Things That Make Your House a Home Without Spending a Dollar

Granted, to meet the promise of the title in this writing, sometimes the lack of spending is collateral. For example, if you spend $5,000 on a DIY deck in the backyard, and that DIY deck brings $10,000 to your home’s value, then technically you haven’t spent a dollar. In fact, you’ve made, $5k. But that money is in the form of “equity” and requires an initial investment to make your house a home.

So there will be a few suggestions here that are of that quality. However, by and large, there are quite a few things you can do that are legitimate without direct monetary cost and will make your house more of a home for you. Following we’ll cover a few of those things to at minimum help stimulate your imagination. Some will be totally free, others of the investment kind.

1. Cleaning Up The Attic And Making A Room Of It

Make Your House a Home


Your attic can be a storage space. It can be a bedroom. It can be a sitting room. It can be an observatory. It can be all these things at once, and the only resource you have to spend is time. Essentially, you’ve got to take the time to climb up there, clean things out, and decorate. Laying down a few rugs, perhaps moving a sitting chair, and adding a lamp may be all you need to do.

Alternatively, you might have to invest a little in paint, or maybe have the area re-insulated. However, you don’t have to. Whatever you do, if you’ve got a structurally stable attic that isn’t being used, you’ve got options.

2. Switching Around The Curtains

There are rooms in your house that need curtains and don’t have them. Conversely, there are rooms in your home that perhaps don’t need curtains, yet have them. You might do something as simple as switching the curtains from one window to another. Again, this will only cost you time, and the end result will be more amenable to your personal preferences.

3. Making A Mild Remodel Investment

Make Your House a Home


Conventional wisdom says to spend 5% to 15% of your home’s total value on a kitchen remodel. The more you spend, the less profit you are able to see; but if you have a $200khome, and you spend $30k on a kitchen remodel, then at minimum you ought to break

even. Though you spent money, you expanded equity—technically, you didn’t spend your resources, but expanded them.

If that sort of thing sounds amenable to you, then you may want to look at kitchen cabinets online, as well as other kitchen upgrade accoutrements. Marble-topped granite islands, new refrigerators, and other appliances, new flooring—all make sense, and since they build equity, ultimately their cost is cancel out in property value.

4. Pictures Of Friends And Family On Walls And Fridges

Make Your House a Home


No house is a home if you don’t have your personal effects all over it. You want pictures of you, friends, and family on walls and refrigerators. Posters should be hung where you can see them. Furniture should arrange how you prefer. Find areas of the home that would benefit from the sentimental decor of this variety, and put such items where they’re quite visible.

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5. Tear Down Bad Wallpaper; Or Make One Wall “Open-Source”

So you’ve got kids who love to draw on the walls. Well, you could restrict their ability to do so. Or, you could teach them that there’s only one wall in the house where they’re allow to do that, and consider that wall in that room a sort of child-made “art exhibit” of the home. If you don’t have any children, it’s also stylish to have a “graffiti wall” in your house.

Essentially, this is a wall where visitors, friends, family, or whoever has an idea can write something down. You’ve got to be flexible and willing to take a risk, but if you choose this portion of the wall in the right part of the house, that can make it very artistic indeed. Just be sure space is designate by boundaries which you carefully maintain.

Often, houses that do this only do so after they’ve torn down wallpaper over the spot where the impromptu art is to be install. Even if you don’t want to make one wall an “artistic” area for the house, it can make your property feel more like it’s yours if you simply tear down all the bad wallpaper. Either install new wallpaper, repaint or do nothing—whatever suits you.

Make Your House a Home


Giving Your Property A Uniqueness That Can’t Be bought

Tearing down bad wallpaper, making one wall a “drawing” wall, hanging personal effects like family photos, remodeling the kitchen, switching curtains around, and making a room of the attic; all of these suggestions represent solid ideas for cost-effectively individualizing your home.

Some of these undertakings are totally free, some of them have a value that comes after the initial investment. Which ones most resonate with you will depend on who you are. At a minimum, use these to stimulate your imagination.