9+ Mid-Century Modern Chair: Enhance the Interiors with Exclusive Collection

While systematizing a living room, or bedroom, a chair is something that catches the attention of everyone. You might place a sofa, coffee table but a classic chair will attract the eyes of many. There are chances you may receive unexpected praise for the selection of furniture.

You will find many options on the chair, but nothing can beat the mid-century modern chair style. How did it get famous? The mid-century modern designers displayed the love for those chairs on the feature page on Playboy magazine. Since then, everyone on the internet is craving for them.

Here in this article, we have mentioned a few attractive and modern look mid-century chairs that you can place in your living room or a bedroom. Along with the products we have also described its appearance and review.

Mid-Century Modern Chair

1. Florence Upholstered Chair

Florence Upholstered Chair

This boxy yet stylish chair is perfect for the living room if you want to have a simple and versatile piece of furniture seated right there. Apart from that, it can also be a good choice for a library nook in the bedroom.

If we talk about the product, the one here is made with the material that is easy to clean and maintain. It has solid wood framing and tapered legs that not only provide sturdiness but style also.

2. Dining Tulip Chair

Dining Tulip Chair

Wondering, Why is it called a tulip chair? Look at its seating shape, it’s a tulip’s petal. This style of chair gained its popularity in the year 1956 with its classic modern appeal. From the very start, this style of chairs has been used as a dining chair. You will see them mostly in cafes.

The one here has a thick velvet seat with cushioned back. The material is soft and silky but can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The legs have a wooden base with rubber at the bottom for the scratch-free floor.

3. Leather Womb Chair

Leather Womb Chair

We have heard the statement – you can’t have style and comfort together. Wait! That’s not true. Look at the womb chair, it’s a perfect example. The womb chair was designed for Florence Knoll that too by her only.

This leather modern armchair is a perfect suite for the living room as well as a resting area. Kick-off the shoes and take a peaceful nap! The durability of the product is amazing and customers have bought it twice (just for its amazing quality.)

4. Armless Indoor Kitchen Dining Chair

Armless Indoor Kitchen Dining Chair

Looking for add-on chairs for the dining area? The scoop chair is the answer. Scoop chair? Yes! It has the structure of a scoop. Hehe! Everything apart, the best part about this seating furniture is what you need for the relaxing dinner.

Serve your guests a perfect dining experience with the armless kitchen dining chair. The one shown here has the construction of faux leather and sturdy steel. The powder coat gives the simple look and the cushioned seat offers comfortability.

5. Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Lounge Chair

Butterfly Dining Chair

Lounging is something that everyone needs, be it at home or in a resort. This chair will give you a perfect resting area. Here the one we have mentioned is the best of its kind. With the construction of upholstered faux leather and an angular wooden frame, it gives the perfect mid-century look.

6. Butterfly Dining Chair

Butterfly Dining Chair

The shapes of the chair make it an attractive piece of furniture in a room. Just like, tulip, womb, lotus, and other structures, there’s butterfly too. The seating of the chair is designed in a way that forms the shape of a butterfly from the sides.

This one is made from walnut wood and has the seating of polyester, this is what makes it unique and stylish. You can place this chair in the living room, kitchen, office, or anywhere.

7. Lotus Accent Chair

Lotus Accent Chair

Designed for ultimate style and comfort, this lotus accent chair is all you need to create a focal area in the room. Place it in the corner of the room with the perfect setting of a library. The low-slung arms and the angled frame is what makes it look more beautiful. It has a cushioned back for the comfortability.

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8. Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner

Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner

Recliners are something everyone loves, be it children or adults. However, the actual recliners might turn off the vibe in the room, this mid-century modern fabric recliner will give you comfort as well as retain the aura of the room the way you created.

It is made of 100% polyester with the fabric filling. Place it in the living room or the bedroom, it will go with the theme. Also, you will get 13 color options.

9. Mid Century Side Kitchen Chairs

Mid Century Side Kitchen Chairs

Why should the living room have all the fun? The dining space also needs to be stylish and comfy. This mid-century side kitchen chair is all you need to decorate the space. This one’s legs are made of metal and have the wooden coating. The ergonomic seating design is a perfect fit for the body and the fabric is soft enough to give you a luxurious feel.

10. Modern Atlas Accent Chair

Francie Fabric with Walnut Finish Dining Chairs

This modern atlas chair all you need to add the spark to the room. You will get  3 color options to choose from and has the steel finish frames. The seating is built with the bonded leather and legs have plastic feet for the scratch-free legs.

11. Francie Fabric with Walnut Finish Dining Chairs

Francie Fabric with Walnut Finish Dining Chairs

It has the bone shape resting part which makes it a more attractive and modern style piece of furniture. This classic walnut finish dining chairs have polyester fabric composiion in the seating make it more durable and sturdy.

12. Mid-Century Modern Fabric Rocking Chair

Mid-Century Modern Fabric Rocking Chair
A living room with a chair and ottoman
A green chair sitting in front of a wooden table
A white desk with a laptop on top of it
A wooden desk with a computer on top of it
A chair and a table with a vase of flowers on it
A chair and a table in a room
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
A group of four chairs sitting next to each other
A set of six chairs sitting on top of a hard wood floor
A gray recliner chair sitting in a living room
A couple of chairs sitting next to each other
A pair of black and tan chairs against a white brick wall

Who doesn’t love rocking chairs? You might have seen them in the old-photographs of your grandfather or in the movies. It is one of the amazing mid-century modern chairs in the list. The comfortable shape and style it possesses are incomparable.

The one here has the perfect design with the cozy fabric for seating and cushioned back. All in all, it is the one where you can take a nap as well. The proof of its sturdiness lies in the material of wood used.

Wrapping Up:

This was all about the mid-century modern chair that you needed to know, and which you can have to decorate the space.

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