21+ Stylish Pergola Ideas to Make Outdoor Attractive

We all desire to turn our backyard haven into a magical retreat where the gentle caress of a breeze flowing through the well-crafted structure feels just right. Don’t we? Imagine sitting under an exquisite pleasing structure and embracing its beauty as you unwind for the day. Well, the offer of sitting outdoors in leisure is undeniable, but we also have to protect ourselves from damaging sun rays. There lies the challenge of creating a perfect outdoor space. Usually, people prefer to go for the two common solutions. 

  1. Building a Pergola
  2. Building a Gazebo

Let us explore the difference between the two and how they can transform the outdoors into a beautiful extension of our homes.

First, we will decipher the difference between a pergola and a gazebo, and later, move toward our main topic, which is “Best Pergola ideas for relaxing outdoors.”

What is a Gazebo?

It is a closed architecture placed amidst lush gardens and open spaces of the house to create a private space for the residents and guests. The roof is usually octagonal, covered with wood or fabric shelters that can skilfully filter the sunlight, providing partial or complete shade. The gazebo serves as an intimate space and a private escape in the open garden if the weather changes dramatically. The serene retreat has all four sides open and is kept open for the air to flow in.

What is a Pergola?

The pergola is similar to a gazebo but doesn’t have a complete roof, allowing sunlight to filter through partially. The one thing that sets the pergola apart is its ability to create an open space yet a closed and private enclosure for residents to relish. You can build a pergola either as a freestanding structure or can include a pergola as an extended part of the building. It is a versatile addition that can enhance the aesthetics of the house while serving as a functional shade for the house.

The Myriad of Benefits of Having a Pergola

  • The pergola has inherent strength coupled with durability and appeal that stand out in the outdoor space. 
  • The pergola is highly adaptable. It can be custom-made depending on the interiors of the house;
  • The pergola is highly versatile. You can implement pergola ideas to create a retractable roof or sides, depending on your choice;
  • There are a variety of backyard pergola ideas that allow you to build retractable canopies and blinds that protect you from the sunlight.

Why do People Prefer Building or DIY Pergola?

Do-it-yourself projects are often guided by the practicality and personal choice of the performer. We would say a DIY pergola is comparatively cheaper, but the customization may result in an expensive endeavor. The low cost is the primary reason why people love opting for a pergola that can easily upgrade the backyard.

Pergolas are made up of fiberglass materials that are slim and lightweight, like aluminum. 

Customization allows you to choose between materials such as wood pergola, cedar pergola, etc. 

Now that we have a clear and appealing vision in mind for the pergola let us explore various pergola ideas that look modern yet striking.

1. A Hybrid Gazebo and Pergola Look

A Hybrid Gazebo and Pergola Look

One of the interesting pergola ideas for the backyard is to seamlessly blend the look & feel of the gazebo with the pergola. Meaning a closed structure that allows connection with the outdoors. The open ends allow the residents to enjoy the timeless view from the backyard during the enchanting sunset. It offers a perfect balance of both worlds.

2. Steel Pergola

Steel Pergola

A very sturdy pergola idea attached to the house is one designed with gray or dark steel. The sophisticated pergola easily compliments the deck or the balcony where it is built and imparts a sense of spaciousness to the house. 

3. Paper Lantern Pergola Decor

Paper Lantern Pergola Decor

An innovative pergola idea for the roof is adorning it with paper lanterns. This unique pergola idea infuses a sense of festivity and coziness for the residents. It enhances the aesthetics, and the inviting atmosphere instantly urges you to plan a beautiful surprise candle date with your loved ones. You can also add privacy to your backyard.

4. Deck Pergola Zones

Deck Pergola Zones

One of the outstanding pergola ideas for the backyard is to build a private pergola zone adjacent to the deck. The innovative idea differentiates the seating area from the pergola lounge and gives the house a beautiful look.

5. Pergola with Curtains

Pergola with Curtains

To make the pergola more practical and to enhance privacy inside, you can consider hanging curtains. This thoughtful placement provides desired protection during adverse conditions. You can drag your curtains down when not in use and enjoy the beautiful nature. 

6. Pergola Accent

Pergola Accent

If you are looking for a pergola idea for a small backyard that can add a touch of charm, this one’s for you. You can create a small pergola that develops an attractive accent to the deck or patio. The entire setup is small in size yet creates a stunning backdrop for unwinding. 

7. Poolside Pergola

Poolside Pergola

Give your pool a completely refreshed look with this outdoor pergola idea. The stylish pergola provides a cozy space for you to relax after a pool splash on sunny days. 

8. Column Pergola

Column Pergola

One of the outstanding pergola ideas with the roof is to use ribbed columns that look like they are reaching for the sky. You can adorn the columns with greens that climb upwards for an aesthetically appealing look.

9. Create an Oasis of Pergola

Create an Oasis of Pergola

If you have a grand terrace for yourself, it is time to upgrade it with this pergola idea for the terrace. You can create this rarest of rare looks for your home and invite your guests to enjoy the mesmerizing cityscape. How about the idea of including a standing bar in one of the corners?

10. Transitional Pergola

Transitional Pergola

A well-designed pergola can be a great extension of the house. You can design a transitional pergola that connects the house with other amenities like an outdoor kitchen, pool, or deck. The idea is to enhance the overall flow of your living space and create a cohesive outdoor experience. 

11. Trellis and Pergola

Trellis and Pergola

A great combination that goes with a pergola is a trellis screen. If you have a noisy neighborhood and want to create a peaceful private space by blocking the noise, this is an ideal pergola option to go for. 

12. Bohemian Style Pergola

Bohemian Style Pergola

White looks stunning, both on the interiors and exteriors alike. Bohemian pergola is highly influenced by the bohemian style of decorating the house. The key lies in well utilization of the space that enhances the functionality of the house. Include elements like a hammock, a wood table, a flexi decorative chair, and a lantern. Get ready to build a bohemian sanctuary for yourself. 

13. Kid-friendly Pergola

Kid friendly Pergola

Again, an interesting pergola idea for car parking is to design a kid-friendly pergola. You can place some playful elements like kids’ swings, a slide, or a trampoline that allows your kids to enjoy the pergola during your relaxation time. This pergola idea turns the space into a dynamic and enjoyable space for the entire family. 

14. Include Fan Element

Include Fan Element pergola

Yes, you read it right! It is a fan and not fun! For countries that experience equivalent hotness as cold, it becomes a limitation to enjoy pergolas during summer. This idea of putting a fan allows them to explore the outdoors even when it’s trenching hot outside.

15. Slat Wood Pergola

Slat Wood Pergola

The slat wood pergola idea looks a bit similar to wood paneling, and it’s a great way to create a private space in the backyard. This modern twist pergola idea consists of slat woods that are strategically placed two inches apart to create a covered and stylish look. 

16. Plant-decorated Pergola

Plant decorated Pergola

Wohooo… We have something for our plant enthusiasts, too, on the list. If your pergola feels a bit plain and lacks vibrancy, you can enhance it by hanging plants.

17. Illuminated with Lights Pergola

Illuminated with Lights Pergola

An engrossing outdoor pergola idea for the house is to decorate it using bulbs and plants. The simple yet effective idea helps in creating a stunning retreat to relax during the night. 

18. A Bamboo-covered Pergola

A Bamboo covered Pergola

For creating a charming farmhouse feel, consider using the rustic elegance of bamboo-covered pergola. The strategic placement of bamboo creates a visually appealing look while providing only partial shade. Well, you can complete the look by placing a cozy recliner that transforms this place into a haven.

19. A Blend of Steel and Wood

A Blend of Steel and Wood

To create a more coordinated look for the terrace in your house, this pergola idea is the best to go for. Here, you use a steel pillar and cover the shade with a light material that facilitates sunlight to filter through. We bet that the coordinated look will be much appreciated by your guests!

20. A Net-covered Pergola

A Net covered Pergola

For people living in regions where flies and insects are common, a net-covered pergola seems to be the perfect solution. This practical pergola idea allows you to enjoy the outdoor space without being constantly concerned about insect bites.

21. Iron Shade Pergola

Iron Shade Pergola

Pergolas are flexible and can be implemented with a variety of elements, some strong and some light. Using an iron shade is a great way to extend the backyard and create a soothing zen effect. The pergola is built to withstand tough weather, allowing you to rejoice in the house itself.

22. Roman Style Pergola

Roman Style Pergola

Roman-style pergolas are one of the most attractive patio pergola ideas for a house. You can create a Roman-style pergola using the highest quality materials like wood and stones. The elegant architecture that it creates is simply magnificent. 

23. A Pergola at the Entrance

A Pergola at the Entrance

If you have a huge space in your entrance and want to give it a distinctive, welcoming feel, you can consider creating a pergola. This pergola can be designed uniquely using steel pillars and a variety of color-shaded materials. The pergola idea enhances the entry feel of the bungalow.

24. Pergola using Chair Swing

Pergola using Chair Swing

Quite an interesting and innovative pergola idea is setting up a chair swing. While words can not explain the charm, it would be better to visualize this idea. The design just steals the attention.

25. Country Charm Pergola

Country Charm Pergola

It’s time to give your old pergola a modern, refreshing twist. Use materials like wood and climbing plants to create a picturesque look depicting the countryside. The country charm pergola perfectly fuses contemporary style with rustic charm.

So, That’s It!

Pergolas are more than a structure; they’re an experience that we look forward to. We have thoughtfully created this list of some traditional as well as modern pergola ideas. We welcome you to try these ideas and share your feedback with us.

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