Six Essential Pool Maintenance Tips For Pool Owners in Windermere, Florida

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason, and even though you’re just a few hours away from the beach, it’s still nice to have a pool in the backyard. Having a pool means that you’re going to add another thing to your list of chores, as pools are hard work. They require regular maintenance, cleaning, and having a pool cleaning service. With regard to pool cleaning service, Windermere, FL, has many skilled experts.

If you’ve recently installed a pool or just moved to a house with a pool, then you should keep the below maintenance tips in mind. 

Pool Maintenance Tips

Start Skimming

Even if you don’t know anything about pools, you probably already know what skimming is. Many experts recommend that skimming is done daily to keep all leaves and debris from getting into drains. It doesn’t take too long, but it’s something you’re going to have to make sure that your pool is clean.  If you have an above-ground pool then make sure that you only use the recommended pool vacuum to clean dirt and debris.

Scrubbing is Very Important

After skimming, the next thing you’re going to be doing a lot is scrubbing. Algae can quickly build up along the outer edges of your pool tiles, and you’ll need to be scrubbing about once every week. The easiest thing to do is purchase a scrub brush, which will give you enough power to remove any algae grown. 

Pool Maintenance of Scrubbing

Check the Chemicals

While you won’t have to break out a hazmat suit, your pool needs to be chemically balanced. Too much of one chemical could give your pool a murky look or could cause skin irritation. Your summer hangout spot could become the top place to avoid. For the complete guide, the CDC has a few tips on the levels of chemicals about which every pool owner should know. 

Even if you’re not a chemist, testing the water is incredibly easy. You can buy a couple of testing kits, fill them with water from your pool, and wait a few seconds for the result. Pretty easy!

Monitor the Water Level

While pools may not be subject to the dangers of climate change, you do need to keep a close eye on the water level. Having water that’s too high or too low can cause a number of issues for your pool. Water that’s too high will allow debris to pass through a filter without being pulled into the skimmer itself.

Water that’s too low may damage your skimmer as it pulls in the air instead of debris. It may also run the pump dry and cause a severe malfunction

Have a Professional on Hand

Sometimes, there may be issues that arise that seem out of your skill level, or you feel that your pool needs a deep clean. That doesn’t mean you should skirt around the process by doing some maintenance yourself, but hire a pool cleaning service. With regard to pool cleaning service Windermere, FL, has plenty of options, and this service is smart for you and your pool’s health. 

Have a Professional on Hand for Pool Maintenance

A professional service can look at everything, from the equipment to make sure your chemicals are correctly balanced. Even though you might be a good steward, it never hurts to have a professional take a look at your pool. 

Don’t Forget About the Pool Deck

It’s not just the pool itself you need to be taking care of, but also your pool deck! The easiest thing to do is to power wash your deck every month or so. Power washing is not to get rid of debris, but dirt and grime that have built up over time across your deck. The process also involves a lot of fun!

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