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Washroom is that part of room which needs to be luxurious as well as well organized as well because at the end of the day before relaxing on the bed you get yourself refreshed in the washroom and also we start our day after spending time in the washroom.

A luxurious washroom is always a desire of many people and an unorganized washroom can even make you feel embarrassed as well as disguised at the same time. If you are planning to renovate your washroom or built a new one and are confused about the designs then here are some of the best mid century modern bathroom design ideas that you need to checkout.

Crisp white mid century eclectic bathroom seems to be crisp as well as elegant looking washroom and this also seems to be very luxurious. Here you would see that there is a small room which is entirely dedicated for taking shower are made up on glass which makes the bathroom look classy and as you enter in the washroom you would see a huge mirror followed by which there would be a drawer of classic white moreover, almost everything is colored in white color and combination of the classic beige wooden color.

The classic bath tub made up of white tiles seem to be best and you can get white lighting all the scandinavian bathroom to make the bathroom look brighter and it is for sure that you would feel relaxed while you spend some time at the bathroom.

Add on greenery will always make the space look close to the nature and soothing at the same time so here also you can make the space soothing by adding some green plants here and there and also this would add on colors in the washroom.

Here you can get the walls colored in lightest green color and you can also add a bench in the washroom where you can sit and do your scrubbing and many such things. You can add on a big bulky drawer colored in dark woody color upon which you would have a white marble sink.

Here in this washroom you would have some rectangular small windows so that the washroom doesn’t feel suffocated and also you can have white LED lights which would make the washroom bright.

Printed tiles seems to be a great addition in the washroom and this washroom would prove to be one luxurious washroom and the best thing is that you don’t have to do much in order to get this kind of washroom.

Here you would have beautiful printed tiles all over and a huge mirror as usual as also a classic wooden drawer would be there and you would can have a small stool on which you can sit and here the bathtub would also be in wooden material and the floor can be of light beige color which would be of wooden material as well.

Pop of color is the best way to add in your washroom and if you are someone who is not about white as well as mute colors then you can get this kind of washroom. Here one wall would be of a classic bright red or orange color and the rest of the washroom would be in crisp white color.

You can also have some flowers around and add white lights so that the washroom looks bright as well as beautiful at the same time. These were few of the best mid-century bathroom ideas that you can also get in your home and you can find more at Architectures ideas.