9 Best Minecraft Medieval House Designs for Your Home

Minecraft has always been the most popular and enjoyable designing game since the first first time it was launched. This game has three versions; The Vanilla Version, The Bedrock Version, and The Java Version. In this blog, we would be discussing the Vanilla Version. The Vanilla version has always been known for its Minecraft Medieval House. 

Vanilla Version is the original version of the famous designing game Minecraft. In this version of Minecraft, medieval houses are the most exciting feature people like to design, create, and build. The Minecraft medieval houses give you the esthetic and authentic antiquated places.

So come, let’s see in how many different ways you can build Medieval Minecraft houses.

Before we start exploring the differences, below listed are a few features that are usually included in Medieval Minecraft Houses:

  • A basement with access to a mining shaft, a small area to install a furnace, a proper crafting table with an anvil space, and a separate room for your chest storage.
  • You can design a kitchen for the main or the ground floor, including a pretty large space for barrel storage, and you can install a crafting table.
  • For the second floor, create a portion brewing area and a complete enchantment area covered with bookshelves and an anvil.
  • On the top floor, you can design an armor stand, bedrooms, and balcony to keep a watch on the mobs(enemies)
  • Besides, you can build a farming area for different kinds of farming and a stable to rest your fancy and royal horses, Donkeys, or Llamas.

Now let’s explore the different types of medieval houses in Minecraft:

Spruce Medieval House 3

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

In this Minecraft Medieval house, space is usually tiny, so what you can do is, you can plot a small kitchen with two large chests, a compact sitting area.

Now for the second floor, you can install a bed, two armor stands, a furnace, and a large chest.

You can build a stable for horses and llamas for the house’s exterior and, if interesting, a farming area with animals and vegetables to farm. Besides, you can add an underground enemy farm through which you can collect ‘Experience’ essential for enchantments.

Medieval Rural House 3

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

Have you thought of designing and living in a cozy house? Then this is the best house you can build for yourself. Use pastel and light colors to build this house. For the main floor, you can install an enchanting corner table surrounded by bookshelves or an anvil. 

You can have a separate living room and a kitchen. In the kitchen, you can install a furnace, chest, and storage.

Now moving on to the second floor, you can have a small balcony, a bedroom with a bathroom, and a separate room for an armor stand and closet.

For the houses’ exterior, you can build an outdoor shared bathroom, a stable, and a beautiful and attractive garden.

Unfurnished Nordic Medium House 2

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

In this large and beautiful Minecraft medieval house, you can fit all the features discussed above. So, to start with, you can build a basement including a large chest, a furnace, a large area for your collected mines, and a minecart for the mineshaft.

Coming to the main floor, you can design a central living room with basic couches with a center table; for the two corners of the room, you can install an enchanting table and a brewing stand area. You can have a spacious bedroom with a bathroom, a kitchen with maximum storage, and a shared bathroom for the rooms.

You can design two rooms; the first room can be a spacious bedroom with a standing balcony view, a large bathroom, and a corner sitting area. And for the second room, you can have two divisions; for the first one, you can install an ore chest, and for the second side of the division, you can have an entire closet of armor. And you can have a wall frame of chest tools.

Gothic Medieval House 1

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

For this kind of house, focus on superficial features and give it an aesthetic look. You can use fire torches instead of lights. To start with, the main floor will have a pretty cozy living area and an open kitchen with proper storage and a furnace.

On the second floor, you can have an armor room and bedroom with an arcade to give it a look.

Now for the exterior part, you can add a beautiful farm to grow vegetables and grains, and on the other side of the house, you can build and design an attractive and eye-catching garden.

Tall Medieval Unfurnished House 5

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

For this Minecraft medieval house, you can have a grand entrance with a large living room and an attached open kitchen with a furnace and chest or barrel storage. 

You can have a bedroom with a standing balcony. For the corner wall of the bedroom, you can install an armor stand or a closet. And in the corner of the living, build a shared bathroom. For the exterior, you can make Lily pads facing the bedroom balcony. And on the entrance, you can have a two-sided garden and a middle pathway to the house’s main door.

Unfurnished Medieval Brick House 3

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

In this medieval house, you should keep it very simple and straightforward. Place a bed and single couch. Both the corners, install a large chest and furnace. For convenience, you can build an outdoor bathroom.

For making this house look beautiful, you can build a side garden and grow full trees to create the scenery.

Rustic Medieval Town House 3

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

For the Rustic Medieval Townhouse, we can imagine this place and time the best for living. It would be best if you kept this simple and beautiful. You can build an underground basement where you can store and hide large chest boxes and jukeboxes, and you can also set an armor stand or closet.

You can build a decent living space with a separate kitchen area for the main floor, including a furnace and barrel storage. 

And for the top floor, you can have two bedrooms and a shared bathroom for the bedrooms. And also, you may have a small closet or secret room.

For the outer part of the house, plant trees and gardens make it look fantastic and attractive.

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Warhammer Medieval House 7

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

You can be freely imaginative and design many things for this medieval house than the other medieval places. You can give this house a modern look by adding lots of furniture, rooms, and a much more excellent interior. For example, on the first or the main floor, you can have a massive kitchen with a furnace, a dining area, and a living space with a window and a walking balcony. On the terrace, you can plant trees and saplings to make the house look prettier.

You can divide it into two rooms; one where you can store and hide ores, armors, and tools. For the room, you can create a master bedroom with a separate closet area and sitting space.

On the exterior, you can maintain large trees and beautiful gardens.

Large Medieval Town House 4

minecraft medieval house

Source: stackpathcdn.com

This can be the best creation of your Medieval Houses. You can be creative for this house. You have three floors in this house.

For the ground floor, create a large space of a living room with sitting couches and a center table, a wall-mounted table. For decor, you can place indoor plants and a fire torch to give it a rustic look.

Later you can create a large kitchen with a big dining area and add all the kitchen appliances and a giant furnace. 

On the second floor, you can be royal. You can have one king-size bedroom with a large walking balcony and a sitting area with plants and flowers for the view. One another bedroom with a closet and bathroom space and corner sitting area. You can have a different living area in addition to and create it in a secret room.

For the exterior portion of the house, create a lily pad and beautiful garden surrounding its side. On the other end, you can have a spacious cultivating farm with a stable to rest your animals.

minecraft medieval house

Source: redd.it


Here we are with so many different ideas to build your interesting, beautiful, and attractive Minecraft medieval houses. I hope now you must have been clear with how to make Minecraft medieval houses. So I guess you must be confused by now which idea to choose, or why don’t you try all of them. If you liked all these ideas and felt interesting, share it with all the Minecraft fans and help them find their perfect Minecraft Medieval House!

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