in the world

The entire space is filled with tropical plants and flowers. The walls have windows and glass panels so the residents can enjoy the garden views while staying indoors. This house has an inviting aesthetic while staying connected with nature!   

10. House Ber

House Ber

Architect: Nico Van Der Meulen

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘Africa’? I know your thoughts, but this modern house will stop that!

biggest house in the world

Mark Johannesburg for the new place for opulence and luxury. Today several remarkable architectural projects can be found at this location, and one of them is House Ber! From its impeccable gardens to its wonderful architectural design, everything about this home is just WOW! 

11. 5685 Anchorage Terrace 

5685 Anchorage TerraceĀ 

Location: Sanctuary Cove, Queensland, Australia

Year: 2009

Cost: $17.5 million 

Built at a whopping price of 17.5 million dollars, 5685 Anchorage Terrace is a luxurious contemporary modern mansion located in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland, Australia. 

big modern houses

The property covers almost 24,000 square feet (2,229 sq. m.) and features all the luxury amenities, including 5 bedrooms with 7 bathrooms, a home theater, and a 12-car subterranean garage.

The fascinating factor of the building is its shape and its entrance. The house is in a curvilinear shape which gives the building a modern look. While at the entrance, there is a symmetrical grand double-wing staircase and a heated pool.

12. Westwood Plateau Home in 

Westwood Plateau Home inĀ 

Location: Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Look at this impressive mansion that sits on 8,050 square feet and has a five-bedroom with several balconies; a six-bathroom home has a four-car garage. This family home is situated in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. 

big modern houses

This place is equally awesome inside and out. This modern mansion layout has a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, and a home office. Other luxurious amenities are a large backyard with a garden, a covered patio, and a BBQ area.

13. Crystal Palace 

Crystal PalaceĀ 

Architect:  Barnes Coy Architects

Location: Sag Harbor, New York

Imagine a vacation residence made entirely of glass walls; wouldn’t that be such a serene and pleasing place to live? 

The couple, Howard L. Michaels & Jennifer Bayer Michaels, reach out to Barnes Coy Architects to build an airy glass house for their family.  

big modern houses

The entire structure features modern design and elements throughout the building. It has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a gym, a hammam, tennis courts, and two pools. Not only there is also a guest house with three-bedroom, three-bathroom, and a pool. Isn’t it one of the best modern mansions?

14. Paros Residence 

Paros ResidenceĀ 

Architect: Studio Seilern Architects 

Location: Greek island of Paros

Year: 2021

Imagine living a peaceful life in a modern mansion built on an island, doesn’t this sound too dreamy? 

This was actually the fantasy of an architect, Christina Seilern. She is a Swiss-born, Columbia Universityā€“trained architect owning an architecture firm, Studio Seilern Architects. 

A bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window

The Paros residence is a vacation home that Seilern has built for herself and her family to spend some quality time together. Apart from the gorgeous location, this house has many interesting details such as a blend of subtle modern elements with both contemporary and traditional materials.

In this home, residents can enjoy simple luxury living submerged in a natural Aegean setting.

15. Rimrock House

Rimrock House

Architect: Olson Kundig

Location: Spokane, Washington, US

Year: 2014

Area: 5200 ftĀ²

Take a glance at this T-shaped structure situated at the edge of a cliff! It is spectacular in design and location. This house is constructed to blend well with the surroundings without disturbing nature and wildlife. The designers built the house to elevate and preserve a path for animals.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Completed in 2014, the house is named after the landscape ā€“ Rimrock, which describes a sheer rock wall at the upper edge of a plateau.

The house has many full-height windows to enjoy the peaceful surrounding views. This is one of the excellent modern mansion house plans!

16. Collywood House 

 Collywood HouseĀ 

Architect: Olson Kundig

Location: West Hollywood, US

Year: 2018

Area: 15642 ftĀ²

Here’s another remarkable project by Olson Kundig, the Collywood House! Constructed in a 15,642 square feet area, this three-levelled house has everything that other luxurious homes have, such as multiple bedrooms, a home gym, a pool, and multiple roof decks.

A garage filled with lots of different types of cars

One common thing in all these modern mansions is that every house has large windows to enjoy the uninterrupted surrounding views.

This house has an amazing view of Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. The lower level of the home has an auto gallery, game room, media room, and a large outdoor area.  

17. Mega House 

Mega HouseĀ 

Architect: Yakusha Design

Location: Ukraine

Area: 21,000 ftĀ²

Cost: $127 Million.

We all know Europe is famous for its incredible architecture! This part of the world has its own unique architectural style, construction technique, and unconventional methods to achieve something totally out of the box. From Eiffel Tower in Paris to Colosseum in Rome, there are so many spectacular examples of architecture. 

A large building with many windows lit up at night

Here is another take on modern architecture ā€“ The Mega House by Yakusha Design.

This house may appear a dark-colored glass blocky modern shaped house from the outside, but the inside is filled with vibrant colors and modern furnishings. This 21,000-square-foot (1950 sq meters) modern mansions designs features a two-story living room and four two-level kids’ bedrooms. This modern mega mansion is quite wonderful, isn’t it?

18. Modern Mansion 

Modern MansionĀ 

Architect: SAOTA

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

The above modern mansion house is designed by SAOTA, a well-known luxury home building architecture firm. Situated in a beautiful location in Johannesburg, South Africa, this home is a gem! 

A living room filled with furniture and a spiral staircase

The ultra-modern U-shaped facade of this building is made with materials in a layered design to give a sleek and cool look. This high-end home has wonderful interiors and amenities like a huge swimming pool and outdoor garden spaces.

19. E16 House 

E16 HouseĀ 

Architect: Wessels Joyce Associates

Location: Knysna, South Africa.

The landscape is quite uneven and sloppy; this is why this house is built in the same area by adapting to the uneven terrain. That’s the plus point of the building, and it looks pretty different and unique in its own way! The irregular shape and design of the building, with its fitted deck and built-in lights, make this construction a great family place. 

modern mansion house

Wessels Joyce Associates, located in Knysna, South Africa, designed this modern family mansion. This modern mansion design features four bathrooms, a spacious living room, a modern kitchen, and a home office. 

What else do we needā€¦ A swimming pool, a BBQ area, and a covered patio? Don’t worry; this modern mansion has it all! This is why it is one of the most popular modern mansions today! 

20. Contemporary Borell Street Residence 

Contemporary Borell Street ResidenceĀ 

Architect: Bagnato Architects

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Year: 2012

To fulfil the desire of a couple with four children to have a large contemporary modern mansion, Bagnato Architects came up with the idea of Contemporary Borell Street Residence. This one-story modern mansion is made from beige marble and dark wood accents and is surrounded by sumptuous tropical vegetation. 

A house with a lawn and chairs in front of it

The house is divided into zones for the kids & adults so that everyone can spend time comfortably around the space. The modern design with simple elements offers a sophisticated touch to this ultra-modern mansion. 

These modern mansion floor plans have six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a large living area, a gourmet kitchen, and a home theater. The modern luxury mansion also features a swimming pool, a hot tub, a gym, and a large garage.

21. Mummy Mountain Residence 

Mummy Mountain ResidenceĀ 

Architect: Nick Tsontakis

Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona, US

Mummy Mountain Residence, or the Manta Ray-Shaped house, is a futuristic mansion built by Nick Tsontakis. Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, this house is completely out of this world! 

Look at the roof of this mansion. Can you guess what it looks like? Yes, the roof resembles a manta ray or maybe a superhero’s gadget. This is why it looks like it came from space! The visuals from the sky are just mind-blowing! 

A rendering of a futuristic house with two cars parked in front of it

Constructed in 16,370 square feet, this jaw-dropping modern mansion has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a large living area, a gourmet kitchen, a home theater, and a huge swimming pool with a hot tub. Residents can hang out in the outdoor space while enjoying the breathtaking views of the desert. 

A very large house with a lot of lights on it
A modern house with a large yard and a lawn area
A large white house with a lot of windows
A large swimming pool next to the ocean
A large house with a fountain in front of it
A large mansion with a pool in front of it
A large house with a swimming pool in front of it
A house with a pool in front of it
An aerial view of a modern house with a pool
A white house with palm trees in front of it
An aerial view of a house with a swimming pool
A modern house with a swimming pool at night
A large modern house with a lot of windows
A house on a hill overlooking the ocean
A large white building with a lot of windows
A white building in a field with trees in the background
A large house with a pool in front of it
A large white house with a driveway in front of it
A large house sitting on top of a lush green field
A large house surrounded by trees and bushes
An aerial view of a building with a red roof
A large white building sitting on top of a lush green field
A large white house with a lot of windows
A large swimming pool in front of a modern house
A giraffe statue sitting next to a fire pit
A large house with a lot of windows
A modern house with a large lawn in front of it
An aerial view of a building in the middle of a forest
A white building on a cliff overlooking the ocean
An aerial view of a house at night
A large swimming pool in front of a large building
A large building with many windows lit up at night
A large white house sitting next to a body of water
A large white building with plants growing out of it

Modern Mansions: Final Thoughts  

So, which modern mansion captured your heart and eyes? I know all of these modern mansion designs have some of the best facilities and amenities, so it is quite hard to pick one. These big modern mansions are owned by successful celebrities and businessmen around the world. It’s obvious we can’t afford to live in these expensive mansions, but still, we can at least dream and look at the pictures, right?

In case you missed it!

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