Tips To Consider In Finding The Right Mission Viejo Pool Service Provider

Not everyone in Mission Viejo, California has the luxury to have a swimming pool in their homes or commercial premises. However, while it is like a dream come true for those who could afford, the tedious maintenance that comes with having one is not easy to keep up. More so, it is another expense that has to be budgeted regularly. 

Tips in Finding the Right Mission Viejo Pool Service Provider

While do-it-yourself pool maintenance is possible, more often than not, it is not the most viable solution as proper cleaning has to be carried out by more than a pair of hands and needs the right materials, tools, and equipment to serve its purpose. Oftentimes, seeking quality and reliable Mission Viejo pool services is a far clever and more cost-efficient decision. On that note, here are tips to bear in mind in looking for the right pool service provider in Mission Viejo:

Mission Viejo Pool Service Provider

1. Actual referrals are more reliable than online reviews.

Feedback and highly acclaimed testimonials of customers can be easily submitted and displayed on the web. However, not all of them are real. Some may be paid and full of biases. If you are to consider online referrals and actual referrals, it is better to choose the latter. Since only a minority in Mission Viejo have swimming pools, it should be easy to ask who your fellow pool owners’ trusted providers are when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance. Do also note which companies you should avoid. 

2. Doing some research puts you steps closer to the right provider.

Once you have the referrals, you should proceed with doing more research about each of your final options by vising their company website to check out what services each of the companies offer, how much they cost, how they are done, etc. Moreover, you should consider the following essential areas:

  • The Company’s Experience

Experience is a vital factor that will check whether the company has gained expertise in handling swimming pool services or he has hired seasoned professionals to get the job done and done right albeit recently joining the industry. The experience likewise indicates if the company knows what it is supposed to do when it comes to pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. 

  • The Company’s Reputation

It is likewise vital to consider the pool service company’s reputation to easily gauge how likely they are to satisfy you with their services or the other way around. Reputation can be built over the years. However, new ones can still offer the same excellence. You just have to open your eyes wider. 

Mission Viejo Pool Service Provider

3. Look for credentials

A Mission Vieja pool service company with wide experience in the field will have acquired proper credentials, licenses, and permits to be operating. This includes permits health authorities have issued. If the company you’re considering was not able to show any relevant papers and certificates, then it should raise a red flag. 

4. Ask they’re possible quotes

Make sure to know the price estimates of each company’s services before you make your final choice. Sincere and reliable ones will be willing to visit your site to take an actual look at your pool and other relevant factors to provide the closest estimate. As soon as you are given the estimates, make a comparison right away. 

5. Request for a trial service

If the company allows it, a trial period will be a big plus to see if the company is truly worth choosing or otherwise. During the trial period, be keen as much as possible about their professionalism and quality of work, i.e.:

  • if they arrive on time
  • if they work diligently even without supervision
  • how well-mannered and courteous they are
  • if they are transparent with their progress
  • if they take your suggestions into account light-headedly
  • how the results turned out

If they did well and satisfied you with their performance, then hiring them will feel right. It’s how things should be; they should feel right as you go along. 

Mission Viejo Pool Service Provider

6. Set your expectations clear

To avoid any disappointments or issues, the pool service provider you are going to hire must know precisely what you want and what areas or services are off-limits to them. Once you make this clause clear, it will be easier for you to find the Mission Viejo pool service company with the services that you exactly need. 

7. Choosing a one-stop pool service provider can be cost-efficient

You will come to some pool service companies in Mission Viejo offering different ranges of services. Choosing wisely means taking all your requirements into account and selecting the provider who can deliver all your needs. On that note, you’d know if the company has all that you will need if it can professionally help on the following areas:

  • Weekly Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Light Repair, seeing to it that damaged fixtures are replaced as necessary and the electrical works are taken care of.
  • Filter Cleaning, ensuring that pool water is consistently crystal clear.
  • Acid Washes, to maintain the brand new look and shine of the pool surface.
  • Equipment Repair and Upgrade, covering necessary repairs and other maintenance needs or upgrades and installations of pumps, filters, motors, heaters.
  • Salt System Conversions, to make sure that the pool water remains clean without the annoying chlorine scent.
  • Spa Covers, to trap the heat inside the pool or spa and protect the water and the rest of the surface from debris or sunlight. 
  • Pool Start-up Services, for new pool owners who need assistance when it comes to having safe and chemically balanced pool water.
choose Mission Viejo Pool Service Provider

The right company will always make sure that high quality of services is maintained by putting quality control measures, oftentimes in the form of post-service feedback and suggestions while protecting the customers’ identities. 


Written reports that show what went through every maintenance session are also important pieces that you can ask from your Mission Viejo pool service provider to ensure that small problems are timely addressed and do not escalate into bigger ones. 

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