25+ Bedroom Color Ideas for Every Style

Whether you adore neutral tones or crave colorful palettes, these bedroom color ideas will inspire you to redecorate.

Choosing bedroom colors can quickly refresh your space. A new color scheme can completely transform your room’s ambiance in just a matter of hours. Whether you prefer a calm, neutral sleeping area or a snug dark palette, the options are vast. However, it’s not just about the mood you want to create; there are practical considerations, too. Consider the room’s orientation;

Does it face north or south? 

How much sunlight does it receive? 

Also, think about how the paint color will appear in both natural daylight and lamplight. 

Size matters, too; do you aim for a snug or expansive feel? 

Do you want to emphasize height or create a welcoming atmosphere?

There’s a lot more to consider beyond appearance, but don’t fret! We cover various bedroom paint color ideas, providing plenty of inspiring bedroom color ideas and expert advice to assist you in making informed decisions.

Bedroom Color Schemes

Color schemes play a big part in our daily lives, especially in our sleeping space. The bedroom is where you can really try out different colors. You can mix contrasting hues to create a personal touch or go for classic shades like whites and beiges for a more traditional feel.

Picking out from the array of bedroom color scheme ideas might seem like a lot, but it’s actually not that hard to figure out and get right.

What’s the Best Way to Pick Colors for Your Bedroom?

To pick the right bedroom colors, it’s key to understand the color wheel and how each color works together. While other people’s ideas can inspire you, the colors you choose should really match your personality.

Follow these steps to pick the perfect color scheme for your bedroom:

  • Begin by thinking about what you like. Pick colors that relax you and make you feel comfortable.
  • Check out the colors of your furniture and other stuff. If your bedspread or curtains have a color, pick colors that go well with them.
  • Think about how big your room is. If it’s small, choose lighter colors to make it seem bigger. Darker colors might make a small room feel even smaller.
  • Think about the room’s style. For a modern look, go for bright, clean colors like grey, white, or beige. If you prefer a traditional feel, consider colors such as navy, burgundy, or hunter-green.
  • Pick colors from the same family to make everything look harmonious.

Which Colors Work Best for a Bedroom?

Many reasons can make falling asleep tricky. While not the only solution, trying out a new bedroom color scheme could make a difference.

It boils down to picking relaxing bedroom wall color ideas, but what qualifies as calming? According to Donna Frasca, a color expert and holistic designer in Charlotte, North Carolina, when people seek soothing bedroom colors, they often lean towards greys and blues.

The National Sleep Foundation actually recommends neutrals with cool tones such as blue, charcoal, silver, grey, and seafoam for better sleep. Being around these calming colors might even help lower blood pressure.

Frasca mentions that these “coastal colors” are popular picks for bedrooms because they’re linked with calmness, but they’re pretty common. She suggests looking into the research and trends but not solely depending on them. Since colors impact everyone in unique ways, it’s crucial to think about how specific shades and combinations make you feel.

For example, warmer tones like blush, sand, ochre, and clay can make a space feel pleasant and inviting. Mid-range shades like surplus green, olive, and taupe are seen as neutral and calming. White and similar colors, such as ivory, beige, and cream, create a serene and calming tone.

There’s no one-size-fits-all perfect bedroom paint colors ideas for unwinding and getting good sleep. When you’re checking out designs, pay attention to the color combinations that catch your eye, whether positively or negatively. While mellow and cool colors are often good choices, if a certain color attracts you or puts you off, trust your gut and go for it.

Best Bedroom Color Ideas

Apart from current trends, your own reactions to different colors are probably shaped by your memories and personal experiences. If you’re unsure about how to design your bedroom, checking out some examples could be useful.

Sure, browsing through Pinterest and relevant Instagram hashtags is a good way to begin. But if you’re seeking carefully selected ideas and practical advice, you’re in the right spot.

Below, discover popular bedroom color ideas for an inviting bedroom space.

1. Black Color Bedroom Ideas

Black Color Bedroom Ideas

Opting for a dark wall color can make your bedroom feel snug, but balance it out to avoid a gloomy undertone. For the best master bedroom color ideas, combine charcoal or black with plenty of white elements. For instance, white-painted floors, light-colored lamps, and bedding in shades of white and linen create a refreshing contrast against the warm black-brown setting of the bedroom.

2. Blue Bedroom Colors Ideas

Blue Bedroom Colors Ideas

Transform your bedroom into a serene spa retreat by painting it with a calming, watery blue hue. If there’s no crown molding, try painting both the walls and ceiling in the same color for a seamless appearance. Keep the flow going with straightforward curtains in a matching tone. Complete the look with a neutral rug and upholstery to bring a balance to the overall color scheme.

3. Pink Color Bedroom Ideas

Pink color bedroom

Pink often gets picked for girls’ bedrooms. It’s a gentle, feminine color that can vary from soft blush to vibrant fuchsia. Brighter pinks bring energy, while lighter shades create a loving and calm atmosphere. Pink works well in bedrooms with floral or princess themes, adding a lovely touch to the décor.

4. Purple Color Bedroom Ideas

Purple color bedroom

Using purple in decor takes some confidence. It tends to dominate the room, taking over most of the decor and furniture. But when used as a bedroom paint color, purple can give the space a youthful and luxurious feel. It often brings a royal and elegant touch since purple is strongly linked to luxury.

5. Sage Green Bedroom Color Ideas

Sage green color bedroom

Certain bedroom paint colors, such as sage green, bring a sense of luxury. When paired with metallic touches like gold, green can add a lavish feel to the room. If you want to sleep like royalty, consider this regal bedroom paint idea.

6. Gray Bedroom Color Ideas

Gray color bedroom

In an older house, rooms might have uneven lines and different textures. Painting both the walls and ceiling in a dark color, like gray, helps smooth out those quirks, making everything blend better. Adding a modern touch, you can include a lustrous chandelier.

7. Orange Bedroom Color Ideas

Orange color bedroom

If you’ve never thought about using orange in the bedroom, this design might change your mind. A subtle burnt orange with hints of brown looks great with neutral colors like tan or white. Choose a neutral shade with warm undertones to complement the brown hues in the orange.

8. Coastal Bedroom Color Ideas

Coastal bedroom ideas

Can’t you pick from the perfect master bedroom paint color ideas? Try using different shades of the same color, known as tone-on tone. Painting bedrooms with various shades of blue can bring a beachy feel and a delightful undertone. Apply lighter shades on the walls to bounce light around and make the room seem more luminous.

9. Scandinavian Classic Bedroom Color Ideas

Scandinavian style bedroom

For a Scandinavian-style bedroom, go for a mix of wood and white colors. Neutral tones like white work great in small spaces, but adding wood finishes adds warmth. Wood brings in a natural feel, evoking the outdoors and making the room inviting. It’s one of the top bedroom color combos for a peaceful night’s sleep.

10. Neutral Bedroom Color Ideas

Neutral Bedroom Color

Want color ideas for bedroom beyond white? Experiment with layering neutral colors. Combining whites, peaches, beiges, and creams creates a classy look while brightening up the room with gentle, light tones.

11. Blush Pink Bedroom Color Ideas

Blush pink color bedroom

For a calming bedroom, consider blush pink for the walls. You can incorporate it as an accent wall or sprinkle this color throughout your furnishings. Despite common beliefs, bedroom paint colors like pink don’t need to be associated with a specific gender. They complement any setting beautifully.

12. Coral Bedroom Color Ideas

Coral color bedroom

Consider trying coral for your room paint. It’s a unique blend of orange and soft pink. This color combo can bring serenity to your bedroom. Opt for an accent wall in coral and keep the other walls neutral for the best effect.

13. Cream Bedroom Color Ideas

Cream color bedroom

Picking the perfect bedroom wall color really comes down to personal taste. But if you’re looking for small bedroom color ideas, we’d suggest cream. It brings a touch of sophistication to your small space while being easier to maintain than white.

14. Terracotta Bedroom Color Ideas

Terracotta color bedroom

For top bedroom color ideas, consider terracotta. It’s a fantastic choice. Though not as commonly used, painting your bedroom in terracotta can create a stunning effect. This unique hue adds warmth and makes your bedroom feel snuggly and welcoming.

15. Pale Greige Bedroom Color Ideas

Pale Greige color bedroom

Can’t pick between grey and beige? Try both! This special shade, often called ‘greige,’ works wonders in contemporary bedrooms. To keep your space from feeling too uniform, mix in furnishings in gentle hues like blue and pale pink.

16. Ivory Bedroom Color Ideas

Ivory color bedroom

White remains an enduring bedroom paint choice; it’s timeless. Whether your space is intimate or spacious, white always fits right in. If you’re aiming for grandeur, an all-white room like this is a perfect pick.

17. Monochromatic Bedroom Color Ideas

Orange Monochromatic Bedroom Color

When you’re in your room a lot, you probably want it to reflect your style, right? That often means filling it with your favorite knick-knacks and souvenirs. Opting for monochrome bedroom colors can create a perfect backdrop for whatever vibe you want your bedroom to have.

18. Wooden Tones Bedroom Color Ideas

Wooden Tone bedroom color

This color is an eternally classic for bedrooms that never lose their charm. Wood brings nature, warmth, and comfort to mind. Decorating your room with wood can make it feel cozy and give off a welcoming air. While heavy woodwork takes up space, that probably doesn’t bother you, does it?

19. Mint Green Bedroom Color Ideas

Mint green bedroom color

Mint green offers a soothing sight after a tiring day, helping you relax and destress. It’s one of the top colors for easing your eyes after a day of screen time. Not to mention, it looks fantastic on bedroom walls and works wonders in smaller rooms that could use a little boost!

20. Black and White Bedroom Color Ideas

Black and White Bedroom Color

The pairing of black and white never goes out of style. This bedroom color combo can completely change the feel of a room based on which color you emphasize. Using black as the main hue and adding white accents and accessories can create a moody, stylish, and sensual space.

21. Gray and White Bedroom Color Ideas

Gray and white bedroom color

Gray and white make a popular color combo for a few good reasons. It’s straightforward, matches lots of decor styles, and works well with various accent colors. Plus, you can switch out accents without needing to repaint the whole room. Opt for warmer shades of gray and white to keep your bedroom feeling homey.

22. Red and Gray Bedroom Color Ideas

Red and Gray Bedroom Color

Covering everything in fire engine red might not create the most relaxing bedroom. Yet, adding pops of vivid red alongside warm gray and other neutral colors can give your bedroom a stylish and attractive look. This color mix particularly suits contemporary designs.

23. Yellow Bedroom Color Ideas

Yellow bedroom color

Yellow brings vibrancy and energy to a bedroom, filling it with warmth. Deeper tones like mustard or ochre can add richness, while lighter shades like lemon or butter yellow create a cheerful aura. Yellow also fits well in bedrooms with a retro or vintage style.

24. Lavender Bedroom Color Ideas

Lavender bedroom color

Decorating a bedroom with lavender might create a calm and pleasant element, perfect for relaxation. Darker lavender tones add a touch of refinement, while lighter shades bring in a soothing and feminine feel. Lavender also fits beautifully in bedrooms with a boho or shabby chic style.

25. All White Bedroom Color Ideas

All White Bedroom Color

A bedroom dressed all in white can create a calm and serene mood while making the space feel brighter and more spacious. This choice suits both traditional and contemporary designs and can be spruced up with natural textures and colors for added appeal.

26. Brown Bedroom Color Ideas

Brown bedroom color

Brown brings an inviting feel to a bedroom, making it feel snug and warm. Lighter shades, such as taupe and beige, offer a calming and neutral base for other decor. On the other hand, darker tones like chocolate, caramel, and espresso add depth and richness to the space.

27. Aqua Bedroom Color Ideas

Aqua bedroom color

Aqua is a calming and refreshing color that’s perfect for creating a peaceful and serene bedroom ambiance. It pairs well with natural materials and white accents and suits coastal or beach-themed bedrooms.

28. Soft Yellow Bedroom Color Ideas

Soft Yellow Bedroom Color

Yellow brings a cheerful and energizing ambiance that can make a bedroom feel warm and pleasant. Light yellow works well for bedrooms, especially in tones like buttercup and lemon. They add a gentle brightness without being too overwhelming.

29. Light Green Bedroom Color Ideas

Light green bedroom color

Green remains a favorite bedroom color, especially softer shades like light green that bring in clean, earthiness for a soothing feel. If you want a more natural and grounded bedroom, try out a light green shade. They pair well with accent colors like purple, blue, white, and orange.

30. Cranberry Red Bedroom Color Ideas

Cranberry red bedroom color

It’s bold yet regal. It pairs wonderfully with black, brown, white, and even neutral bedroom decor. Consider an accent wall, or go all-in and paint the entire bedroom this striking color.

What’s the Best Paint for Bedroom Walls?

The best paint for your bedroom walls depends on a few things, like your personal preferences, lighting, the room’s design, and overall color scheme. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. But here are some popular options for bedroom walls:

  • Matte or Flat Finish Paints 

These non-reflective paints can hide wall imperfections, giving your bedroom a cozy, velvety look and feel.

  • Metallic Paint 

Adding a touch of glamour, metallic paint brings shine and grace to your walls, though it might require more coats and be pricier.

  • Satin or Eggshell Finish Paints 

They offer a subtle sheen, giving your bedroom a soft and sleek appearance, plus they’re easy to clean.

  • Textured Paint 

Creating depth and a unique look, textured paint adds intrigue to your bedroom, but it might be a bit challenging to work with.

  • Low or No VOC Paints 

These are healthy options without harmful substances, ideal for creating a safe and allergy-friendly bedroom atmosphere.

  • Water-based Emulsion Paint 

It dries quickly; it’s easy to apply and clean, making it a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

  • High Gloss Paint

With a shiny surface, high gloss paint offers a bold and modern look, but it might need more maintenance and could highlight wall flaws. In the end, pick a paint that suits your needs and style while considering factors like lighting and your room’s overall color scheme.


What is the best color for a bedroom?

There are a plethora of bedroom paint color ideas depending on your personal choices. However, you can never go wrong with neutral tones.

What color is relaxing for a bedroom?

When it comes to relaxing bedroom wall color ideas, nothing beats the tones of blue. You can either opt for sky blue or blue-grey for tranquility.

What color promotes sleep?

The color red is said to induce sleep as it helps your brain produce the sleep hormone melatonin.

Should I paint my bedroom dark?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with painting your bedroom in dark colors. However, make sure you add some metallic or light accents to balance the overall look.


Choosing the right bedroom color can be fun and exciting. It’s all about your taste and the aura you want in your room. The best paint color for your bedroom is the one you adore, reflecting your personality and style. Remember, the perfect paint color for your bedroom is the one that feels right to you. This post covered some top bedroom color ideas. 

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