6 Reasons To Get a Wrought Iron Door For Your Home

Sales of wrought iron doors have risen dramatically over the past ten years, and this market trend shows little sign of slowing down. This style of door is as varied as the people who choose them, and it is a chance for a homeowner to display his/her unique sense of style as they communicate opulence from the very first point of entry to their home.

Just why have wrought iron doors become a homeowner’s favorite? The answer lies in unique features of this type of door that few others have; let’s take a look at what makes these doors so popular.


A black double door with glass panels and a light fixture

Sad as it may be, the crime rate is something to consider when choosing doors for your home. A wrought iron door offers greater protection against unlawful entry and theft of your home than any other type of door on the market. They provide clear sight of anyone wishing to gain access to your home, and it is possible to interact with strangers in the safety and security of your home.

Not even a battering ram can get past these doors; this is why the wrought iron gate was the preferred choice for castles, manors, and grand homes of yesteryear. Your home might not have the stature of some of these former structures, but what is inside is every bit as valuable, and it deserves to be protected as such.


A door that has a glass design on it

Generally speaking, it is harder to penetrate a wrought iron door than other types of doors such as wood or fiberglass. The strength and durability of your door will depend largely on the quality and thickness of the steel used, as well as the pattern or design that is presented therein.

Wrought iron doors are built to stand the test of time; they require little maintenance, and with the proper rust-protectant coating, they will retain their strength and durability for a lifetime of use.


A pair of double doors in front of a brick building

Wrought iron doors, with all of their versatility in style and design, are aesthetically pleasing. Many who make the switch from a conventional door to a wrought iron door are taken aback at the transformative powers that this feature has on their home. Detailed craftsmanship, strength, and design make your wrought iron door not just a utilitarian object, but a valued piece of artwork that completes the look of your home.


A black gate with a bird on top of it

These beautifully strong works of art are not only used for outside doors, but they are also being chosen for ornate decorative doors for use in other locations as well. A well-placed wrought iron garden gate adds charm to your landscaping, while those of us lucky enough to have wine cellars can install a wrought iron masterpiece to herald the entrance to the magical storehouse. The sky’s the limit when deciding how to best use their design and strength to beautify all kinds of places in and around your home.


Due to their thickness and build, wrought iron doors seal in the warmth during the winter and the cool during the summer ā€“ acting as a preventative measure toward sky-high heating and cooling bills. It will help to enhance your heating and cooling measures while adding a layer of sophistication and beauty to your home.


Regardless of where you choose to install them, the addition of wrought iron doors and gates in and around your home will exponentially increase your home’s value and add character and charm to your property. Remodeling Magazineā€™s study on cost versus value found that a wrought iron door offers the highest ROI of any other home improvement project.

The presence of wrought iron communicates opulence, strength, and something of a lavish lifestyle; all of this is evident the moment that others behold your home via a curbside view. If you are looking to add value to your home, whether for you or for resale, consider the addition of wrought iron to class it up!

Basically what the important thing is that main door design should be the best as it leaves the first impression just while entering the home.

Now you have a difficult choice—narrowing down your options and deciding which look and function are right for you and your home. Regardless of what you choose, you are bound to beautify and fortify your home while putting your own unique touch on your property. Start shopping!

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