30+ DIY Fire Pit Ideas for an Easy Backyard Makeover

Here are 30+ DIY fire pit ideas to help you turn your backyard or indoors into the ultimate camping ambiance. These inexpensive DIY fire pit ideas are a great way to save money. Where the article shares tricks from super-low cost repurposing objects to multifunctional decors. Check them out, and hopefully, these DIY fire pit ideas will encourage you to spend quality time with your family.

1. Multifunctional Fire Pit 

Multifunctional Fire Pit 

What’s better than multifunctional backyard fire pit ideas? We guess nothing. Use your old grill and stones to create a perfect B.B.Q session with an outdoor fire pit. This makes it easier for your next family gathering, where you don’t have to worry about setting up the B.B.Q. griller in your backyard. You can easily make this firepit out of standard brick masonry to give a rustic feel.

2. Diy Fire Pit Ideas: Partially Covered Fire Pit 

Diy Fire Pit Ideas: Partially Covered Fire Pit 

A half-covered fire pit with a decorative partial wall is an excellent choice if you are particularly concerned about the safety of your children and other elderly. The additional stone paving around the fire pit decreases the likelihood of the fire escaping, while the surrounding area is protected by the wall. These are back yard fire pit ideas.

3. Exposed Concrete Fire Pit 

Exposed Concrete Fire Pit 

This one tops the simple backyard fire pit ideas list as it’s super effortless to build, needing only one material. You can keep things basic with a concrete pit if bricks aren’t your thing. Build your unique forms, mix, and pour with concrete. Make certain that there is a protective layer between the concrete and the flames.

4. Easy Stacked Stone Fire Pit 

Easy Stacked Stone Fire Pit 

Use the available stones from your backyard like flagstone for these homemade DIY fire pit ideas. Also, note that most DIY fire pits can be adequately drained with a 6 to 12-inch deep gravel layer. The key to making a fail-proof DIY fire pit is to take your time stacking the stones in a natural arrangement.

5. Quick Cinder block Set Up

Quick Cinder block Set Up

Cinder blocks are a good solution for simple backyard fire pit ideas. You can experiment with the laying of the bricks to form a unique shape. Furthermore, it’s a good option to extend the theme of cinder blocks to other landscaping elements like edging for the walls, landscape blocks for the corners, and many more.

6. Fire Pit Ideas Made of Wood

Fire Pit Ideas Made of Wood

A wood-burning fire pit? Don’t worry, it’s safe and easy because the body can be coated with a sheet of metal or any other fire resistance material to keep it from catching fire. The design gives the impression of luxury and timelessness while still being under the budget. You can apply fire pit ideas backyard.

7. Patio Table and Fire Pit

Patio Table and Fire Pit

Hunting for simple backyard fire pit ideas that cohesively match your patio? Your hunt ends here. With the patio table fire pit, your fire pit can serve double duty. When it’s finished, it’ll make a great addition to your backyard. Although you might need Welding and propane heating knowledge for this DIY project.

8. Super Easy Diy Fire Pit Ideas: Bricks 

Super Easy Diy Fire Pit Ideas: Bricks 

We can’t deny that old bricks can be used for a variety of creative DIY projects, including the making of a fire pit. The repurposed brick fire pit concept keeps things simple while being inexpensive!

9. Tree Rings as a Fire Pit

Tree Rings as a Fire Pit

If you’re not sure where you want to position your DIY fire pit, opt for this one. This design is easy to take down and relocate. You need fewer materials like a bunch of stone, pebbles, and concrete tree rings, making the whole relocation easier.

10. A DIY Fire Pit with a Metal Fire Ring

A DIY Fire Pit with a Metal Fire Ring

Using a metal fire ring, like the one in the image, is a pretty innovative and useful concept. You can start the project with a fire pit outline that is somewhat larger than required.

After removing the grass and leveling the ground, the ring can be placed in the center. Around the fire ring, you can have multiple layers of materials of your desired need, from stone, and concrete to brick. 

11. Embrace Your Greens

Embrace Your Greens

Why spend money on a fire pit when you can use the natural surroundings to create a more relaxing atmosphere? This DIY fire pit idea can give the perfect pop of color without being too loud.

12. Fire Pit with Patio Space

Fire Pit with Patio Space

Who says simple backyard fire pit ideas can’t include some extra space for the guests and family friends? An outdoor fire pit with seatings made out of old wooden benches can serve as the focal point of a gathering area. This makes the fire pit add to another gathering space of your house.

13. DIY Fire Pit Ideas: Rim of a Tractor Tyre

DIY Fire Pit Ideas: Rim of a Tractor Tyre

Yes, you’ve heard it right! We know although not everyone has access to tractor tires, your car rims can also be used to make a miniature version of this fire pit. Using the rim creates a perfect shape and eliminates the cost of excavating.

14. Go for Fire Pit in the Ground

Go for Fire Pit in the Ground

Perhaps an in-ground fire pit would be more appealing to you than installing your DIY fire pit above ground, adding more aesthetic appeal. But keep in mind that the location you select will be permanent.

15. Play with the Materials

Play with the Materials

Experimenting with different materials while making a fire pit is practical and sometimes even attractive. Perhaps this concept cannot be planned from the start or you might not have strict steps to follow, but the process can result in some unique output.

16. Don’t forget the Fire Pit Area 

Don’t forget the Fire Pit Area 

DIY fire pit ideas don’t have to limit themselves to only the pit, you can spruce up the surrounding area from the ground up in just a weekend. For example, complete the fire pit with a brick table and four-five wooden benches around it. This idea can serve as a permanent addition that can easily accommodate larger people.

17. Flameless Tabletop Fire Pit

 Flameless Tabletop Fire Pit

Filling any unused pot and bowl with flameless candles and clear jewels produces a creative imitation fire pit. This can make your DIY fire pit safe to bring anywhere inside the house. Plus, even when the pit is not lit, the decor piece will look stunning wherever it is put around the house.

18. DIY Fire Pit Game Table Cover

DIY Fire Pit Game Table Cover

Another fire pit cover, but this one is super cool and unique— that it is painted with a checkers board. In a couple of seconds, the simple cover transforms a fire pit area into a competitive game zone. When the sun begins to set and you need some warmth, simply remove the cover and light your pit.

19. Peculiar Fire Pit Designs

Peculiar Fire Pit Designs

Searching for crazy DIY fire pit ideas? Your search ends here. With unique paving around the pit, your design will stand out from the crowd. This is one of the easiest and most effective outdoor fire pit ideas, demonstrating how a tiny alteration can completely transform the appearance of your pit. 

20. Simple Cement Blocks 

Simple Cement Blocks 

This is probably one of the easiest DIY fire pit ideas. Cement can be easily available for any use, you can simply begin by determining the precise site, then leveling the ground and preparing the space. Mark the area, pour the cement, and you’re done! 

21. Make A Fire Pit Out Of A Small Koi Pond

Make A Fire Pit Out Of A Small Koi Pond

If you are facing the challenge of an unused Koi pond, optimize it for something more purposeful like this one. Converting this barren space into a fire pit can be an adorable transformation. The organic and uneven shapes can give the entire fire theme an organic concept without having to rethink the design.

22. DIY Fire Pit Coffee Table

DIY Fire Pit Coffee Table

If zoning two different functions seem difficult, why not combine them into one? Consider using a DIY wood cover to transform your current pit into a table into a beautiful coffee table. So when you’re not using your fire pit, the coffee table board slides onto it, and when you’re ready for a toasty open flame, it slides off, how brilliant!

23. DIY Stone Fire Pit Seating

DIY Stone Fire Pit Seating

When you can design a pleasant fire pit area with built-in stone seating, why bring external chairs to a fire pit? The circular seating can be made up of retaining walls which also serve as seating. Where you can use the pavers to surround the area and pea gravel that fills in the gaps.

24. Repurposed Fire Pit

Repurposed Fire Pit

Using your old washing machine drum is a wonderful option if you’re searching for outdoor fire pit ideas that are super convenient and portable. Not only will it keep you warm and in vogue, but it’ll also be a terrific upcycling project that can be fun to make. 

25. Mix-Match DIY Fire Pit Idea 

Mix-Match DIY Fire Pit Idea 

Of course, your DIY fire pit does not need to be flawless or symmetrical to look amazing and serve its purpose. It can be an excellent focal point for the backyard for playing with different shapes and sizes of stones. The varying shapes can give the design a highly realistic and one-of-a-kind appearance.

26. An Indoor Fire Pit 

An Indoor Fire Pit 

As delightful as traditional outdoor fire pits are, you can only use them when the outside weather is nice. What if you wanted to experience the same level of comfort indoors?

Don’t be afraid to create a tiny portable fire pit that can also use on the porch. For making the situation around the fire pit safe, use a glass or any other protective layer.

27. Comfy Bench near Fire Pit

Comfy Bench near Fire Pit

Are you ready to take your DIY fire pit ideas to the next level? Then this in-ground fire pit with surrounding seating might be the perfect weekend project for you and your family. The seating can take any form depending on the pit’s shape, either its circular wooden or concrete square bench, the seating is sure to complete the fire pit zone. Additionally, it can also serve as a storage location for fuel.

28. Opt for a Colorful Corner

Opt for a Colorful Corner

Never underestimate the power of a bright splash of color in your landscape. A brightly painted tree, pots, and planters add personality to an otherwise uninteresting fire pit area.

29. Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

It’s hard to believe that a wine barrel can work effortlessly with DIY fire pit ideas. It serves as a perfect container to hide a full-sized propane tank that, when turned on, generates a warm and welcome blaze.

30. Dreamy String Lights 

Dreamy String Lights 

Your fairytale fire pit area can be brought to life by a stone fire pit, an interlocking paver patio, relaxing chairs, and simple yet beautiful string lights. They can also help keep the fire pit zone bright and warm during cold weather. 

31. Add Some Art

Add Some Art

When in doubt, throw in some art in your DIY fire pit idea, This can be anything from your personalized piece to something well thought out. The art near the fire zone adds a sense of drama to any fire pit setup. Other fantastic fire pit concepts? Add colorful accents, such as pillows and plants, to the space.

5 Tips Can Come in Handy Before You Buy or Build Your Fire Pit

  1. For the best warmth and radiance, a fire pit should be between ground level to 20 inches tall.
  2. Drainage should be provided for outdoor fire pits. For example, A layer of gravel at the bottom of an in-ground fire pit or drain holes in a fire bowl can be incorporated.
  3. Avoid building a fire pit without first obtaining permission from the local government. As they may be restricted in size, placement, material, and fuel type by your local government. 
  4. Because certain concrete or natural rocks can burst under high temperatures, choose materials wisely that are developed for fire pits, such as fire bricks, lava rocks, lava pebbles, or fire glass.
  5. To avoid fire and chemical risks such as flame sparks and carbon monoxide, consider extreme caution in the design

Perhaps You Must Have Started Thinking of Your Unique Concepts in Mind After Seeing These DIY Fire Pit Ideas?

So make sure you get your s’mores fixed this summer with these DIY fire pit ideas. A DIY fire pit does not have to be difficult to construct, despite its menacing appearance. These 31 DIY fire pit ideas will help you get your DIY mode on for the summer. Prepare to appreciate the warm crackle of your fire pit on those long summer evenings.


What Are the Materials Required to Make a Fire Pit at Home?

Concrete Blocks 
Stones Bricks
Wooden blocks
A shovel (to dig)
Mixture of cement
Metal Pit Ring 
Paints (if needed.)
Although bricks and concrete blocks are the easiest materials to work with, you can also use glass, reclaimed metal, or even old flower pots to build a DIY fire pit. Just make sure whatever you choose is fireproof and safe.

Is it Possible to Make an Indoor DIY Fire Pit?

Yes, most people choose to build a fire pit in their backyard since it is easier to clean up. But the good news is that you very certainly can. During the harsh winter months, indoor fire pits can be utilized to warm up a sitting room or lounge area. Building a fire pit indoors, on the other hand, is a large undertaking, and you’ll need to make sure it’s gas-powered, as wood-burning fires aren’t safe to have within.

What is better? DIY Fire Pit vs. Pre-made Fire Pit

The key to selecting a new fire pit is understanding which type is most suited to your requirements. Before choosing between a premade or DIY fire pit for your property, think about your budget and the quality of the fire pit. You should also consider which activities will help you to make the most of your outdoor oasis and create lasting memories.

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