15+ Stylish Normal House Front Elevation Designs of 2024

Building a dream home is a common aspiration that we all have. Although we spend most of our time at home indoors, and these spaces need to be as per one’s liking, it is equally important to have a stunning exterior. The normal house front elevation designs is particularly significant as it is the identity of the house. The passersby, the neighbors, or the people who visit the house associate the people living in the house with this first image of the house.

It is thus essential to creating a remarkable first impression of the style and people of the house through the design of the front elevation. Whether it’s a single floor normal house front elevation designs or an elaborate three-story front elevation design, there is an array of styles that you can choose from to create a personalized statement with your design.

In this article, we have curated a style guide on normal house front elevation designs that you can take inspiration from. Check out this list of 18 different hacks, and tips to create stunning front elevation designs!

How to Choose Normal House Front Elevation Design?

How to Choose Normal House Front Elevation Design

There are a few parameters that one must consider while deciding the right style for a house front facade. These include:

  1. Size of the house: The size of the house will determine which design style one must opt for, the front facade. Larger houses with sufficient foreground can have elaborate traditional style facades. Whereas, smaller houses with little front space must ideally have a simple contemporary style design.
  2. Surrounding: If the house is located in a neighborhoodthat has houses of similar style,. then your facade design must be in line with the same. You can choose to adopt a similar style or contrast the specific style.
  3. Budget: Your budget will determine how ornate your normal house front elevation design looks. What kind of materials you can incorporate in your design, how much can you spend on designing the elevation, etc. will all be governed by the budget.

We all dream of living in a beautiful house! The house front elevation design will help you elevate and enhance the home’s overall appearance and visual appeal. Below is the list of 15 gorgeous normal house front elevation designs. After You can select the best front elevation designs for small houses and big mansions according to your preference, budget, family members, and architectural style.

1. Normal House Front Elevation With Jali Designs

Normal House Front Elevation With Jali Designs

If you’re looking for a house design that looks simple but attractive, this front elevation design will be a great choice! Overall house design is simple, but the white jali brings the eye-catching factor.

You can use this unique front elevation jali design for single- and double-floor house designs. This will look not only so captivating but also provide uninterrupted views to the residents.

In addition, such housing elevation designs also give the occupants an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. You can use this design along with the balcony or implement them separately.

2. Single Floor Front Elevation Design

Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Look at this majestic front elevation house design! This single floor design consists of many key features, such as a private pool, outdoor space, and lounge area. One thing you must remember while designing a single floor house is to design a layout where habitats will get uninterrupted views.

While including all the major elements, try an elevation design encompassing an unobstructed view. For example, you can use glass walls or add balconies. Don’t forget to add lighting in the exteriors to elevate overall house exteriors.

3. Small House Elevation Designs

Small House Elevation Designs

Owning a house is a dream of everyone!

So whether you plan to have a big or small dwelling, you can have the right house front design to get a fabulous-looking home. When the land area is small, you have to design it in such a way that it includes everything.

You can also consult an architect who can suggest many front elevation designs for small houses. For example, the above front elevation design has several architectural elements and a stylish overall finish.

4. White Front Bungalow Elevation Design

White Front Bungalow Elevation Design

The above house is the perfect example of an elegant front elevation design. Here the main theme is white, but other materials like wood and stone have also been used. Look carefully; you can see the subtle wooden and stone cladding placed at the center part of the building.

You can also use the same concept and create stylish and lavish-looking front elevation designs for small houses and big mansions. The colors and materials are two key factors in creating these elegant and normal house front elevation designs.

6. Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Many beautiful options for front elevation design for 2 floor buildings are available. Look at the above picture for reference. Here the building design seamlessly covers all the aspects of architectural elements. From proper lighting and artificial decorating lighting to a walkway and lawn area, there are many interesting things about this home.

Apart from these things, there is also a metal bar design both in a horizontal and vertical pattern. This creates a perfect balance with the bold and contrasting theme of the house.

7. Multilevel Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Multilevel Normal House Front Elevation Designs

The front elevation house for this multilevel building is a big inspiration to those who want everything in their home. Here you can see there are beautiful jali designs, subtle tiles, and mystic and ethereal lighting. All these things take the normal house front elevation designs to another level.

You can design a similar front elevation design for your home. Make sure to have ample lighting and ventilation to make a more impactful overall appeal. You can achieve this by opening the front facade with the help of metal bars. This will also provide your building with a distinctive look.

8. Apartment Front Elevation Design

Normal House Front Elevation Designs

So, what is apartment design?

A building design that includes more than one dwelling unit is called an apartment structure. This culture is getting quickly popular in both rural and urban areas. The reason is its multiple advantages.

Here is one of the best elevation designs for apartments. You can notice that these buildings have commercial shopping spots on the ground floor. They’re specifically constructed into the design to elevate the overall structure design.

9. Modern Front House Elevation Designs

Modern Front House Elevation Designs

One of the most challenging things in architecture is to design a building with an unusual shape. The front elevation of modern houses has these distinctive facade angles. Instead of taking them as a challenge, take advantage and use them with various geometric patterns.

You can also add various materials like glass and wood to create shapes and patterns. For a rich and luxurious appearance, use two contrasting color combinations. These things will add a unique and attractive factor to the overall elevation design of the building.

10. Front Elevation Designs For G+1

 Front Elevation Designs For G+1

Here are other great normal house front elevation designs. Look at the above image, and you’ll see the elevation design features a stair. It is made from four materials – stone, timber, steel, and RCC.

If you want to keep the stair as a key element of the front elevation design, you must consider the width and design. You can determine by the number of members in a family. For example, if the members are more than 10, the stair’s width should be 95 to 125 centimeters.

11. Contemporary Elevation Designs

Contemporary Elevation Designs

If you like modern and traditional design and want to combine the front elevation design, the contemporary concept will be best for you. Take inspiration from the above image.

These types of contemporary and normal house front elevation designs are in trend right now. They are mostly seen in single floor residential buildings, but you can also use the contemporary design for multilevel buildings. You can add an open terrace which will be the cherry on top of the house design.

12. Elevation Designs For Three Floors Building

Elevation Designs For Three Floors Building

These days three-floored buildings are commonly seen. These structures are mostly preferred by people who don’t like the apartment building concept but want to incorporate a few elements.

Look how these low cost normal house front elevation designs offer a more impactful overall appeal to the architecture. You can obviously change the home front design or some elements according to your needs.

13. 3d Elevation House Front Design

3d Elevation House Front Design

One of the latest front elevation design trends of 2023 is 3D elevation designs! In this type of front house design, you can see the perfect balance between the building model and elevation.

In this case, the elevation design is prepared before even starting the construction. This is why you can make the changes in the layout design as per your requirements.

14. Bungalow Elevation Design

 Bungalow Elevation Design

A bungalow comprises a single or partial second floor (e.g., the cottage-style bungalow). You can also notice that the above bungalow features a flat roof with a protruded chimney.

Both of these things are common architectural elements of a bungalow design. Everything is created in parts and sections, and at the end, every part is placed together to create the full design.

15. Independent House Elevation

 Independent House Elevation

These designs are known as the village normal house front elevation designs. So what they consist of is an independent floor. The overall design can be modern or traditional, depending on your personal choice.

These houses with normal house front elevation designs are suitable for people looking for simple designs that look eye-catching and attractive.

16. Office Elevation Design

Office Elevation Design

You may have seen many elevation designs for apartments and other residential buildings. Here’s a great idea for corporate and office buildings. There is actually quite a difference between these two kinds of architecture.

The office constructions mostly focus on sophisticated and formal ambiance rather than the warm and homely feeling of residential buildings. The rustic and refined front elevation design creates a motivating and enthusiastic atmosphere which will also help improve productivity. Other key features of these types of structures are large parking areas, coffee shops, and a cafeteria.

Features of Normal House Front Elevation Designs

1. Define with Patterns

Define with Patterns

A simple house front design for a single floor or double floors can become appealing with the addition of patterns. The jali wall, railing on the compound wall, or the vertical louvers on the balcony instantly elevate the look of this normal house front elevation design. The use of wood as a highlighting material further makes the design richer.

2. Carve Voids in Solid Volume

Carve Voids in Solid Volume

Breaking the heavy solid volumes with the use of voids creates balanced normal house front elevation designs. Carving voids in solid mass by extending the canopy or adding frames on top of the plane adds depth to the front elevation. Using varied materials and textures on this enhances the look of the house. Greystone, warm wooden features alongside lush green plants define this contemporary house front design.

3. Repeat Elements for Added Visual Interest

Repeat Elements for Added Visual Interest

Using repetitive elements like frames and pergolas adds to the visual interest of the front elevation design. This example of simple front elevation designs for small houses portrays how the addition of smaller elements uplifts the look of the elevation. The frames in different materials seek visual balance. Changing the material palette for the walls further dramatizes the appearance of this facade.

4. Define with Sleek Lines and Planes

Define with Sleek Lines and Planes

This normal house front elevation design is the perfect example of a sophisticated minimal design. Sleek clean lines defining the planes, the neutral color palette, and the sharp geometries together define this modern elevation. The exaggerated balcony and its canopy play a significant role in defining the design of this elevation.

5. Incorporate Angular Elements 

Incorporate Angular Elements

If you’re looking for dynamic normal house front elevation designs, this is the perfect option for you. Tweaking of the roof overhang elevates the appeal of this front elevation design. The monotony of the rigid planes is broken by this singular feature of the roof. The material difference further adds to the visual aesthetic.

6. Go for a Traditional Look

 Go for a Traditional Look

If you’re an admirer of the traditional design style, this simple house front elevation design for a single floor is for you. The classic sloping roof, arched elements, and wooden doors and frames define this timeless design. Use a combination of modern and traditional elements for a cost-effective traditional-looking home front design elevation.

7. Make it Elaborately Traditional

Make it Elaborately Traditional

Go overboard with traditional elements to create elaborate traditional normal house front elevation designs. Use tiled sloping roofs, large verandah spaces, and entrance canopies to define the traditional essence of the front elevation design. Create a balanced front elevation using the interplay of volumes. Add ample windows to make the elevation look light and appealing.

8. Create a Mix of Traditional and Modern

Create a Mix of Traditional and Modern

This front elevation design for small houses beautifully blends traditional and modern styles. The elegant sloping roofs combined with sleek planar elements define this front elevation. The subtle grey palette makes for a charming house appeal. Every house zone is distinguished yet bound in synergy.

9. Stick to the Classics

Stick to the Classics

If the classical architectural style entices you, this normal house front elevation design is the one for you. The grand elegant arch is the highlight of this design. Complimenting that are the colonnades of columns on either side. The details of the plaster-like roof cornices further accentuate this superior front elevation.

10. Mix and Match Materials

 Mix and Match Materials

The variation of material can create a lot of visual interest for normal house front elevation designs. The dark-toned stone against the warm-toned wood and yellow makes this stunning elevation. Be it simple house front elevation designs for single floors or multiple floors, this method works wonders in creating appealing elevation designs.

11. Balance Using Clean Planes

Balance Using Clean Planes

A clean and crisp play of planes makes this remarkable normal house front elevation design. The solid plane on one side counters the recessed plane on the other. This simple juxtaposition of shapes and elements creates an appealing visual dynamic for the house. The strategic use of light as a design element adds to the alluring appeal of the front elevation.

12. Juxtapose Similar Shapes

Juxtapose Similar Shapes

A play of similar volumes extruding and recessing creates aesthetically appealing assembled normal house front elevation designs. Sleek frames that balance solid planes define this dynamic front elevation. The subtle color palette complements the complex play of geometries creating this remarkable design.

13. Use Modern Materials

Use Modern Materials

The use of modern materials like metal and glass helps in creating ravishing front elevation designs for small houses. Seamless glass railings, glass walls, and canopy are the defining elements of this contemporary house. Additionally, eye-catching elements like circular windows and trapezoidal forms further enhance the look of this elevation. The use of natural materials like wood and stone contrasts and complements the other elements of design.

14. Go for Exposed Materials

Go for Exposed Materials

The raw aesthetic of exposed materials makes a welcoming rustic normal house front elevation design. The charm of warm mud bricks complemented by the cool-toned concrete creates an appealing contemporary front elevation. Pergolas made from a rhythmic repetition of members enhance visual interest. The design of the compound wall complements the elevation making a striking visual dynamic.

15. Play with Patterns

Play with Patterns

Traditional materials can be used unconventionally to create varied visual aesthetics. Consider this front elevation design for small houses, here conventional brick is used creatively to create a pattern for added interest. The monotony of the large solid plane is broken by these diagonally aligned brick panels.

Sleek thin horizontal lines further reduce the heaviness of the plane. Glazing on one end acts as a void for the large mass. The graphics on the railing add to the appealing elevation design.

16. Contrast Solids with Voids

Contrast Solids with Voids

Exposed materials like concrete tend to look bulky. Creating monoliths using these materials requires a balance of solid with voids. This normal house front elevation design perfectly exemplifies this principle. Here, the solid mass is broken by the glazing on one floor and the large cut-out on the roof. The extruding overhang adds depth to the elevation. The cool-toned concrete is contrasted by the warm-toned wood.

17. Use Highlighting Elements

Use Highlighting Elements

Using statement elements can make any normal house front elevation designs stand out. Be it a type of cladding, louvers, or jali pattern walls, the whole appearance of the house changes with the addition of just one element. It elevates the look of any double or single floor simple house elevation. To make the most of the highlighting material, keep the rest of the palette and volumes subtle and neutral.

18. Play Around with Volumes 

 Play Around with Volumes 

This normal house front elevation design uses an interesting play of volumes and voids. These volumes progressively recess defining the house elevation design in the form of zones. Striking features like the canopy with cut-outs create an interesting play of shadow and depth for the front elevation. The highlighting stone-clad volume in the center anchors the different planes and volumes together.


There is an array of different design styles that you can choose from to create the ideal home front elevation. Several different methods can be adopted to elevate the look of simple normal house front elevation designs.


1. What Is Best for Front Elevation?

One can make front elevations appealing by using various materials, multiple textures, and playing around with geometries and planes. Roof overhangs and projections can be used strategically to make the front elevations look visually interesting.

2. How Do You Design the Front Elevation of a House?

While designing the front elevation of a house, keep in mind the basic rules of design. Use the principles of balance, symmetry, proportions, solid-void ratio, etc.

3. Where Is the Front Elevation of the House?

The front elevation of the house is from where one first enters the house. It is generally located in front of a road or an access point.

4. What Are the Different Types of Elevations?

Primarily, there are four types of elevations for any built mass. These include the front elevation, rare elevations, and two side elevations.

5. Why Is the Front Elevation Important?

The front elevation is the identity of the house. It is the first thing people see when they look at a house. It is therefore a statement of the style of the people living in the house.

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