18+ Cheap and Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The first impression about anything is always an image that sticks with you for the rest of your time. The same goes when it comes to your households. The exterior view of your house involves not only the perfectly designed homely outlook. It consists of the surroundings that come with it.

The landscaping details that tie up the front yard of your home affect the kind of projection it is on someone who comes by. Hiring a professional landscaping contractor to deal with the same might seem like the easiest way to get to do it.

But, you can always take the better road of planning the whole design yourself and saving up on a lot in the process. Here you will not only get the chance to get your visions to come alive but will also get to use some things that you might have rendered as wastes. This saves up the time and money spent fishing out the perfect but expensive landscaping elements for your front yard.

To make your journey with this process easier we have compiled some cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas and tips, to get you started.

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5 Steps on How to Go About Front Yard Ideas on a Budget 

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Step 1: Envision the Idea

Envisioning the idea of how you want your landscaping to look will take researching in the first place. That is if you are clueless as to how to go about it. 

You can proceed with the next step if you already have cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas, to begin with. But if you are not you can start to take inspiration from what the front yards look like near your house. You can note down the elements that you like about them.

Extending your research further you can search the internet with tons of images on the perfect front yard set up for you. Note down all the aspects you like about them, then draw a mental picture of what you want.

Step 2: Fix on a Budget

Once you have a rough idea of what you want you can go ahead and fix your budget for the whole project. Sectioning it into different categories might help as well to get a balance of cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. 

That will give you the restrain you need to not go overboard but still get everything you want for the front yard of your dreams. The budget should also be one that it will end up costing you less for doing everything on your own.

Step 3: Finalise the Front Yard Image 

Having set a budget you can go ahead and finalize the features that will get added to your front yard. That will help you filter through the elements you like to the ones you know will go with the theme. 

Step 4: Decide on What to Keep and What Not to Keep

The next step is to decide what to keep and what not to keep from your existing front yard. That will also include the removal of plants to be replanted, which needs to be done after making sure of where it will go. 

This step will be the root of cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas that make up your landscaping. Having a clear idea of the new design will help you get through this process faster. Although, the task of actually doing it might take time. So make sure to get it done with first.

Step 5: Purchase/ Get the Necessities on a Budget

Once the slate is wiped clean you can go ahead and get the items you need for the front yard to come together. It will include the planters and other features that will accentuate the look with essentials like plants, dirt, and mulch.  

18+ Low Cost Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

1. DIY Water Feature

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Water features are expensive landscaping elements that sure do elevate the look of luxurious home settings. You can create the same effect with cracked pots or other aesthetic and reusable containers. Here, due to the reusing of materials, it will give a more rustic and creative appeal. 

2. Repurposing Containers and Furniture for Planter Boxes

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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It doesn’t matter for the plants which kind of planter boxes you use, as far as they have access to soil to grow in. this gives you the freedom to choose any container or furniture piece that can hold soil to be used as planter boxes. Old, unused bathtubs can be reused in the same way. 

3. Window Planter Boxes for an Easy Country Style Look

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Garden planter boxes placed on the window sill give the exterior a more country-style aesthetic. This is one of the cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas out there. You can use old wooden boxes or fixable containers as window planters or you can go quirky with other unusual items for planter boxes.

4. Retaining Walls for Flower Beds

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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One of the most budget front yard landscaping ideas is to add a retaining wall that can be transformed into a mini garden. It is a way of collectively giving space for the plants as well as reducing the number of separate planters needed.

5. Separating Elements with Landscaping Islands

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Separating sections of the front yard for different elements breaks up the monotony in most. This can be done by sectioning off planted portions of the yard and are where other decorative elements can go. Giving each allotted space a border will also make it stand out more. 

6. Rocks and Pebbles: One Among the Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Green grass is what comes to mind when you talk about front yards. The grass is also an element in landscaping that needs the care of regular trimming and watering. To rid themselves of this difficulty, they opt for faux grass features that might cost more.

Cutting off from this cycle of maintaining the grass facade, you can opt to cover your front yard with textures of rocks and pebbles. This becomes one of the cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas you can opt for.

7. Landscaping with Indigenous Plants

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Exotic beautiful plants sure look great as a landscaping feature. But besides the high prices, they come at, maintaining and providing them with the right conditions to grow and thrive will be even more expensive. 

With indigenous plants and flowers, you can easily bring in the beauty and pop of color. That will be affordable in all areas from buying it to helping it thrive in your garden, as the conditions it needs to grow in are already in place. All you will need to do is give it a little bit of attention.

8. Ambient Outdoor Lighting Features

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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Lighting can do wonders when the sun goes down. With its functionality of helping you see your landscaping, it adds to it with a whimsical effect. Elevating features with a lighting fixture or even bringing out string lights to be hung for a quite pleasant evening, can elevate the appeal of the entire front yard.

9. Edging Made of Stone and Bricks

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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Edging is another element among cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. Accentuate your tress and plants further by providing them with their own set of boundaries. Giving them a border of brick or stone defines their place in the garden as well as brings in more textural detail to add to the whole setting. 

10. DIY Downspout Path Steering the Water Away

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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A path made of stone to carve out the flow of water that comes down a downspout is another quirky front yard landscaping idea. This makes the water run faster as well, which will be helpful in case of heavy rains. It is also an added dimension of texture to the landscaping.

11. DIY Trellis to Add in More Green

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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Trellis features placed close to the house can be easily made using a repurposed ladder and other similar materials. Creepers and climbers can be used to fill in the spaces to make them aesthetic and go with the theme of the landscaping. It also saves space being a version of vertical gardening.

12. Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas with Water Cans 

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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Reusing old and worn-out water cans as water features can add uniqueness to your landscaping. Incorporating this is a great way to opt-in for cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. They can be hung in a way that water flows from the topmost can to the bottom ending onto a bigger vessel. This also breaks up the monotony a simple water feature like a fountain might exhibit.

13. Fun Benches Around Trees

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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Sitting under a tree and reading or spending time, in general, is an image we all relate to as relaxation. Giving more body to the same, you can give a seating space that is constructed to wrap around the tree utilizing the curvature of its shade. This can be fashioned in the form of a hexagon or even a circular bench.

14. Lattice Screens: Bringing in Privacy with Cost-Effectiveness

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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Bringing the indoors out onto the surroundings, you can make a private yet outdoorsy space using lattice screens. That would add to the aesthetics of the house as well as the landscaping without compromising on the functionality of the space. The lattice can be the host to different creepers that act as a merging element between the indoors and the outdoors.

15. Wood and Gravel Walkway

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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Defining the path you wish to take while you traverse the front yard space is another one of front yard ideas on a budget. That brings in more vibrancy and texture to the space. 

You can use refurbished wood and pea gravel for the same, laying them in a piano-like pattern. The planks must be placed after digging up some soil and then filling in the gaps with the gravel.

16. DIY Birdfeeder Using Worn Out Chandeliers 

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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One of the charming low cost cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas is to take unused chandelier settings to be hung in the yard as bird feeders. They can be used to attract hummingbirds, which will help to bring more life to the yard. 

17. A Useful Feature for Your Daily Needs

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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One of the more useful cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas is to have a kitchen garden. You can add in or split out a space for growing vegetables and herbs in addition to planting shrubs and flowers to give the landscape an aesthetic appeal. That will add value to the whole space as you can use them, saving money off of your grocery bill. 

18. Easy Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas with Refurbished Furniture

budget front yard landscaping ideas


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Bringin in the lawn furniture you neer used, or even getting them from someone who didn’t can be another one of budget front yard landscaping ideas. Vintage furniture will give out an old-world charm to the landscaping. 

19. Stepping Stones with Wood

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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As a means to give a defined path to take while walking through the front yard, you can use circular discs of wood to act as stepping stones. This can be a fun way of moving beside the regular pathway.

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20. Refurbished Wooden Porch as a Connecting Feature

budget front yard landscaping ideas

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An open space that is connected to the house giving an open view of the lawn brings in the connectivity one needs. This might seem expensive compared to the cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. But, it can be made at a low cost. Using pallet wood or even a combination of wooden slates from old boxes can give more character than expensive wooden floor work.  

Bottom line is that, once you nail down what kind of aesthetic you are going for, any landscaping element in that can be added in a budget-friendly manner. It will show that there was a deep thought process that went into tying it together. Bringing your creativity to the process ends up being one-of-a-kind front yard landscaping designs. It will also be a reflection of how valuable the resource we have is.

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

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When Would I Need a Landscaping Professional for Redesigning My Front Yard Space?

Bringing in a landscape professional would be beneficial if you are looking for a more detailed approach to front yard landscaping ideas. Given the right needs and details, they can give you a unique output that agrees with you.

How Long Does It Take for New Plants in a Garden to Grow?

It depends on the seed you have planted along with the weather and how much care it is given. Usually, it takes around one or two weeks for a seed to germinate. Depending on how well it is maintained, you can expect to see growth in the next 60 to 90 days after planting.

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