Roof Replacement Birmingham – How the Weather Affects Roofing in Birmingham AL

Severe weather could adversely impact your expensive roof. Inclement weather conditions could damage your roof all of a sudden or over time. Roofing contractors in Birmingham, Alabama possess the expertise and skill to repair all the damages caused by severe weather conditions or natural catastrophes and they are even well-equipped to guide you in filing a claim with insurance firms for covering the damage. However, it is of pivotal importance to have sound knowledge of how vulnerable your roof is and the weather-associated factors that have a negative impact on your expensive roof. 

Roof Replacement Birmingham

Impact of Storms on Your Roof

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are quite common in Birmingham AL. These are a somewhat regular feature during the winter months and the fall season. The city has witnessed several severe tornadoes in recent years. In 2011, Birmingham was hit by an EF4tornado. Hurricanes are not a common feature, however, the city seems to be located quite close to a recognized hurricane path.

Remember thunderstorms could have a devastating effect on the roof in many ways. High winds could be blowing off shingles resulting in empty spaces that necessitate reroofing. There are several indirect effects of a storm on your roof. Strong winds could uproot trees and often tree branches could fall on your roof damaging the fundamental roof structure along with roof shingles. Contact experienced roof contractors at Honest Abe Roofing Birmingham for prompt and perfect roofing solutions.

Impact of Hail on Your Roof

As per, we have found 36 cases of on-the-ground hail reports in the Birmingham region and the city has experienced severe weather warnings around 53 times during the course of the last twelve months. Moreover, we are told that Doppler radar has successfully detected hail near or at Birmingham on as many as 116 occasions last year.

We know that when temperatures dip, rain could be freezing and getting transformed into hail. Hail could be quite a fascinating phenomenon for many but hail could prove to be quite detrimental to buildings, cars, and homes and is responsible for damages in terms of millions of dollars annually. There is hardly an effective way of safeguarding your roof from hail. It is a good idea to seek expert advice from a qualified roofing contractor to identify the damages or determine the exact extent of damages. Hails could prove to be devastating and may leave cracks and holes in your roof. Over time, you need to get the roof replaced. Unless these cracks and holes are attended to at once, you are heading towards a total disaster or complete roof replacement.

Impact of Rain on Your Roof

Birmingham weather could prove to be truly unpredictable with rains and bright weather alternating in phases within the same day. Rain could culminate in pooling on rooftops that causes moisture damage. You must keep examining your roof after every spell of heavy rain just to make sure that there is no water seepage, water clogging, or growth of mold and mildew that prove to be disastrous in the long run.

Impact of Extreme Temperatures on Your Roof

Roofs are susceptible to extreme temperatures. You must understand that extreme heat could be far more disastrous as compared to other kinds of weather damages impacting roofs. Prolonged and excessive exposure to severe heat could damage your roofing triggering both internal and external damages.


Weather conditions could prove to be detrimental to your roof’s health if you do not pay immediate attention to the damages caused. Take corrective measures without losing out on valuable time.

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