Premium Children Furniture By Dragons Of Walton Street

Whether you are expecting a baby or want to furnish a new room for your child, it is not a simple task. Nursery rooms and childrenā€™s bedrooms or playrooms require special furniture. Smaller sizes are not the only features that childrenā€™s furniture has. It needs to be manufactured from ecological materials and designed beautifully to create a comfortable atmosphere. Dragons of Walton Street company produces some of the best luxury baby furniture on the market. In the catalog, you can search for already existing full room sets or pick the items you need, such as baby cots, beds, shelves, changers, sofas, various accessories, and so on. The professional interior designers working here at Dragons will make your experience in designing a nursery room even easier.

The Benefits of Baby Furniture Made By Dragons of Walton Street

This brand is known not only in Britain but also abroad because of its extensive history. For more than forty years, Dragons has been creating intricate and stunning furniture for children all around the world. Initially, it was a small local brand, which then grew into a company beloved by generations of children. These are some of the reasons why Dragons are so popular:

  • Hand-painted artworks ā€“ it is difficult to imagine baby furniture without delicate and colorful paintings. Each drawing on Dragons furniture is done manually by one of the artists working in the company. Therefore, even if you order a furniture item from a catalog instead of ordering a bespoke product, you will still receive a unique piece with one of a kind art.
A baby girl's nursery with pink and white decor
  • Original designs ā€“ on the website, you can find classic design lines that have become a signature for Dragons. Some of the most popular are Linen Blossom, Vintage Safari, and Vintage Transport. Children will also love their favorite characters from Beatrix Potter. Besides, the companyā€™s artists can fulfill all your dreams by making custom artwork. You can describe what you want or even provide a sample of your wallpaper to make suitable designs.
  • Child-friendly materials ā€“ the wood and other building materials used in manufacturing Dragons furniture are environmentally friendly and durable. The wood used for this furniture is usually beech and poplar. This wood can withstand various humidity and temperature levels, which makes it long-lasting.
A baby sitting on the floor playing with toys

Furniture made by Dragons often remains by the childā€™s side while they grow up. It can then be passed on to the following generations, becoming more than just a piece of furniture.

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